Day before meet
Physical set up
Set up registration/scoring table #1 on 1 meter side and scoring table #2 on 3 meter side of diving
well, judges chairs, and award stand as shown:
Table #1
Table #2
Equipment list:
2 Colorado Systems panels
2 Judges Interface boxes
2 Cables, 5-pin (~50 feet long)
2 Heavy duty extension cords (50 ft.)
2 computers (Windows)
2 extra monitors
10 Scoring pads
10 Audio cables (~10 feet long)
2 power supplies (Colorado Systems)
3 power strips
2 USB to Serial (DE-9) cables
2 printers (MUST be fast)
2 Announcers
2 Colorado/computer operators
2 Scorekeepers
10 Judges
2 Referees (can be judges)
1 Floater (should be most experienced)
4 Backup scorers (for manual calculations if necessary)
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Set up Scoring Table #1 as shown, with Scoring Table #2 as a mirror image:
2nd Monitor
Place Colorado System
scoring pads on each chair and
connect to Judges Interface
box by audio cables; 5 on each
side of pool. Be sure the
Judges Interface box is off the
floor in a dry location.
Place Colorado System console on end of table closer to
judges. Connect Judges Interface box to Colorado
Systems console by 50 foot 5-pin cable. Connect power
supply to power strip.
Judge Interface Box
5-pin Cable
Judge Interface Box
Connect power strip(s) to heavy-duty
extension cord. The power outlet for Table
#1 is inside scoreboard booth next to Life
Guard office (or in the entry hall). There is a
hole in the top of the booth that the
extension cord can be fed down into. The
power outlet for Table #2 is up the ladder on
the walkway above the windows alongside
the swimming pool.
Power up the Colorado Systems console and
check to see that each scoring pad shows
‘Clr.’ Push the ‘Clear’ button on each scoring pad and the judge number should come up.
Finally, move all scoring pads and the Judges Interface box to the wall, off the floor, and
protected from divers and water.
Set up the first computer in middle of Table #1. Place printer and 2nd monitor on end of table
away from boards and connect to computer. Plug everything in to power strip(s).
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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On this day you will not need to set up the computer on Table #2, but do set up all the other
components. Keep the computer for Table #2 at the Registration Table, as it will be needed for
software loading and synchronization at the end of the day.
Software set up
Using an Internet connected computer (the Master
computer), go to divemeets.com. On the right hand
side of the page is a link ‘Meet Directors Enter Here’.
Click on the link.
On the next page a red box is labeled ‘Click To
Download Newest DiveMeets Meet Control Software’.
Click and you will be asked for your password
(diverpass), and where to save. Save the
meetcontrol.exe file to the Desktop. A zip file labeled
‘meetcontrol 0_0’ will be on the Desktop (the numbers
after meetcontrol are the version number and will
Click on the zip file and install into computer as
directed. When the ‘Choose Setup Type’ window
appears, select ‘Typical’. Three shortcuts will be
installed on the Desktop, ‘MeetControl’, ‘Copy DB to
Jump Drive’, and ‘Copy DB to Computer’. Move them
to the right side of the desktop or an open area for easy
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Next, start the MeetControl application by clicking on the ‘MeetControl’
(A window labeled ‘Browse For Folder’ may come up. If so,
look in the ‘Program Files’ folder for a folder labeled
‘MeetControl’, click on it, and click on OK.)
The DiveMeets.com Main window
will appear. It may or may not
have meets loaded in the window.
Go to the bottom of the window to
the button labeled ‘Data
Management’ and click.
A new window ‘MeetControl –
Data Management’ will appear. In
the bottom section, the top button
is labeled ‘DOWNLOAD your
Click on it and you will be asked for your Meet
Director Number, Password, and Meet
Number. These should be available from Todd
or from Kelly Jackman at Divemeets.com, 305378-0405 (office), 305-775-9377 (cell). Enter
these, click on ‘Download’ and wait. (If a
window saying ‘User not Authorized…’
appears you need to call Divemeets.com.)
When the download is complete close the Data
Management window (Close button is at
bottom right) to return to the Main window.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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The current meet should be on the
list. Click on the box at the left side
of the window next to the correct
meet, and then click on the secondfrom-the-left button at the bottom
‘Work with Meet Selected’, to get
to the ‘Meet Setup’ window.
