10 Uses for the Chronograph

10 Uses for the Chronograph
10 Uses for the Chronograph:
1. The Stop Watch. Press the button at the start and again at the
stop of any event.
2. Second Time Zone. Use the hour sub-dial like a second watch
– start precisely when you know the hour differences between
the two time zones.
3. Appointment Reminder. Advance the chrono hand to an hour
or minute you would like to note. With the hand off its normal
12 o’clock position, you’ll again see your appointment time.
4. Quick Glance. Move the chronograph hand to cover the
minute hand. After a workout, for example, look at the new
position of the minute hand for quick note of elapsed time.
5. Knotted Handkerchief. When a great idea springs to mind, hit
your chrono start button. Stop after a few seconds. Later, your idea will return to
you as you note the odd placement of the chrono hand.
6. Countdown. Place the chrono hand at a future point in the
hour. When the minute hand gets there, your time is up.
7. TwoTwo-Timer. Start the chrono hand precisely when the second
hand is at 60. The first lap “winner” is stopped with the chronograph
buttons; the second is indicated by the small second hand.
8. Recordkeeping. Activate the chronograph when an event you’d
like to recall occurs. Before the end of the hour, subtract the elapsed
time and recall precisely when the event occurred.
9. “Crash” Chronograph. Start the chronograph when you’re in a
fender-bender accident. You may be the only person able to tell the
police precisely when the other car hit yours.
10. Good Luck. Place the chronograph hand on your lucky number
– and have a nice day!
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