Always a step ahead because zero point clamping has an origin!

Always a step ahead because zero point clamping has an origin!
Always a step ahead ...
... because zero point clamping has an origin!
STARK zero point clamping systems
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Zero point-based flexibility – due to element or nipple
SPEEDY classic 2 balance – we place emphasis on flexibility
Direct workpiece clamping – a gripping topic for the future.
However this technology has its demands.
STARK Spannsysteme has accepted this challenge and developed a system that has the characteristic of equalising corresponding tolerances.
The SPEEDY balance series has particular advantages: existing threads on the workpiece can be used, a special fit is
not required. Thanks to the integrated equaliser function in the
clamping element of +/– 0.75 mm
the workpiece can be clamped directly using the thread without additional effort.
The retractable nipples are available with different threads.
They can be screwed in either manually or using automation.
The system has zero point accuracy and therefore the workpiece can be used on several machines or even for intermediate measurements.
Safety checks are integrated with a pneumatic clamping check
and release check. The supply lines to the clamping elements
are supplied hydraulically via deep bores. Other versions, e.g.
DHF (third hand function) incl. pneumatic checking are available on request.
The clamping element described in the flyer is based on
SPEEDY classic 2 technology (clamping using spring force
20 kN, hydraulic release). Other elements such as SPEEDY
hydratec (double-action hydraulic) or SPEEDY etec (electrically
powered) are also available.
Art. no.
801 201 – 801 212
Insertion force
20 kN
Retention force
38 kN
Lifting force at release pressure
Max. 15 kN
Max. operating pressure
80 bar
Release pressure
60 bar
Clamping / release time
Approx. 2 sec
Subject to technical change without notice
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Flexible height and position clamping element (art. no. 6000 008)
The newly developed, flexible position clamping element from
STARK solves clamping situations where "adaptation to suit the
workpiece" is required.
The "distortion" of workpieces is a sensitive topic during any
mechanical machining process that now also affects zero point
clamping technology. While with pallets, plates and stable
parts, overdetermination (multiple clamping and
support points) can be accepted.
In the case of thin-walled parts and direct workpiece clamping,
the risk of "distortion" is however very high.
Distortion-free clamping is possible using a 3-point support.
But what happens if stability suffers as a result? If further
clamping and support points are necessary?
Workpiece with multiple clamping and support points
It is exactly here that the flexible position clamping element
comes into play – clamping and support in one element.
First the clamping force is applied to all clamping elements with
up to 20 kN. While the 3 support points are fixed
and pulled onto the supports during clamping, additional flexible position clamping elements are also moved into position at
further retaining points and
clamped. The fixing force achieved depends on the hydraulic
Ask our specialists to advise you!
Flexible position clamping element in x/y/z direction
Retractable nipple with equaliser ±1.5 mm
Equaliser X
Equaliser Y
Y axis
Equaliser X and Y
6000 ±0.5
2000 ±0.5
Equaliser X
4000 ±0.5
1 Flange retractable nipple with equaliser ±1.5 mm in one axis
X axis
Equaliser X and Y
6000 ±0.5
2 Flange retractable nipple without zero point with equaliser in
X and Y axis ±1.5 mm
You will find further information in the
SPEEDY airtec and System 3000 catalogues.
Example SPEEDY airtec:
Art. no.
5000 021
Zero point
5000 022
Equaliser ±1.5 mm
5000 023
Without centring ±1.5 mm
Art. no. 5000 022
Flange retractable nipple with equaliser ±1.5 mm in one axis
The critical contradiction of "stable clamping" and the necessary "movement" is ideally solved with the retractable nipple with equaliser. The retractable nipple with equaliser is used if a large amount of thermal expansion is to be expected. The compensation of
±1.5 mm also contributes to simpler and cost-saving manufacture of the pallets, as larger manufacturing tolerances are possible. In
addition the flange on the retractable nipple can be used as a hardened, wear-free support.
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Zero point clamping systems – from simple to complex
SPEEDY easy click - now also with blowing out and system control
Clicks in immediately, also without supply of energy
Clicks – and holds
The new SPEEDY easy click is a mechanical fast closing clamp
that clicks in and stays in place without the supply of energy.