Go to the little drop down menu at
the right upper side and select
‘Master’. Close the Meet Setup
window, and exit the MeetControl
Next, to install the MeetControl
application to the computers on the
scoring tables you need to copy the
zip file ‘meetcontrol 0_0’
to a USB thumb drive.
Also, click on the ‘Copy DB to Jump Drive’ shortcut,
and select the drive to copy to.
Go to each of the score table computers and copy the
zip file to the desktop. Install the MeetControl software
as you did on the Master Computer, and then click on
the ‘Copy DB to Computer’ shortcut.
Select the drive to copy from.
Then start the MeetControl application and check for the current meet in the main window. Click
on the current meet, click on the ‘Work with Meet Selected’ button at the bottom, and select the
appropriate Table number on the little drop down menu on the right.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Go to divemeets.com and select
‘Upcoming & Current Meets’ and
our meet to download the Meet
Memo. Open it up in Adobe
Reader, so you can print out the
last page, a blank doping control
form, as needed. About 1/3 of the
divers forget to bring it.
Go back to the Table #1 computer,
which will be your Registration
computer. Open the Meet Setup
window (from ‘Work with Meet
Selected’ button on main
window—get used to this, you will
do it a lot). Click on the 2nd button
from the top, ‘Events
This window will show all the
events planned. Select the
‘Reports’ button (2nd from right,
near the bottom—again get used to
this button).
Go to ‘Prior to Event Reports’ and click.
Select ‘To Printer’ from the menu
at the top, ‘All Divers’ from the
next menu down, and ‘Continuous’
from the menu to the right. Click
on ‘Divers Sign Off sheet’ to print
out all the divers’ lists in
alphabetical order. You will use
this to register the divers.
Other lists can be printed as
needed. Select ‘Return to Events
Management’, and ‘Close’ that
window and the Meet Setup
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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At the main window, select the
button at the bottom, 3rd from the
right, ‘Reg. Table’.
As divers come in, find their name
in the Registration Table Check
window and take the doping form.
Do not continue if they do not have
a doping form, but print out a
blank and send them to complete it.
Some divers will promise to “come
back with the form”, but will often
forget. Once the doping form is
collected, use the Divers Sign Off
sheet to review their dive list with
If there are no changes, have them initial the box to the
left of their dive list, click on the ‘Signed Off’ box to
the right of their name on the computer, check the
name, click the box next to ‘Signed Off All Dive
Sheets’, use the space provided for any notes (e.g,
birthdate for 19 year olds, etc.) and save.
Changing a dive
If the diver wants to change a dive,
have them write the dive number
under the dive to be changed. If it
is less than 24 hours before the
event, they must pay $15 for the
change fee. Write the amount ($0
or $15) in the space provided, date
and time. Go back to the
Registration window, select the
diver’s name, and click the ‘View
Diver Events / DiveSheets’ button.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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A new window will list the diver
events. Select the event to be
changed and click ‘Show Dive
Sheet for Event Selected’.
The Dive Sheet will be shown,
then select ‘Update DiveSheet’.
On the ‘Update Dive Sheet’
window, make the changes
requested, click ‘Check Dive
Sheet’ (near the bottom right), and
have the diver review the new list.
When OK, click ‘Save Dive Sheet’, click ‘Yes’, and then ‘Close’
the ‘View Diver Events/Sheets’ window. Have the diver initial
the Divers Sign Off sheet, and put your initials in the space for
‘Meet Official Initials’. [NOTE: Do not initial the changes until
they are made; it is easy to forget to change the dive sheet and
that can mess up the running of the event.]
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Unregistered divers
If a diver is not in the registration
list, they need to fill out a paper
copy of the meet registration form
and pay the required fees. After
collecting the registration form,
the doping form, and the fees, go
to the Events Management
window (from the ‘Work with
Meet Selected’ button on the main
window, followed by the ‘Events
Management’ button). First click
the event the diver wished to enter,
then click ‘Dive Sheets Late
Entry/Scratch/Switch’ button at the
bottom near the right.
A list of divers in that event will
result and you need to click on the
2nd button from the top on the
right, ‘Add Diver Late Entry’.
Select the diver’s name, click the
box to the left of the organization
name in the middle section, and
click ‘Sign Up Diver/s’ at the
You may then type in the dive list
requested. Repeat for additional
events. Print out a single page for
that diver’s Sign Off, and have the
diver initial the boxes.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Judge Panel Selection
Todd will ask the coaches for
volunteers for judging and will
give you a list by event.
