PDF - Sierra Automated Systems

PDF - Sierra Automated Systems
Audio over IP Networking
RIO IP Engine Overview:
The all new RIO BRAVO IP Engine is the latest fully integrated DSP based
engine from SAS. The high capacity small footprint engine is designed
to fit in any control room and provides all functions necessary for Radio
Broadcast operations. Sporting very high density DSP mixing, EQ, and
IO capabilities, the RIO BRAVO IP Engines are easily networked using a
standard IP infrastructure and also interface with an SAS 32KD Network
using AoIP. A wide variety of I/O options and console interfaces are designed to support a complete control room and studio, all self contained
within a single 2 RU Chassis.
The RIO IP Engine Design:
The RIO Bravo IP Engine is designed with six slots for connecting a wide
variety of hot-swappable I/O
modules, such as Analog,
AES, AAC Encoded AoIP and
Microphone (input only) to give
you up to 96 discrete channels
of audio I/O. There are an
additional 24 resident on board
outputs for common studio needs such as monitor and cue speakers,
headphones and metering as well as other general purpose system functions. Monitor Speaker outputs are conveniently accessed with Tip Ring
Sleeve jacks. Microphone inputs are on standard XLR connectors while
all other Analog and Digital I/O are connected using RJ-45 connectors
and standard Cat5 cable. There are also Cat5 connected, low cost, rack
mounted breakout panels with XLR or RJ-45 options.
Dante Spoken Here
The RIO IP Engine provides dual on-board
Dante Audio over IP ports, a universally
accepted platform. You can instantly connect
with any Dante equipped product and, using
DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard), you can connect any automation system workstation. This
also makes your RIO Bravo AES67 compatible and ready for use with other
AES67 compatible devices and signals as well as IEEE802.1
(AVB) compliant. The RIO Bravo IP Engine provides dual AoIP
ports with a built in switch for redundancy against network
switch lockup and failures. Additionally, Dante AoIP is capable of Long Distance Linear AoIP transport. Facility to facility interconnect
is simple and easy using an MPLS or other guarantee of service provider.
This allows complete facilities interconnect with Linear Audio.
Web Based User Interface
Intuitive Graphic User Interface for Easy Installation and Configuration
The RIO Bravo IP Engine houses five high powered DSP processors that
provide 64 mix busses, effects, equalization and dynamics processing
for every channel, as well as Silence and Peak Detectors, all built in.
The RIO Bravo IP Engine also provides a fully integrated automation
system (State and Time Based automation events) and console show
control. All configuration parameters are conveniently stored in the front
accessible SD card and are programmable using its built in Web Based
User Interface to allow complete control and configuration of your entire
system from any standard web browser. Simplified command menus
with interactive GUI and help dialog boxes are built into each function
and feature.
1-818-840-6749 voice
1-818-840-6751 fax
2821 Burton Avenue
Burbank, California
91504-3224 USA
It’s the Complete Package!
The RIO Bravo IP Engine operates as a complete stand alone console/
engine and utilizes an IP network infrastructure to interconnect and
interoperate Control Rooms, Consoles and Engines. Additionally, interconnection to the SAS32KD is simply accomplished using the same AoIP
Network where high demand I/O capacity is required.
Let the RIO Bravo IP power your facility along with outstanding SAS consoles such as Rubicon, iSL, SL, and MClass and many other controllers.
Give SAS your studio application targets and we’ll hit every one!
256 Channel Fully Integrated DSP Mixing IP Engine.
Powered by 5 on board DSP Processors.
Networked by Dante AoIP, AoE (AVB) and AES-67 topologies.
Dual AoIP ports with built in switch for network redundancy
Microphone Inputs with XLR Connectors, EQ and Dynamics
Tip, ring sleeve jacks for monitor and cue speakers and Headphones
Ingest Audio from DAW’s,Playback Automation over IP, drivers
TCP/UDP LAN port for Control from Automation
Fully Integrated Time Based Automation and Show Control
Integrated Web Browser Interface
Simple IP Network Setup, no special QoS settings required
Connect with High Density SAS32KD Networks using AoIP
Connect to any Dante AoIP devices such as Focusrite, ProTools,Wide
Orbit, Aviom, Yamaha, and more
System backup and configuration saved on Front accessible SD
memory Card
Program the SD memory card on any PC for complete offline configuration.
EQ and Dynamics available for every Channel
Silence Detect, Peak Detect and Metering information for every
Breakout Panel Options
1-818-840-6749 voice
1-818-840-6751 fax
2821 Burton Avenue
Burbank, California
91504-3224 USA
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