Release is simply by means of an air connection at a pressure
of 3–8 bar or a power socket.
SPEEDY easy click is used for cutting and non-cutting
The mechanical clicking system makes SPEEDY easy click
ideal as a robot gripper in automation engineering. The quick
clamping time (click) enables it to be used as a design element
in production lines. The particularly compact design permits
tight spacing, short retractable nipples 15 mm long ensure
short extraction distances.
Integrated polling options and oil-free operation extend the
range of applications.
The SPEEDY easy click is also available with system control,
polling and blowing out.
Art. no.
7000 019
7000 119
Blowing out *
System control *
19 mm
19 mm
ø85 mm
ø85 mm
Clamping force
5 kN
5 kN
Retention force
10 kN
10 kN
Release pressure
3 – 8 bar
3 – 8 bar
Release time
0.1 sec
0.1 sec
Clamping time
SPEEDY easy click as
design element
Clicks in immediately
10 µm
10 µm
Approx. 800 g
Approx. 800 g
Speed easy click –
clicks in immediately
Subject to technical change without notice
* Function only with an air line
Note: For system control the test pressure is reduced to 1 bar
(please pay attention to instructions).
Flexible Flush Mount, Surface Mount and connection variants
You will find further information in the SPEEDY easy click catalogue
n As design element
n As robot handling equipment
n Mounting systems
n 3/4/5-axis machining
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
for every application
Electrical zero point clamping system SPEEDY etec.
With the new version, SPEEDY etec, STARK Spannsysteme is
setting new standards for machines and machining centres
without hydraulics and for other applications.
This design is based on the proven technology for the clamping element:
n Can be combined with our hydraulic and pneumatic systems
n Insertion and extraction from the fit
n High insertion forces (7 kN) and retention forces (38 kN)
n Self-locking – safe in case of power failure
n Short clamping and release times
n High level of safety due to varied range of polling options
n Third hand function (DHF)
n Highest precision
n Compact design
With the dimensions D = 130 mm, installation depth <100 mm
and a motor voltage of 48 V as well as a power rating of 180 W,
the maximum is realised, above all in the drive technology.
n Low power consumption
Motor voltage
48 V DC
n Fewer environmental aspects need to be addressed
Power max.
180 W
n All positions can be adopted without modification (e.g. third hand function DHF)
Standby *
Clamping time
Approx. 1 – 3 sec
n Electrical polling (clamping and release position) is easy to add
Release time
Approx. 3 sec
Control voltage
24 V DC
n Self-locking - safe in case of power failure
Insertion force
7 kN
Retention force
38 kN
5.7 kg
Application example
Self-locking in case of power failure
Subject to technical change without notice
* Control depending on configuration
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
You want to gain height?
SPEEDY Surface Mount
Want to machine workpieces on 5 sides and clamp with repetitive accuracy?
Then the modular systems from STARK are just right.
STARK has developed zero
point clamping systems since
1988 and is considered a pioneer in this field. The retractable nipple is mounted directly
on the clamping device or
directly on the workpiece.
In the figures on the right you
can see a few of the initial
applications for STARK zero
point clamping systems.
The original clamping cylinder
Workpiece with retractable
SPEEDY Surface Mount with
For this purpose there is, e.g., the SPEEDY airtec (see figures):
Art. no.
Retention force
Release pressure
5000 151
100 mm
85 mm
55 kN
5 – 6 bar
5000 152
100 mm
135 mm
55 kN
5 – 6 bar
TK ø80
5 Perforated pallet
2 Retractable nipple
4 SPEEDY airtec Surface
5000 151 = 85
5000 152 = 135
Surface Mount elements are available for all STARK zero point clamping systems. In addition you have the option of appropriately
adapted retractable nipples so that nothing "gets in the way" during machining.
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Optical clamping check
Is the zero point clamping
system securely clamped?
In many applications,
e.g. during turning, the
clamping check is a must.
The newly designed optical
clamping check checks the
position of the piston in the
SPEEDY and outputs absolutely reliable information via a
traffic light signal. Straightforward operation and straightforward upgrading are key
advantages of these safety
The green indicator indicates correct
Booster - change pallets quickly and safely
The booster is used for releasing single-acting clamping systems.