To enter the judges in the panels,
go from the main window to the
Meet Setup window. Select the
button 3rd from the bottom, ‘Panel
of Judges Management’.
Click on ‘Create a Panel’ near the bottom on the
Name the panel (usually the day and name of the
event, e.g., Saturday--11&U Girls 3m), leave the
‘Panel A’ button selected, click ‘Confirm’.
Click ‘Continue’ on
the reminder window
that pops up.
A list of judges will come up in the
‘Judges in Panel’ window. Click
on the ‘Show Judges @ Pool’
checkbox at the top left to filter the
list. Select the first judge’s name,
click ‘Add Judge’ button at the top
middle. Continue adding judges to
complete the panel. Click
‘Continue’ to finish that panel.
[Note that you can save the panel
as long as you have at least one
judge named, and come back later
to edit and/or add judges.]
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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When the panels are complete,
print the judge list by clicking the
‘Print Panel’ button (all will print
if NO panel boxes are checked).
Review the judge list with Todd.
End of Registration Activities
After the Registration Table closes for the day, go to the Registration Table window and check
for missing information, i.e., divers who have not registered, not signed off their lists, need
birthdays, etc. Review the Diver Sign Off sheets, including those of the late entries, to make sure
all changes have been entered.
If divers have not signed in, check
with their coaches to see if they are
coming. For those who are
definitely not coming to the meet
add the note “Scratch all events,
not coming” to their registration
note. For those whose status is
unknown, add the note “Unknown
Status” to their registration note.
Go to the ‘Print Report’ button to
print a list of all problem
Close the Registration Table
window and go to the Events
Management window. Filter the
events using the drop down menu
at the top right to select the next
day’s events. Use the ‘Select All’
button at the bottom left to select
the events.
Click on the ‘Dive Sheets Late
Entry/Scratch/Switch’ button at the
bottom near the right.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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From each event click the box on
the left side to select each diver
that has not reported in, or is
confirmed scratched, and click
‘Scratch Diver’ on the middle of
the right side. A ‘Yes’ will show
in the column ‘Scratch’. You can
unscratch a diver by selecting the
diver and clicking on the
‘Un-Scratch Diver’ button.
When you have completed
scratching divers, go to the Events
Management window, to the first
button on the right, select
‘Random Order’ from the drop
down menu, and click ‘Set Divers
(Note that the events you have
randomized divers’ order show
‘RND’ in the column ‘D.Ord.’)
Next, click on ‘Select
You will see a warning message,
select ‘Continue’.
Use the ‘Panel Selection’ window
to assign each event the
corresponding judge panel. Select
the event with the drop down menu
at the top right, click on the box
next to the appropriate judge panel
in the list on the upper left, and
click on the ‘Add Selected Panel’
button in the middle.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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You will be asked if you are using 1 or 2 judge panels,
select ‘1 Panel’.
Finally, click on the ‘Load to ScoreKeeper’ button.
A message window will pop up:
Click ‘Yes’ and you will see another
Click on ‘Continue to Reports Printing page’
and then select ‘Prior to Event Reports’ in
the next window.
In the ‘Prior to event reports’
window click on ‘Diver Order’
about halfway down on the left.
A sheet with the divers, in order,
with their dive lists, will be
generated. Print 6 copies of each
event’s Diver Order sheet. Using a
thick marker, label one copy
‘Announcer’, one copy ‘Referee’,
one copy ‘Table’, and 3 copies
with the event (e.g., 11&U, Girls,
3m). Post one copy on the wall in
the hallway near the Registration
Table, one copy on the wall between the dry board and Table #2, and one copy behind the boards
or on the stairway to the 3m board. Click on ‘Return to Events Management’ and the computer
will ask if you want to run Scorekeeper. Select ‘No’ and it will return to the Events Management
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Synchronizing computers
All three computers need to be
updated to assure they have the
same information in their
databases. First, go to the main
window on the Registration (Table
#1) computer and click on the
button in the bottom middle
labeled ‘Data Management
[Download-Export-ImportUpload]’. At the top of the next
window, ‘Data Management’, click
on the ‘Export CHANGES’ button.
