Vacuum - Dakota Farm Equipment

Vacuum - Dakota Farm Equipment
2013 Planter Clinic
Preseason & Maintenance
Parallel Arms
•Check for excess
•Check for unit lean
Row Units
ME2 & ME Plus Seed
Meter/Chemical Drive
Chemical Drive
Chain Tensioner/Idler
Seed Meter Drive
Chemical Drive
Chain Tensioner/Idler
Seed Meter Drives
Roller Chain Drive
Pro-Shaft Drive
• Durability
• Reduced maintenance
• Cost savings
• Time savings
Drive System
•Inspect Drive Chains:
•Lubricate Chains With
JD Multi-Purpose Lubricant
•Chains Should Be:
-Free of Rust
-No Dirt Build Up
Adjusting Meter Hub Height
Remove lock pin, turn hub
on threaded shaft to adjust
Disk should lightly
contact housing for no
seed leaks
Inspect Brushes
MaxEmerge Meter
Use (Short) brush with medium
and large edible beans, peanuts
and hilldrop cotton.
Large brush for all other crops.
Pro-Series Meter
Use on meters with
Double Eliminator
Use on meters without
Double Eliminator
Worn Finger Housing
Worn Cell Plate
Tru-Vee Opener System
• Remove Gauge Wheel
–Use 1-1/4 inch socket
–Capture shims
• Inspect Wheel Spindle
Note: A special sleeve and arm are
available for the gauge wheel
assembly, or the unit can be
upgraded to the MaxEmerge
Plus style, with the threaded
self-aligning bushing.
Gauge Wheel Adjustment
Mechanical Factor #1
Mechanical Factor #2
*Videos can be found at
Tru-Vee Opener System
• Measure Seed Tube Guard
– A54868- replace at 12mm.
– A61577- replace at 17mm.
Note: A54868 is the straight guard
A61577 is the curved guard.
Check blade edge pinch point
Slide business cards
Between blades
Should be 1.5 to 2.5 in.
of contact area
Pinch Point Adjustment
Will these openers pass the pinch
point test?
Check Blades For Wear
Should This Blade Be Replaced?
New Blade
Operation & Adjustments
VacuMeter™ Characteristics
• Highly flexible for varying
• Versatility through seed
disk selection
• Increased planting
• Low maintenance costs
• Few components
• Seed Disk Selection
–Seed Size
–Seed Shape
• Vacuum Level
• Use of Talc
• Adjustment
–Hub Height
–Cover Seal
Seed Disk Options
• Place seed on the disk to determine fit and size
• In seed overlap conditions ALWAYS use smaller disk
• Odd or varying seed size/shape may not be a common disk used
for that crop
• Here are some situations and seed disk alternatives:
– Small Soybeans—Cotton (64 cell)
– Small Sorghum--Sugar Beet
– Small Cotton--Small Edible Bean (Flat Type)
– Corn**--Small Sweet Corn (Flat Type)
– Corn**--Large Sweet Corn (Flat Type)
– Corn**--Medium Edible Bean (Flat Type)
** All three disks shown can work well depending upon seed
size and shape being planted.
Cell Disk Advantages
• Allows vacuum adjustment from the tractor cab.
• Requires less vacuum.
–Less demand on tractor’s hydraulics
–Less demand on planter vacuum blowers
• Plants a very wide range of seed sizes and seed
• No additional meter parts needed.
• No adjustments needed at the seed meter.
• One vacuum blower can operate up to 16 rows.
–Lower machine cost on larger machines.
–Flat disks require 8 rows or less per blower and 12
row machines may need dual blowers.
Flat Disk Advantages
• Planting extremely irregular seeds.
• Planting on slopes greater than 15%.
• No need to adjust vacuum level.
–It does require setting the double eliminator at each row.
Once the double eliminator is set, vacuum can be set
(usually at 12-20”) and requires no adjustment.
