Intake Kit Installation Instructions: `03-`06 Dodge Ram

Intake Kit Installation Instructions: `03-`06 Dodge Ram
Intake Kit Installation Instructions: ’03-’06 Dodge Ram Hemi High Breather V8-5.7L
Kit Part #
P.O. Box 1719
Corona, CA 92878
Support: 951-493-7100
Step 1
Complete kit components
Step 6
Turn over the factory airbox and remove 3 of the rubber
grommets out of the box and transfer them to the new airbox in the pre-determined holes.
Step 11
Install the pre-oiled filter in the housing and tighten
down clamp. DO-NOT use any oil or grease.
Tools Required:
7/16 socket or wrench
5/16" nut driver
13 mm socket or wrench
10 mm socket or wrench
Flathead screwdriver
Ratchet and extension
5/32” Hex Head (Allen Wrench)
Step 2
Complete stock intake.
Step 7
Insert the new intake tube thru the entry hole on side of the housing. Bolt the flange on the pipe to the housing using the supplied
nuts and bolts. (Make sure you use the flat washer on one side and
the lock washer and nut on the other side). Finally slide the urethane
coupler and clamps on the end of the intake tube.
Step 12
Install the cover to the housing. Fasten lid to housing
with the supplied button head screws.
Part List:
1 Air filter (P/N#24-91018 or
Pro Dry S™ #21-90020)
1 Housing powder coat black wrinkle
1 Housing cover aluminum clear coat
1 Intake tube rotomolded
2 M6 x 1 x 25mm hex head
2 M6 lock washer
2 M6 flat washer
Step 3
Disconnect negative post from battery terminal. Loosen the
2 hose clamps on the intake pipe.
Step 8
Remove the 13mm bolt on the left side of the engine bay by the hood
shock. Place the assemble intake tube and housing assembly into the
factory location. Line up the plastic pins on the bottom of the engine
bay with the rubber grommets and lower the housing in. Line up the
mounting hole on the side of the housing and reinstall the 13mm bolt
Step 13
On vehicles equipped with an underhood light there
may be clearance problems between the housing
cover & light. The light can be removed or relocated
using an existing underhood hole & screw/nut.
Note: Filter Cleaning and Re-oiling: When cleaning your aFe filter, be sure to use only aFe’s “Restore Kit” (aFe P/N: 90-50001 blue oil aerosol, or aFe P/N: 90-50501 blue squeeze bottle oil or aFe P/N: 90-50000 gold oil aerosol,
or aFe P/N: 90-50500 gold squeeze oil).on Filter Replacement: Magnum FLOW PN: 24-91018 (black w/blue media).Pro Dry STM P/N:21-90020 Pro Dry S™ cleaning: see cleaning instruction sheet 06-00074
or Pro-GUARD 7™ PN: 72-90021.or 72-35008 Pro-GUARD 7™ media, (black w/gold media). Pre-filters: 28-10011 yellow, 28-10012 red, 28-10013 black, and 28-10014 blue
2 M6 x 1 hex nut
3 Screw Button head 1/4-20x3/8
1 Coupler hump 4x4
2 Clamps #064
1 Cap Vinyl
Step 4
Pull out the breather hose connected to the filter housing.
Then remove the factory intake duct assembly off of the
Step 9
Slide the urethane coupler over the inlet and tighten
the hose clamps.
Step 5
Grab the airbox from both sides and pull firmly up
and out. The box is held in place with rubber grommets and lifts out very easy.
Step 10
Insert the rubber breather hose into the new intake tube.
The hose may have to be trimmed shorter if too long. No
clamps are required. If no breather hose is used, cover vent
with the provided vinyl cap.
Step 14
Your installation is now complete. Make sure all
hoses and clamps are tight and that all electrical
components are secure. Check and retighten connections and filter after a few hours of operation. Close
hood slowly to verify hood clearance.
Updated 09-07-06 06-80091
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