It converts compressed air into hydraulic pressure and is suitable for ranges
from 30 to 80 bar. A major advantage of the new booster is that pressure can be
applied to several SPEEDY classic at the same time.
1 Handle for safe transport
2Two robust rollers and one foot for secure
positioning (can be removed easily for stationary applications)
3 Pressure 40 bar with 1 litre oil capacity for more than 20 SPEEDY classic 2 (also available with 80 bar pressure)
4 Hose available in various lengths also with self-sealing quick-release coupling
5Holder for coupling for safe transport and for storage
6 Hydraulic pressure gauge with maximum pressure marking
Ergonomic control unit arranged at working height with
air connection, pressure setting and safety valve
7 Dipstick
Art. no.
Oil capacity
Hydraulic pressure at
6 bar pneumatic pressure
804 432
1.0 litre
40 bar
1 : 6.5
804 433
0.5 litre
80 bar
1 : 14.5
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Coupling quickly and safely – pneumatically, hydraulically
Multimedia coupling (electrical + pneumatic)
The STARK media coupling with the combination of pneumatics and electrics was specially developed for automation.
During this process particular attention was paid to reliability.
The coupling can be used in combination with all STARK zero
point clamping systems. An automatically extending, integrated
clearing nozzle keeps the contacts clean.
A special seal ensures the reliable transfer of all media in harsh
everyday conditions.
n Electrical and pneumatic coupling with clearing device
n Extremely small space envelope
n IP67 (coupled)
n Can be combined with all STARK zero point clamping systems
Example: Gripper for robot with multimedia coupling
Multimedia coupling (hydraulic + pneumatic)
If several lines are to be coupled and uncoupled again at the
same time, this solution represents an enormous simplification.
STARK is also setting new standards in relation to reliability
here! The coupling, which can be configured as required by
the customer (number of lines and nominal sizes), is equipped
with the SPEEDY easy click. This feature makes it possible
to safeguard the connections via the machine controller or
the unit used. Only if the related enable has been provided
n One coupling process for all media by SPEEDY easy click time saving
n A safety function can be integrated in the actuation of the
SPEEDY easy click (enable for coupling by controller, polling
coupling parking station).
n Tidy hose connections - no mix ups
is it possible to remove the manual coupling from the parking station. Coupling is then undertaken by simply pushing
into place – the SPEEDY easy click engages. And only if the
enable to uncouple has been given (e.g. only once all lines
are depressurised) is the SPEEDY easy click supplied with the
release pressure. The actual release process, the uncoupling,
is undertaken conveniently using a button. It could not be more
straightforward and more reliable.
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Docking unit with media transfer
Minimise set-up times –
relocate set-up times
Significant cost-savings
in manufacturing are now
increasingly only achievable
by shortening process times
and especially by relocating
set-up times away from the
machine. Productivity can
be significantly increased by
using zero point clamping
systems with the related time
The docking unit supplies
the pallet with oil and air for
clamping, releasing, clearing
or polling. This feature has
several advantages at once:
n All the energy and supply
lines are routed via the
docking unit.
n Saving in expensive
machine pallets
reduces costs, storage
space and weight.
n Automated solutions can
also be realised using a
simple range of machinery.
Pallet store with more than 50 jigs
Effective protection of the clamping point is ensured by the central locking provided by the
clamping elements SPEEDY classic 4. The raised supports and the central locking are cleaned
using the integrated clearing nozzles. As a consequence automated, repetitively accurate
clamping is possible. Thanks to the flexibility due to the usage of the zero point clamping system
and the minimisation of the set-up times, processing times can be significantly reduced and
enormous costs saved. It is only on the usage of these systems that unmanned, fully automated
work shifts become possible.