• The following flat disks can be used to plant corn:
–Small Sweet Corn (40 holes) -A52391
–Large Sweet Corn (40 holes) -A52392
–Edible Bean (Small, Medium or Large) (50 holes) -A52904
Flat vs. Celled Disks
Double Eliminator
• 1992 flat disk
available on JD
vacuum meters
• Higher vacuum
needs and
mechanical double
eliminator to meter
• Knocker wheels
suggested in some
Double Eliminator
Adjustment Knob
Flat Disc
Determining Vacuum Level
Use seed supplier’s information to calculate seed size
in seeds/kg or seeds/lb.
IMPORTANT: The proper vacuum level must be
calculated for each corn variety.
Obtain size in seeds/kg or seeds/lb.
by dividing number of seeds in the
bag by the weight of the bag.
EXAMPLE: If there are 4156 seeds/kg (1889 seeds/lb.),
according to the chart, vacuum level should be set at 7
in. when using a Standard Corn Disk or 10 in. when
using a Small Corn Disk.
Vacuum Performance Issues
•Issues Causing Doubles
–Incorrect Disk
–Vacuum Set Too High
–Brush Worn
–Baffle In Wrong Position
–Double Eliminator Set Too Far
•Issues Causing Skips
– Incorrect Disk
– Vacuum Set Too Low
– Worn Seal
– Disk Set Too Tight To Housing
– Baffle In Wrong Position
– Double Eliminator Set Too Far In
– Knockout Wheel Missing
Vacuum Meter Adjustments
•Seed disk selection
•Vacuum level setting
•Baffle position (excluding
•Meter brush
Seed Disk Selection
*Video can be found at
Seed Population Settings
•Meter type
–Seed disk selected
•Planter row spacing
•Target population rate
Given Information
Transmission sprocket combination or VRD setting
Mechanical Transmission
Variable Rate Drive (VRD)
Why is Downforce Important?
Compacted Side Wall
Caving Side Walls
The force that is
applied to the row unit
by the air bag circuit
(or springs) that
assists the row unit to
penetrate the soil.
• This measurement is read
by pressure sensor in the air
bag circuit and converted
into lbs
The amount of extra
down force applied to
the row unit, over and
above what is required
for the opener disks to
penetrate the soil and
achieve full planting
• Measured on the gauge
wheel down force sensors
Downforce and Margin
force that is applied
to the row unit by the
air bag circuit
Weight of
Row Unit
100 lbs.
Resistance from soil
200 lbs.
MARGIN - Amount of
additional down force
applied to a row unit above
and beyond what is
required for penetration
and to achieve full planting
50 lbs. Margin
*Video can be found at
*Video can be found at
Margin must be set by
examining your specific
soil conditions.
The function of the gauge
wheels is to set depth
first, but they also firm
the soil against the
openers to create a
defined seed furrow.
There is no substitution for in-ground checks
Set-point vs. Active Pneumatic Downforce
Target and Actual Downforce
Target and Actual Margin
Set-Point Down
Active Pneumatic
Down Force
• Operator must
manually adjust
downforce to maintain
target margin
• Operator can adjust
margin and system will
adjust downforce to
maintain target margin
Planting Depth
“Walk” handle from side to side.
Each adjusting position changes planting depth 6 mm (1/4 in.).
How does the planter cover
the seed with soil?
• With adjustable closing wheels
How does the planter firm the soil
around the seed?
• With adjustable closing wheels
Check Closing Wheels for Proper
Scratch Test
Seed Tanks
Delivery Fan
Delivery Hose
Vented Hopper
•Pressurized Tank
•Hydraulically driven fan
Air Flow
• Fan delivers air to the CCS
• Air enters the tank through
the CCS nozzles.
• Lid has to be fully sealed.
Air Flow Out of Tank
•Only escape path for the pressurized air is through the
Seed Delivery
• Seed is delivered to the
individual row units
through a flexible hose.
• One nozzle for each row
• Seed is carried out the
nozzle with the air.
Delivery to
Pro-Series™ XP Row Unit
• VacuMeter
• Inlet elbow is vented to
allow airflow
• Hopper is vented
–Allows air to escape
–Prevents seed from
blowing over meter
CCS Seed Delivery
•Not a continuous flow
of seed to the row unit.
