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 JBT White Paper New SeamTec™ for Powder
Designed for packing
high value powders
Metal or composite double-seamed cans, lithographed or labelled, are frequently used for
packing high value, premium powders. Food
processors select the can to pack their premium brands of infant formula, milk powder, instant coffee, chocolate or sports drinks powder.
The metal or composite cans can be fitted
with a peelable, easy-open lid, typically covered with a plastic cap for re-closability. Cans
offer the consumer a high level of product
quality, safety and convenience. Lithographed
metal cans strengthen the consumer’s perception of the product as being safe and of the
highest quality.
JBT’s SeamTec™ for Powder addresses the
need for closing of round cans in a hygienic
and easy-to-clean environment. SeamTec™
for Powder delivers a consistent, high-quality
seam and can appearance at the lowest cost
per unit produced.
The powder seaming challenge
Processors of powders, in particular infant formula
powders, place the highest demands on hygienic
design and cleanability of their clinching and closing equipment. It is essential that the closed can
and product contained inside are of impeccable
quality. Since multiple can formats are typically run
on a single line, quick can format change-over,
without the need for the intervention of a seaming
expert, is a requirement.
JBT’s new SeamTec™ for Powder is a breath of
fresh air in the world of closing powder cans. Over
the last 10 years JBT has focused on creating a
machine designed especially for this purpose. When
developing the SeamTec™ for Powder, special care
was taken to ensure that every new feature incorporated enhanced hygiene and cleanability, quick
and easy change-over as well as gentle, zerodefect can handling.
JBT’s innovative rotary seaming technology stands
out from conventional can closers by unique properties. This white paper introduces you to the
unique features of the new SeamTec™ for Powder.
Concerned product applications:
Infant Formula
Chocolate Drink
Milk Powder
Instant Coffee
Sports Drink
Other food products
packed in composite cans
In order to meet a JBT seaming expert to
have a closer look at your specific product
requirements, simply e-mail us on
Filling all the expectations
of powder processors
SeamTecTM for Powder Combi
SeamTecTM for Powder Machine Range
SeamTecTM for Powder - technology was developed
Model Seaming
Stations Can Diam
Range Speed
Range ST203 3 99 - 154 mm (401 – 603) Up to 300 ST206 6 99 – 127 mm (401 – 502) Up to 600 ST206
COMBI 3 + 3 99 - 154 mm (401 – 603) Up to 300 and tailored to several of JBT’s powder customers
in a period of now about 10 years. The seamer was
thoroughly tested in production and adjusted in order to guarantee the highest product quality at the
lowest cost per unit produced.
A well tought range of seamers was put together to
ensure that the new SeamTec
for Powder could be
fitted perfectly into the existing can production line.
JBT’s unique 6-head design is a state-of-the-art
seamer that can run up
to Ø127 cans on all 6
seaming heads at speeds
up to 450 cans/minute
(27,000 cph).
The combi variant of the
ST206 is fitted with a
seaming head pre-set for
2 can diameters. As a
result no change-over is
required for the essential
machine parts. A unique
feature truly dedicated to
powder applications that
doesn’t need a seamer
machine downtime.
SeamTecTM for Powder
JBT’s SeamTecTM for Powder comes in several possible configurations in order to fully meet each can
packaging principle, pre– or post gassing requirements:
JBT SeamTecTM Pre-gassing Closer with gas-tight guarding
JBT SeamTecTM Clincher
JBT SeamTecTM Closer (after clincher)
Top rail gassing with a JBT closer using laminar flow 
Powder Seaming Technology
Adjustable cover feeding
The SeamTecTM for Powder is equipped with an oillubricated triple screw cover feeding system. It
automatically detects reversed covers which can
easily be removed during operation. Furthermore,
a continuous cover stack pressure control guarantees an ever consistent and gentle cover feed.
The SeamTecTM for Powder is designed with a completely
closed oil-lubricated seaming head and lifter table. 
High-tec seaming head
The new JBT SeamTecTM for Powder is equipped
with a high-tech seaming head. The seaming station and lifters are oil lubricated for sustainable
and carefree operation. The spindles, lifters construction and the short and robust seaming arms
have been specially designed for heavy duty and
long life. The return of the can ejector pad and the
single seaming arm – for 1st and 2nd seaming operations – are mechanical forced and not spring
activated. This allows high operating speed with
consistent seaming quality.
Gentle can in-feed
The SeamTecTM for Powder guarantees a gentle can
in-feed. A synchronized can stop turret and infeed
scroll (1) avoids denting. Powder spillage at a line
stop is prevented by a can stop turret made of a
flexible synthetic material (2). The hard-chromed
change parts avoid scratches on lithographed cans.