After selecting the drive as before:
You will need to select ‘Click to Export to Jump/Flash
Drive’ in the following window:
Take the USB drive to the Master
computer, connect it, and open
MeetControl. Go from the Main
window to the Data Management
window, and then click on the
second button from the top,
‘Import CHANGES’ to upload the
changes from the USB drive.
You will be asked to select the
drive and ‘Click to Import from
Jump/Flash Drive’ like before.
Now take the USB drive to Table #2 and upload the changes into that computer using the same
Once the computers are synchronized, close out of the MeetControl software, shut the computers
down, and store them in Todd’s office for safe-keeping. Shut down and power down the
Colorado Systems panel, printers, and monitors.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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First day of meet
Hardware Setup
[Note: If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the Colorado Systems and MeetControl
software, you may want to practice this section on the day before the meet.]
Begin in the morning by taking the
computers out of Todd’s office and setting
them up on the scoring tables. Connect USB
to serial cable to USB port on computer, and
serial end to Colorado System COM1 port.
Reconnect all cables to printers, monitors,
etc. Turn on all equipment.
Start the MeetControl software and
click on the top button, ‘Settings’,
in the Meet Setup window.
Click on the top left button, ‘Judge
Pads / Console / Manual Entry’.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Select ‘Colorado Systems 5/6 +
Leader Board’ from the top drop
down menu. Select the Com Port
the Colorado Systems is connected
to in the next menu, and select ‘No
Port Selected-LeaderBoard
Disabled’ in the menu to the right.
Click on the ‘Test Console’ button
at the bottom, and if the test is
successful, ‘Save’ and ‘Close’.
Back at the ‘Settings’ window
click on the ‘Score Table Printer
On/Off’ button at the bottom left,
select ‘A Score Table Printer will
be used’, and ‘Test Printer’. Then
‘Save’ and ‘Close’. Close the
Settings window.
Right click on the desktop and
select ‘Graphics Properties’ from
the menu. In the following window
select the ‘Double Monitor’ option,
with the computer screen as
primary and the extra monitor as
secondary. Click ‘OK’ and close.
Event Preparation
[NOTE: Any and all changes to divers, dive lists, etc., should only be done on the computer
which is hosting that particular event this day. All changes for the next day should be done on
the Registration/Table #1 computer. No changes are permitted less than 3 hours before the event,
and a $15 charge is applied for changes less than 24 hours before the event. See the section on
‘Changing a dive’ for instructions.]
Finalize the dive list for the next event, making changes as previously shown. As before, go to
the Event Management window, select the event, click on the ‘Load to SK’ button, and select
‘Yes’ when asked if you want to
load the event to the Scorekeeper.
The computer will ask if you want
to print reports, select ‘Yes’ and
‘Prior to Event Reports’. If
changes have been made to any
Dive List reprint the Dive Order
sheets (6 copies) and re-post. Next,
click on the ‘Event Dive Sheets’
button (in dive order) and print out
one copy of the dive sheets for the
Scorekeeper to manually enter the
judges’ scores for backup. Finally,
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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click on the ‘Announcers List – Selected Events’ and staple it under the announcer’s copy of the
latest Dive Order sheet. Click on ‘Continue’ and the computer will ask if you want to run
Scorekeeper. Select ‘No’ and it will return to the Events Management window.
Loading the dive order to the Colorado System
Turn on the Colorado System (power switch is in the
back on the right). It will load to a screen with a
swimmer and a list of options on the right side.
Note that the Colorado System does not use a touch
screen. The buttons to the right of the screen are used
to select the options listed on the screen.
Use the button to the right of ‘Diving’ to load the
diving option.
Select ‘Change Meet’ and if there are
any meets showing delete all of them
by moving the white rectangle up to
each meet, pushing the ‘More’ button
next to the bottom of the screen,
pushing the third button,
‘Delete Highlighted Meet’,
and confirming your intent.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Once there are no meets
showing, push ‘Quit’ and
then select
followed by ‘Import
Event’, and then the type
of event (1m
springboard, 3m
springboard, etc.). The
computer will display
‘Waiting for data’.
Go back to the computer and click
on ‘Load to Colorado’ near the
bottom on the right of the Events
Management window. The dialog
box will ask if you really want to
load, select ‘Yes’ and the Colorado
Systems panel will display
‘Loading from PC’. The
MeetControl software will pop up
a box with ‘Loading complete’,
and you can close both boxes to
return to the Events Management
On the Colorado Systems
panel, the screen will be
blank. Select ‘Edit
Event’, the 4th button
from the top. Change the
event number in the
white rectangle from 1 to
the appropriate number.