Coupling unit comprising standard STARK components – energy supply for the automation,
can be retrofitted easily and at low cost
Machine-side coupling unit
with the lines:
n Clearing device
External coupling unit with
integrated clamping cylinder
to absorb the coupling forces
n System control
n Clamping check
The example shows a mechanical jig. The exchangeable plate
is equipped with a zero point clamping system SPEEDY
classic 4.
n Clamping/releasing
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Success using standards from STARK – can be used
Fast closing clamp plate SPEEDY classic 2
n On 3/4/5-axis machines for all common machining tasks
such as milling, grinding, eroding
n Fast closing clamp SPEEDY classic 2 made of high quality
tool steel. Little space needed due to low height
Fast closing clamp plate with 4 SPEEDY classic 2. The pallet is
clamped mechanically using 4 x 20 kN spring force and raised
hydraulically on release. Fastening holes, clamping edge, positioning holes and an alignment surface make placing in operation straightforward on many common machines. The system
can be scaled and also suits larger machines.
Art. no. 805 200
Art. no. 805 204
Art. no. 805 202
Art. no. 805 206
Art. no. 805 203
Art. no. 805 205
Art. no.
Dimensions (mm)
805 200
Fast closing clamp plate
4 SPEEDY classic 2
360 x 360 x 50
805 202
Pallet Hilma MC100
360 x 360 x 28
805 203
Pallet Hilma MC100z
360 x 360 x 28
805 204
Pallet unfinished
360 x 360 x 28
805 205
Pallet Hilma NC125
360 x 430 x 28
805 206
Jaw chuck
360 x 360 x 28
Fixing clamp for M12
Art. no. 805 201
Pressure booster
Art. no. 804 411
classic 2, section 4.2
See also SPEEDY classic 2 catalogue:
Hydraulic hose
Art. no. 704 151
classic 2, section 4.3
Retractable nipple
Art. no. see:
classic 2, section 3
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
quickly and safely
Fast closing clamp plate SPEEDY easy click
n On 3/4/5-axis machines for all common machining tasks
such as milling, grinding, eroding
n Fast closing clamp SPEEDY easy click made of high quality
tool steel
Fast closing clamp plate with 4 SPEEDY easy click. The pallet is clamped mechanically using 4 x 5 kN spring force and
released pneumatically with 3 – 8 bar air pressure. Due to a
compact height of only 28 mm particularly suitable for small
machines. King pin hole and fastening holes for tables with 4
or 6 star T-slots.
Art. no. 805 100
Art. no.
Dimensions (mm)
805 100
Fast closing clamp plate
4 SPEEDY classic easy
ø250 x 28
805 101
Pallet unfinished
ø250 x 28
805 102
Pallet Hilma MC60
ø250 x 28
805 103
Jaw chuck
ø250 x 28
Art. no. 805 101
Art. no. 805 102
Art. no. 805 103
Retractable nipple with
Art. no. 7000 101
Retractable nipple without
Art. no. 7000 102
Sliding valve G1/8“
Art. no. 5000 300
Retractable nipple with zero
Art. no. 7000 100
See also SPEEDY easy click catalogue:
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Reliable, precise and robust – also in extreme application
SPEEDY classic 2 NG-S
The SPEEDY classic 2 NG-S was specially developed for single mounting and 5-axis machining. It is extremely well suited
to manual and automated loading.
It can be combined with the SPEEDY classic 2 NG at any time.
There are variants with hydraulic and pneumatic actuation.
n For manual and automated loading
n µ-accuracy
n Extremely high stiffness
n Play-free shaped fit
SPEEDY classic 2 NG-S can be adapted to almost any machine using various adapters.
ø139 mm
Blowing out
System control
Clamping check
Yes (option)
Insertion force *
20 kN
Retention force
38 kN
0.002 mm
Release pressure *
40 bar
Max. pressure
80 bar
2.5 kg
* Hydraulically actuated variant
You can simply make
pallets yourself,
as a result you achieve
maximum availability.
Extremely high stiffness due to play-free shaped fit and high
preload force on the plate springs
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
SPEEDY classic 2 NG / SPEEDY classic 3 NG
with reinforced spring assembly for high weights
Reliable clamping of large workpieces
The SPEEDY classic NG has been completely revised and
now offers high repeatability and robustness under extreme
Its ideal application is milling and turning work on large workpieces.
Due to the reinforced spring assembly a higher insertion force
is achieved. This permits the extremely precise machining of
heavy or high load workpieces.
On request, SPEEDY classic NG can be equipped with
integrated media ducts to convey media, e.g. oil, air, water, etc.
For safety reasons a clamping check is strongly recommended
on all high-speed machines.
