AlarmGard™ Retrofit Fire Door Operators

AlarmGard™ Retrofit Fire Door Operators
AlarmGard™ Retrofit Fire Door Operators
The Simple Solution to Your Rolling Fire Door Frustrations
Conventional, old style fire door systems can cause more harm than good. Their potentially dangerous
closing speeds, costly resetting requirements and difficult maintenance procedures can wreak havoc
on your budget. Plus, if not properly reset, their inability to perform in an emergency can threaten
the life safety of building occupants. Acknowledged as the most technologically advanced fire door
systems available, AlarmGard operators from Cornell can now be retrofit onto most existing fire doors
to help eliminate these concerns.
Challenges Today
Motor Operated System
After Retrofitting Your Existing
Fire Doors With An Advanced,
AlarmGard Operating System
Each time a fire door is tripped or required drop testing
is performed, the costly process of having qualified
technicians restore the spring tension and reset the door
is needed.
AlarmGard operators are easily reset without human
interaction after automatic closing, saving you downtime
and expense.
Following manual reset, if spring tension has not been
restored or is misapplied, occupants may improperly prop
open the doors to allow access. Any of these conditions
will prohibit your fire doors from functioning during an
actual emergency.
Because AlarmGard operators automatically reset, your
doors can be returned to service immediately. Both your
productivity and facility are protected.
The hassle of having to manually reset conventional fire
doors discourages regular inspection. As a result, your
doors may not be operational due to maintenance issues
that have gone unnoticed.
Reliable AlarmGard operators allow you to quickly and
efficiently ensure that your fire doors are ready to respond
when the need arises.
When tripped, the speed of conventionally governed fire
doors continues to accelerate during automatic closing,
threatening the safety of employees and equipment
around the opening.
With the AlarmGard, your doors close at a safe and
controlled speed. Additional sensing devices are also
The Decision is Easy
+ UL approval allows Cornell to retrofit the fire doors of most manufacturers with AlarmGard operators.
+ AlarmGard operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved.
+ To meet your preferred method of operation, three AlarmGard operators are available:
+ AlarmGard Chain Operator
+ AlarmGard Crank Operator
+ AlarmGard Motor Operator
+ All retrofit AlarmGard Operator Systems are wired for activation by fire alarm systems such as smoke detectors or central
building alarms, local detectors or power failure without requiring connection to a separate alarm interface or fusible link release
+ Use AlarmGard Operator Systems in application where maximum resetting convenience is desired, where activation by fire alarm
system or smoke detector is desired or required and for units susceptible to frequent power outages.
+ A full line of safety accessories are available.
+ Retrofitting an AlarmGard operator is easy and economical.
Typical AlarmGard Retrofit Installation Photos
Typical conventional fire
door mounted in a
critical pathway.
Downtime is costly and
resetting is problematic.
Conventional fire door
chain operator, governor
and complicated drop out
Existing operator,
governor and dropouts
are removed and
Door is prepped for
new AlarmGard operator.
Installation of
AlarmGard Operator is quick
and easy. All mounting
brackets and hardware is
Door is now fully
operational. Typical
installation time is
approximately 2 hours.
Since we opened our doors in 1828, Cornell has led the industry in providing only the highest quality
products and unmatched support. Whether seeking quality, performance, reliability or overall satisfaction,
customers have always known that they’re Safe and Secure with Cornell.
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