Hydro-Check Systems, Inc
S Y S T E M S, I N C
The Water Quality Indicator System
with Accuracy, Alarm, Control,
At The DI Tanks,
OR , 700 f eet Aw ay!
Auto Temperature Compensation
Built-In Alarm (non-alarm available)
Steady Green/Flashing Red LEDs
Output Port for Relay & Remote Alarm Modules
6 units per single transformer/outlet
Safe 12 VDC
Easy 1/2" or 3/4" installation
5 Set-points available
Visual & Audible Alarm
Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC) and Surface Mount
Technology (SMT) electronics achieve 3% accuracy with 1%
repeatability over a temperature span of 5 - 45 C (41- 113 F).
5 Set - Points
Hy-Lites are available in 5 fixed set-points most popular for
monitoring both two-bed and mixed-bed DI systems. Application
can also include RO and Distillation:
25, 50, 200 kilohm-cm @ 25° C
1, 2, megohm-cm @ 25° C
Unit-to-Unit Power
Easy to see Green and Red LEDs continuously display the status of
pure water quality relative to set-point rating. Whenever the water is
of acceptable purity, the Green light remains on. Should the purity fall
below set-point, the Red light Flashes and the built-in peizo Alarm
sounds! The alarm can be silenced by pressing the membrane
switch in the front label, and will not resound until the next Red light
condition occurs.
Alarm / Display Modes
Above Set-point
Below Set-point
Below Set-point
after pressing switch
Steady Green LED Flashing Red LED Flashing Red LED
Power Supply
Plug-in Transformer
12 VDC Output
Audible Alarm
Up to 6 Hy-Lites can be plugged into each other greatly reducing
congestion at the wall outlet. The results are a more professional
installation! Operational power is a safe 12 VDC supplied by a
plug-in style transformer.
Versatile Insertion Cell
The integral cell is designed for installation in standard threaded tees.
1/2" & 3/4" mNPT polypro fittings are provided. Cell construction is
of trouble-free Stainless Steel electrodes and ABS.
Control & Remote Alarm Capability
Hy-Lites have an Output Port for connection to Relay and/or Remote Alarm Modules at distances up to 700 feet!
Telephone type cable/connectors result in fast and easy, click-click, installation.
The Remote Alarm Module has a peizo alarm, green/red LEDs,
and silence switch to duplicate the operational status of the
connected Hy-Lite. Both units act as a system, since silencing the
alarm at either location will silence both alarms. The alarm module
can also be ordered with an auto re-alarm feature.
The Relay Module allows the Hy-Lite to perform as a controller of
valves, custom alarm systems, etc. A 1 amp SPDT relay features
an adjustable time delay to compensate for expected equipment
rinse-up times. There is also a signal pass-thru feature permitting
the relay module to be used with the remote alarm module.
Module Configurations
Identification Drawing
Remote Alarm
Remote Alarm Module
H y d r o - C h e c k S y s t e m s, Inc.
Encinitas, CA. (619) 436-4075
Resistivity Cell
Hydro-Check Systems, Inc
Relay Module
Time Delay
Alarm Cavity
Relay Module
Carlsbad, CA 760-930-1924
Output Port
Pass-Thru To
Remote Alarm Module
Hydro-Check Systems, Inc
Remote Alarm
Carlsbad, CA 760-930-1924
Relay Module
Time Delay
Pass-Thru To
Remote Alarm Module
H y d r o - C h e c k S y s t e m s, Inc.
Encinitas, CA. (619) 436-4075
Accuracy: ± 3% @ 5-45°C
Repeatability: ± 1%
Transformer: Plug-in, class 2, UL & CSA approved,
Input 110 VAC, 50-60 Hz / Output 12 VDC @ 200 mA
integral 6' cable
Temperature Compensation: Automatic to 25°C from 5-45°C (41-113 F)
Patchcord: 8' with male termination's
Available Set-Points: (single fixed) 25, 50, 200 kilohm-cm @ 25°C
1, 2 megohm-cm @ 25°C
Output to Module Connection: 4 wire, 26 ga, UL4110 telephone cable
with FCC modular handset connectors
Visual Display: Steady Green & Flashing Red LEDs
Audible Alarm: 70db peizo alarm with membrane overlay kill switch
Materials of Construction:
Wetted: 303 SS, ABS, Polypropylene, Viton
Non-Wetted: enclosure/ABS ; labels/polyester, chrome-mylar
Circuitry: Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Operating Pressure: 0 - 150psi
Input Power: 12VDC; 30 milliamps
Dimensions: overall length - 6"...enclosure length - 3"... width - 2"
overall height w/LED's - 2"
Fittings: 1/2" or 3/4" mNPT
Ordering Information
Hy-Lite with Alarm & Output Port
-25 , -50 ,or -200 kilohm-cm
-1, or -2 megohm-cm
Plug-in 110 VAC/12 VDC Transformer
with 8' output cord
HyTran-B, Euro
Silent Hy-Lite with Output Port
-25, -50, or -200 kilohm-cm
-1, or -2 megohm-cm
Plug-in 230VAC/50Hz/12VDC Euro-style plug
*contact factory for other power configurations
Remote Alarm Module
Relay Module
Remote Alarm Module with Re-Alarm
Hy-Lite to Hy-Lite Patchcord, 8'
Hy-Lite to Remote Module Cables,
-10, -50, -100, -200 ft, custom lengths
Note: Transformers and Patchcords Ordered Separately
Hydro-Check Systems, Inc
5931 Sea Lion Place, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA, USA, 92008
760-930-1934 fax
tel 760-930-1924
The Hydro-Check Systems Hy-Lite, Modules, and
accessories have a warranty against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Warranty items returned prepaid will be repaired or replaced by the
factory at no charge. Warranty applies only to product defects and
Hydro-Check Systems accepts no other liability.
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