•Row unit hoppers are
not full in normal
•Row unit “requests”
seed from the CCS
tank through subtle
changes in air flow.
CCS Delivery to MaxEmerge
•Same concept as with
Pro-Series XP™.
•Hopper is not full after
the initial manual fill.
•Why would one
choose the
MaxEmerge XP ™
Row units with CCS?
MaxEmerge XP™
Available with
Central Commodity System™ (CCS™)
1.6 bushel box with granular or 3.0 bushel hopper
chemical option
Pro Shaft Drives or Roller Chain Drives
NOTE: The Pro-Shaft drive feature is not compatible with granular
chemical application options.
Seed Meter & CCS Cleanout
• Full & complete seed
–Empty CCS tanks via
drop doors (or invert
–Purge CCS seed
delivery hoses
–Push any seed away
from the CCS outlet
–Open meter and
remove seed disk
Talc and Graphite
• Talc must be thoroughly mixed
with seed.
• Rates:
–16 cups/ 50 bu.
–11 cups/ 35 bu.
–2.5 oz./ 80,000 kernel seed
corn bag
–Mix triple the amount of talc or
graphite into the first two or
three bushels of seed placed in
CCS bulk tank.
–Coat inside of CCS tank
–Spray Graphite for vacuum side
of seed disk
• Graphite must be thoroughly mixed
with seed.
• Rates
–16 oz./ 50 bu,
–11 oz./ 35 bu.
–1/3 oz. 80,000 kernel seed corn
Flush Face Case Drain Couplers
•Flush Face Case Drain Couplers:
–ISO Standard
–Mistake proof hook-up
–Easy to clean
•Planter male tip:
–Internal check valve
–Pressure relief if not connected
–Standard on all MY05 and ON Seeding
•Tractor couplers:
–Bundles from Seeding and/or Waterloo
•Revised Seeding Hydraulic Compatibility Guide
Seedstar 2 & AMS
SeedStar 2 Homepage
SeedStar XP Homepage
•Center Line is target
•Bars below center
line are below target
•Bars above center
line are above target
• Bars turn orange
when they reach
alarm set points
•Bars are red when
rows are not planting
• Center Line is
perfect singulation
• Bars above the
center line are
• Bars below the
center line are skips
• Bars turn orange
when reaching set
alarm points
• Bars turn red when
above the alarm set
Seed Spacing Coefficient of Variable
• Bottom of graph is
perfect seed spacing
• Bars increase as
spacing becomes
more variable
Down Force Margin
• Center Line is
target down force
• Bars above center
line indicate gauge
wheel loads above
• Bars below indicate
gauge wheel loads
below target
Active Pneumatic Downforce
• Allows the planter
to automatically
adjust the air bag
pressure by
• By checking the
box you can set a
margin that all of
the row units will
try to maintain
Setting Active Down Force
• Once the Active
PDF box is
checked you can
increase or
decrease your
target margin or
manually enter
your target margin
and save it
Ride Dynamics
• Top of graph is
optimal ride quality
• Bottom of graph is
the worst ride
• Bars decrease as
row units ride is
indicating a need
for slower ground
Row Unit Details
• Allows you to
look at the
performance of
each row unit
Overall Planter Details
• Allows the
operator to view
the overall
performance of
his planter at
one time
Home Page Buttons
• Quick Start Reset
reduces skip when
planter starts from a
stop. It overpopulates
until you get up to
speed “ Used for
headlands or start
and stops in field”
• Rotate Disks Rotates
your disk to fill the
cells for when you
have shut your
vacuum off
Planter Setup
• Clutch disconnect
warning will give you
an alarm every time
one of your drive
clutches is shut off
Planter Setup
• Headland Warning
Suppression will
keep the clutch
disconnect alarms
from going off
when lifting the
planter up at
Planter Setup
• Height Sensors
must be calibrated
when planter is new
and any time the
sensor is replaced
• By choosing
separate heights
you can set a
preset start height
and a preset stop
height for the
meters to engage
and disengage
Planting Crops & Rates
• Select your crop
• Select Show
Rates to
Change your
• Select the type
of disk
• Select the size
or model of disk
Planting Rates
• Once you select
show rates then
you can select
change rates.