Push the ‘Right’ button
near the top. Change the
board if necessary, and push
‘Right’ again. If the event is for Boys, push 2 on the numeric keypad, then move right again.
Change the number of rounds (the number of dives for each diver) to 6 for 11&under, 7 for 1213 or 13&under, 8 for Girls 14-15, and 9 for Boys 14-15 and Girls 16-18 and 10 for Boys 16-18.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Next, select ‘Edit Session’, the 3rd
button from the top. The white
rectangle should reflect the number
of dives you just selected. Move it
to the right, and change the number
of judges to 5.
‘Quit’ out of Edit
Sessions and Edit Event,
and select the ‘Divers’
button (5th from the top).
Compare the list of
divers to the Dive Order
sheet previously printed.
If there are more than 16
divers, you will need to
move the cursor down
(by repeatedly pushing the ‘Down’
button) until the screen changes to
show the divers numbered 17 and
higher. Pay close attention to the
end of the list, because any
scratched divers will show up as a
blank name followed by a preliminary score of 0.00. This can knock the Colorado out of
sequence with the MeetControl software, so be sure to delete all of these ‘invisible’ divers by
selecting them with the white rectangle and hitting the ‘Delete Diver’ button and confirming with
the ‘Yes’ button.
‘Quit’ out of
the Diver list
and hit ‘Run
Event’ (the
2nd button
from the top).
The Colorado
System panel
should display
the first
diver’s name, dive, etc.,
and 5 judges at the
bottom, with a white
rectangle at the leftmost judge.
Finally, make sure the
Hold/Send softkey has a caret in front of the Send
(i.e., Hold/ >Send). If not, hit the button to change
it so.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Running the Event
Once the Colorado System is
waiting for the first dive, return to
the MeetControl software, Events
Management window, and select
‘Run Scorekeeper’ at the midpoint
on the right.
After confirming, the application
will ask if you want to use two
Click ‘Yes’ and after the event summary window comes
up, move it to the second monitor for divers and coaches to
Return to the ‘ScoreKeeper’
window and click on the green bar
at the top left to start the event. A
smaller window with the first
diver’s name and dive, and five
boxes for scores, will appear. The
announcer can now announce the
first diver and dive and call for
When the judges enter a score, it
appears in the appropriate spot at
the bottom of the Colorado
Systems screen.
As soon as all five scores have
been received, the Colorado
System automatically sends it to
the MeetControl application,
which enters it into the 5 boxes in
the small window, which closes
immediately and enters the scores
in the appropriate boxes near the
bottom left of the Scorekeeper
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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The announcer should read the scores in order from the Colorado Systems screen. The Colorado
Systems/computer operator should listen to the scores while reading from the Scorekeeper screen
and confirm they are identical. The scorekeeper should listen to the announcer and write down
the scores on the appropriate paper Dive Sheet (she/he can look at the Scorekeeper window also
as an aide). No addition or calculations are necessary, the hard copy of the scores is kept as a
backup only unless the electronic system goes down during the event.
Once the Colorado
Systems/computer operator
confirms the scores in the
computer are accurate, she/he
should select the ‘Save Scores /
Next Diver’ button just below the
scores on the bottom left of the
window. The smaller window will
reappear with the next diver’s
The operator should then push both
of the ‘Next Dive’ buttons on the
Colorado Systems panel
simultaneously. This can take some
practice as the buttons are finicky.
Once they are pushed, the next
diver’s information appears, and
the judges scores are removed,
ready for the next set of scores.
The next diver’s information is
announced, and the cycle repeats.
Potential problems
The Colorado System will randomly add a letter to the dive number, e.g., instead of sending
301B it will send 301PB. The MeetControl software will raise an alert, saying that there is a
mismatch between the dive it received and the dive it expected. Just close out the alert and things
will go fine.
If you forget to clear out the ‘invisible’ divers, the Colorado system will be off sequence on the
divers. The key here is to watch the divers names at the end of the first round. If no name shows
up when ‘Next Dive’ is pushed, and the judges scores are cleared and ready for the next diver,
you need to quickly hit ‘Failed Dive’, which sends all zeros, then ‘Next Dive’ to reset the
Colorado. This will allow the judges scores to register for the correct diver on the Colorado. You
may need to ask the announcer to pause a minute as you reset the Scorekeeper on the computer
also. Scorekeeper will alert that the diver name is different. You need to skip these scores and
reset the Scorekeeper to accept the next set of scores for the first diver. This will happen at the
end of every round, so be sure to clear out the ‘invisible divers.’