1 2 6
Easy seam setting
Another interesting feature of the SeamTecTM for
Powder is the easy seam setting. When your engineers want to verify the quality of the seam, they
do not have to dismantle the second operation
seaming rolls to run a test of the first seaming operation. To avoid excessive downtime, they can
easily disengage the second seaming operation
and focus on the first which is crucial for seam
Superior hygienic design
All change parts are colour-marked and match the HMI. The
change-over downtime is minimized by automatic height adjustment and locating pins for easy installation of the change parts.
Recalls due to possible contamination are an absolute disaster for processors of high value powders.
Therefore JBT has always considered food safety
as an absolute top priority. Based on customer input, the SeamTecTM for Powder has been designed
in keeping with the highest sanitary demands (e.g.
EHEDG and 5S).
Its superior hygienic qualities are achieved by
avoiding powder spillage, not exposing lubricants
and an overall easy-to-clean design.
can & cover format change-over
A highly important operational benefit of the
SeamTecTM for Powder is a quick can and cover format change-over.
There is no need to change the separate rolls. The
lower seaming arm can be changed quickly without
disassembly and easily positioned with a spline and
a locating pin. The same goes for the can and cover handling parts. An optional motorized can height
adjustment will further increase machine uptime.
No powder spillage
No powder spillage during the seaming process is
an uppermost critical-to-quality attribute. The
SeamTecTM for Powder avoids powder bridging
through the seam and spillage of the open can.
The stopping lifters of the SeamTecTM for Powder
make sure that the cans do not rotate when still
open. Rotation only begins once the cover is
pressed on the can.
Not exposing lubricants
Hygienic guarding
The SeamTecTM for Powder is designed with a completely closed oil lubrication system for the seaming head and lifter table. This system captures the
currently used oil, filters it and sends it back to the
seaming head and lifter table.
The seaming rolls, on the other hand, are automatically lubricated in perfect doses by unexposed
greasing nozzles.
The SeamtecTM for Powder transfers the can all the
way to the lifter by an infeed scroll instead of an
infeed chain. The absence of an infeed chain means
there is no need for lubrication, as well as fewer
change and wear parts.
The key inspection points have been made as visible as possible by transparent upper and lower
guarding and optional LED-lighting. These features
allow a high level of inspection.
Scroll in-feed without exposed lubricants
The upper and lower guarding is equipped with
large access doors facilitating thorough and easy
vacuum cleaning. The main parts received a ViwateQ stainless steel surface treatment to reduce
adhesion of powder on the main parts. The design
of the guarding also significantly reduces hollow
bodies and dead crevices, provides single layer cable ducting and minimizes fasteners.
In short: well-thought-out features for enhanced
hygiene in an easy to clean environment.
State-of-the-art performance
at the lowest TCO
(Total Cost of Ownership)
When developing the seamer, JBT’s engineers paid
particular attention to lean production values: maximum value for the customer with the lowest possible product waste and operating costs.
The transparent guarding and LED-lighting allow
the operator to carry out quick inspections to verify
the seamer is functioning properly. If necessary,
they can make swift interventions through the
large access doors.
Change-overs will therefore require less time and
will be largely pre-programmed via the console.
Machine lubrication is mostly automated. Main
drive parts and seaming rolls are automatically
grease lubricated. Seaming head and lifter table
are automatically oil lubricated. Under the base
plate of the seamer an oil recuperation and filtration system is provided.
Dust explosion safety
It is JBT’s responsibility (machinery directive
2006/42/EC) to design and manufacture safe machinery to avoid risk of explosion posed by the
machinery itself or by other substances (gases,
liquids, dust, vapour, etc.) produced or used by
the machinery.
The SeamTecTM for Powder can come in a dust explosion safe version based on your powder specifications and on-site ATEX regulations.
This white paper is also available in
a French and German version on
Food processing expertise
at your service, around the globe
Our mission: providing you with maximum uptime
and smooth operation. Therefore, you can count on
JBT for technological support, installation supervision, training and after-sales support anywhere in
the world.
JBT has a long history of food processing equipment. Having sold over 40,000 machines worldwide
our service technicians have faced and solved some
of the toughest problems for processors within the
food industry. JBT offers OEM parts for repairs and
maintenance. Over 6,000 parts can be shipped
within 24 hours to all continents. Other examples
of JBT customer service include the standard exchange assemblies and preassembled kit to reduce
downtime due to maintenance and repair. Our
range of service packages make sure your equipment keeps running as profitably as possible, for as
long as possible. With minimum downtime.
More than 50% of the world’s shelf-stable foods
are filled, seamed or sterilized on JBT equipment.
With several thousands of canning lines in operation worldwide, JBT is the world’s leading supplier
of integrated processing solutions for metal, glass
and plastic containers. From single machines to
complete processing lines, we enhance product value and safety. JBT equipment captures the quality,
nutrition and taste of your product at the lowest
cost per unit produced.
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