• You have the ability
to have up to 6
preset rates.
• On each preset
rate you have set a
target, a low, and a
high for your alarm
thresh holds
Transport Mode
• Transport Mode
disables your meter
drives from being
engaged as well as
sending alerts to the
operator for rows not
• Select your Client,
Farm, Field, and
Task. Double check
crop season.
• Must fill out all
information for
• To set up
documentation you
must select seed
type and also add
• If needed, you can
assign multiple
varieties and what
rows they are
assigned to.
• To set up a
prescription, you
must select Seed
Type and then the
Rx button.
• If loaded
correctly, the
prescription will
show up in the
drop down list.
• You can input a
multiplier to
adjust rate up or
down. Will adjust
• Go back to the
planter rate setup
page and turn all
rates off except for
Rate 6.
• Turn Rate 6 on
and accept the
rate change.
loading will be
complete after this
Section Control
• Main section
control operation
• The number of
sections will be
based on planter
capabilities and
Section Control
• Section control
settings page.
• Check which
operations are
using section
• Adjust Overlap and
Turn On/Off
settings from this
page as well.
Performance Accessories
Pro-Shaft Drive
Where Used
Compatible With
•John Deere MaxEmerge 2
•John Deere MaxEmerge
•John Deere MaxEmerge
Not Compatible With
•Dual bag pneumatic down
•Herbicide/insecticide boxes
since we can drive one box
per Pro-Shaft drive
Part Number
•Pro-Shaft drive enhancement kit, .....AA62896
vacuum meter, regular parallel arms (John Deere
ME 2, MaxEmerge XP, ME Plus)
•Pro-Shaft drive enhancement kit, .....AA62897
finger pickup, regular parallel arms (John Deere ME
2, MaxEmerge XP, ME Plus)
•Pro-Shaft drive enhancement kit, .....AA62898
vacuum meter, long parallel arms (John Deere ME
2, MaxEmerge XP, ME Plus)
•Pro-Shaft drive enhancement kit, .....AA62899
finger pickup, long parallel arms (John Deere ME 2,
MaxEmerge XP, ME Plus)
Meter Kits
• Meter kits deliver more accurate
centering of the seed disk.
Double eliminators prevent more
than one seed from being
planted by covering a portion of
the hole in the seed disk.
• Part numbers and applications:
– AA68743: Vacuum Meter Kit
– AA68703: Double Eliminator PROSERIES Kit models 2007 and older
• Part Number
– BA30499: Computer-Trak 350
Unit Mounted Row Cleaner
•Part Number
–BA31400: Screw-adjust
row cleaner
Seed Tubes
•For precise and consistent
seed spacing row after row,
the flush-face seed tube is
the ideal choice. It features
an uninterrupted smooth
surface for each seed to
•Part Number• AA67780: Seed tube only
• AA67779: Seed tube with AccuCount™ sensor
• AA67778: Seed tube with regular sensor
• AA68468: Seed tube guard
Gauge-wheel arm kits
•A proven way to prevent
furrow deterioration and
gauge wheel plugging from
a worn spindle or arm. With
this kit, you can replace the
arm and bushing without
the need to replace the
entire shank.
Part numbers and applications:
•AA41968: Gauge-wheel arm kits
•A79648: XP row-unit
•A79647: MaxEmerge Plus (arm only)
Auxiliary Fill Lights
•When your workday turns
into night, simply switch on
these two 35-watt halogen
lamps to light up the back of
your planter. You’ll get
plenty of light to fill up your
seed tank and operate the
rear hitch.
Part number and application:
•BA29690: CCS planters only
Row Command
•Get planting accuracy you
never thought possible in
odd-shaped fields,
headlands, point rows and
waterways. You can
automatically turn on and
off individual row units onthe-go to reduce seed
waste and maximize seed
Seed Plates
•More than 20 different
choices to fit your seed
type — corn,
soybeans, cotton,
sorghum, sugar beets,
sunflowers and more.
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