The judges will sometimes accidentally hit ‘Send’ on their scoring pad before selecting a score.
This will send a zero. If this is caught before all 5 scores are sent you can change it on the
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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Colorado, but usually the scores are sent to the computer Scorekeeper before it is seen. In this
case just go to the zero score on the Scorekeeper, have the announcer ask the judge what score
she/he wanted, and enter it in place of the zero. Save the scores as usual and continue.
Occasionally a changed dive will slip through with the original dive number in the system. The
diver may notice it when the Dive Order sheets are posted, or during the event. In either case,
verify that the dive was supposed to be changed by referring back to the Diver Sign Off sheets,
notify the referee and the announcer what the dive is supposed to be, and continue with the event
as usual. The dive number will come up wrong on both the Colorado and the Scorekeeper, but no
one needs to know. You just need to mark on the Table copy of the Diver Order sheet which dive
was actually performed, then go back after the event and edit the dive number before leaving the
Finishing the Event
After the last dive the Colorado will go
blank, and the Scorekeeper will send an
alert ‘Congratulations…’. It will ask if you
want to close Scorekeeper or go back and
‘Change Scores’. Always immediately
select ‘Change Scores’, then review the
event to see if there are any errors that
need correcting.
In the Change Scores window you
can select the diver and round, and
the scores for that dive will be
displayed. You can change the
scores, or change the dive, and
save the scores, as much as you
want. Once the application leaves
Scorekeeper (e.g., by selecting the
‘Continue’ button) it is much
harder to make changes because
the software considers the event
Once all changes are made, select
‘Continue’ and you will be asked if
you want to print reports. Select
‘Yes’ and on the Reports window,
select ‘To Printer’ from the top
menu, select ‘Place’ in the menu
next to the ‘Dive Sheets with
Scores’ button, and select ‘Normal
Report’ in the menu next to the
‘Event Detailed Results’ button.
Then click on the ‘End of Event
Printouts’ button at the top right.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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When the message window pops
up, select ‘Yes’ and print out one
copy of each of the reports. The
announcer gets the Event Results
page, and the Detailed Results
page should be posted in a public
area for viewing.
Next, go back to the ‘After event reports’ window and select the ‘Event Results (per segment)’
button. Print out one Event Results page for each team at the meet.
You are now ready to run the next event using the same procedure starting with Event
Preparation above.
End of Day Activities
After all the events are done you
still have a bit to go! Delegate
someone to prepare results
packages for each team. The
package should include a copy of
each Event’s Results plus the
scored Dive Sheet for each diver
from that team that competed. If it
is a two-day event, you need to
prepare for the next day’s events as
described above starting at page
11, End of Registration Activities.
Scratch divers, print diver order
sheets, and synchronize computers
through page 14. [Note: Don’t put
away the computers just yet.]
Next, you need to export the results
from each of the table computers to
the Master Computer. Select the
third button from the top on the
Data Management window,
‘Export Event RESULTS’.
A window with all the completed
events will appear. [Note: this list
will differ on the two table
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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computers because each will list only the events completed at that table.] Use the check boxes on
the left to select the events to export and click the ‘Export Event Results’ button at the bottom.
The rest of the process is similar to exporting and importing changes. Take the USB drive to the
Master computer and use the ‘Import Event RESULTS’ button on the Data Management
window. Repeat for the results from the Table 2 computer.
Finally, you need to upload the
day’s event results to
Divemeets.com. Go to the Data
Management window and select
the next to last button, ‘SEND
RESULTS to Divemeets.Com’.
A message window will pop up:
Select the events to be uploaded in the
same way as on the ‘Export Event Results’
window above. Two message windows
will pop up, and then you will be asked for
the meet director number and password
and meet number. Enter the information
and click on ‘Verify Password’.
The greyed-out buttons will become
active, and select ‘Upload to
Once the upload is complete, you are done
for the day!
Second day of meet
Each subsequent day of the meet will run the same as the first day. The only additional task at
the end of the last day is to complete and hand out the team results packages to each coach, and
take down the tables and equipment.
Version 1.0; 7/1/07
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