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PDF - Gradian Health Systems
Reliable And Accurate Anaesthesia
The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) delivers safe anaesthesia in any hospital, including those
where shortages of compressed medical gases and unreliable electricity disable conventional machines.
Using a low-resistance vaporizer and operating at ambient pressure, the UAM automatically matches
patient demand to the supply of anaesthetic gas. It generates its own oxygen using an integrated oxygen
concentrator delivering up to 10 litres per minute. In addition, the UAM provides standard connectors
and flow control for cylinder and pipeline oxygen, and can also connect to a portable source of oxygen.
If no source of oxygen is available the UAM automatically draws in room air to meet patient demand. A
real-time monitor displays the oxygen content of inspired air, adding a crucial layer of safety.
No Compressed Gas Or Electricity Required
A built-in oxygen concentrator provides up to ten
litres per minute of oxygen. Standard cylinder
and pipeline connections are included. If power
and compressed gases are unavailable the UAM
draws-in room air, continually delivering safe
anaesthesia. The ventilator is electrically-driven,
features a six hour battery backup, and does not
require compressed gas to function.
Integrated Safety
The oxygen monitor displays inspired oxygen
and runs up to ten hours on battery backup. The
ventilator alarms include out of range volume and
pressure readings and breathing circuit disconnect.
The patient monitor features standard vital signs
Commitment to Training and Service
Every UAM comes with on-site clinical and
biomedical training. Regional service engineers,
spare parts and Internet and phone support
are available to keep your UAM calibrated and
The optional ventilator provides IPPV automatically. It is electrically-driven and does not require
compressed gas. Internal batteries provide up to six hours of backup operation. The ventilator operates in
volume and pressure control modes and can be used during spontaneous ventilation to display pressure
and flow measurements.
A vital signs monitor measuring pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure and temperature is also available.
The UAM is CE-certified and manufactured in an ISO-qualified factory. It is compatible with standard
anaesthesia accessories such as breathing circuits and gas scavenging systems.
The UAM comes with a two year warranty, and is designed for easy maintenance and field service.
Gradian provides on-site biomedical technician training, access to in-country biomedical engineers and
rapid access to spare parts and accessories. We maintain regional spare parts depots and a network of
local, factory-certified engineers to ensure a fast response to any problem. All of our user manuals and
service documentation are published on-line as part of our commitment to keeping your UAM in excellent
working condition.
For more information:
Visit www.gradianhealth.org or email us at info@gradianhealth.org.
Product Specifications
• Integrated oxygen concentrator produces
10 litres per minute
• Concentrator delivers up to 95% O2
depending on environment
• Accepts all standard paediatric and adult
breathing systems
• Seamless transition to room air when
compressed oxygen is unavailable
• Accurate, low resistance vaporizers work
with and without compressed gas
• Built-in oxygen monitor displays O2
concentration of inspired gas
• Automatic shut-off of nitrous oxide if hypoxic
mixture is detected
• Official CE mark awarded by independent
certifying agency
The Universal Anaesthesia Machine
Physical And Electrical
• Compact, rugged design
• UAM Dimensions: 146cm x 53cm x 69cm; 130kg
• Ventilator Dimensions: 44cm x 28cm x 30cm; 18kg
• Aluminum frame with four heavy duty casters – front two lockable
• Mains power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz
• Removable stainless steel instrument tray
• Supplies drawer
Oxygen Supply And Monitoring
• Integrated oxygen concentrator with dual filters
• O2 flow rate: 0.1 to 10 LPM
• Maximum O2 concentration: 95% depending upon environment
• Integrated inspiratory oxygen monitoring system
• O2 monitor has ten hour battery backup, trickle charge from mains
• Connections for cylinder, pipeline and portable oxygen sources
• Glass flow rotameters accurate to +/- 2.5%
• Adjustable minimum and maximum O2 alarms
• Electrically-driven – needs no compressed oxygen or air to operate
• Six hour battery backup if mains power fails
• Large color touch screen
• Volume and pressure control modes
• Tidal Volume: 50 to 1000 ml
• Minute Volume: 1 to 10 litres per minute
• Pressure control: 10 to 30cmH2O
• I:E ratio: 1:1 to 1:3
• Rate: 5-30 breaths per minute
• Displays: Flow and pressure versus time and compliance loops
• Alarms: Volume, Pressure, Breathing Circuit Disconnect
• Manual backup bellows always available on UAM
• Accepts fixed and variable PEEP valves
• Supplies drawer and removable stainless steel instrument tray
Optional Nitrous Oxide
• Differentiated flow control knob
• Automatic shut off if O2 falls below 25%
• Separate units for isoflurane and halothane
• 120ml capacity
Rear Panel Connections
• Mains isolator switch, 2 UK style power sockets
• Oxygen and nitrous cylinder and pipeline connections
• Multi-diameter external oxygen hose connector
Vital Signs Monitor
• Pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure and temperature
• Six hour battery backup if mains power fails
Gradian Health Systems equips hospitals to deliver anaesthesia safely and economically by providing
technology, training and service. We are a non-profit social enterprise collaborating with partners
in clinical medicine, national health systems, medical technology and philanthropy to improve access
to safe surgery. Gradian designs and builds equipment used worldwide in hospitals ranging from
world-renown academic centers to resource-constrained district facilities.
Gradian Health Systems, Inc.
915 Broadway
Suite 1001
New York, NY 10010
T +1 212 537 0340 F 212 954 5299
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