Optionally, SPEEDY classic NG can be equipped with a mechanical clamp control valve.
SPEEDY classic
2 NG
3 NG
Max. pressure
80 bar
80 bar
Release pressure
40 bar
50 bar
Insertion force
20 kN
30 kN
Lifting force
15 kN
30 kN
5 µm
10 µm
2.5 kg
6.5 kg
Subject to technical change without notice
n New spring assembly – increased insertion force over service life
n Reinforced piston
n Covers for fasteners
n Optimised air feed
n Nozzle replacement simplified
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Zero point clamping systems for every requirement – overview
You will find detailed information in the main catalogue. We would be pleased to advise you!
SPEEDY metec
SPEEDY classic
SPEEDY airtec
SPEEDY easy click
quickly installed
SPEEDY raises pallet
on release
low maintenance
intervals up to 2 million cycles
clamp by
pressing in
few separate parts
high power density
easy maintenance
one torque wrench is enough
easy to clean
due to cylindrical fit
bolts inserted
in the fit
clamping check, mount control, clearing device,
media ducts
clean air is adequate
due to enclosing clamping
85 mm diameter
and only 19 mm high
due to cylindrical fit
5 kN clamping force –
10 kN retention force
clamping and release time
0.2 sec
release using 3 – 8 bar
compressed air/electrically
release time 0.1 sec
Manual loading
Manual loading
Manual loading
Manual loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
SPEEDY hydratec
SPEEDY sweeper
System 3000
enormous power density
for automated solutions
equaliser variants possible
in the SPEEDY
all functions
can be polled
flush-mounted SPEEDY and
hydraulic, pneumatic,
vacuum, electric
fits directly in the SPEEDY
encapsulated against
built-in couplings available
free to move
handling without interfering
requires little space
suitable for automation
no additional
sophisticated clearing
all functions
can be polled
coupled/uncoupled on
Manual loading
Manual loading
Manual loading
Manual loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
Crane loading
all functions
can be polled
short clamping/release times,
large number of cycles
wide range of variants available
very strong
52 kN retention force
STARK – a company in the Römheld Group
Checking ensures one-hundred percent availability
Check dimension
Airflow measurement
Insertion force measurement
Dimension check
There is something special
about the SPEEDY classic:
The correct adjustment of all
parameters is of major importance on automated systems.
The classic and hydratec
systems can be checked using the STARK insertion force
All the products that leave
STARK are measured first,
the measured values are
logged and archived. Should
you have any questions on
this issue, contact us.
You can straightforwardly
check the function yourself!
Using the specifically developed check dimension tester
your staff are able to undertake a preventive check on
the function in a very short
For this purpose STARK offers, e.g., a measuring instrument that indicates the current airflow. You can measure
this parameter during placing
in operation and also later if
service is required.
It indicates directly the force
acting on the retractable nipple. In this way it is also ensured that the figures defined
during design are still met
even after extended usage.
The 3D measurements are
made in an air-conditioned
measuring room.
... because zero point clamping has an origin!
As a leading company in the
field of zero point clamping
technology, STARK has specialised uncompromisingly
in zero point technology.
STARK safeguards knowhow for the future by training
specialist staff.
In production, STARK sees itself as a partner for a number
of sectors and applications.
Römheld, Hilma, STARK – the
three brands of the Römheld
Group are among the world's
market leaders for productive
solutions in industrial manufacturing, assembly, clamping and drive technology.
STARK combines all core
competences under one roof.
Continuing development and
patents are evidence of the
massive power to innovate
that exists in the organisation.
For the automotive or aerospace sector, mechanical engineering, as well as one-off
or series production, STARK
is available as a competent
point of contact.
Specific advice on the usage
of STARK components and
custom solutions for production are our strengths.
With our components, products and systems, we make
your manufacturing more ef-
ficient and more flexible. The
Römheld Group is represented internationally by sales
partners and joint ventures.
Quality, precision, service
and specific advice form part
of the corporate strategy.
STARK Spannsysteme GmbH
Kommingerstrasse 48, 6840 Goetzis, Austria
Telephone: +43 5523 / 647 39 - 0, Fax: +43 5523 / 647 39 - 7
E-mail:, homepage:
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