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Time Clock - PC Synergy
Time Clock
TechNote #205 Rev. 1.31.2014
Setup (PM Utilities)
The setup for the Time Clock is in PM Utilities. You must exit PostalMate and POS prior to opening PM Utilities.
(This step only needs to be done on standalone or master workstations).
Choose the PM Utilities shortcut or select Start > All Programs > PostalMate > PM Utilities. From the main
screen, choose the Security Settings button. Click on Add/Edit Users.
Add/ Edit Users
Here, you can Add or Edit users to the program to be used with the Time Clock.
First and last name are required
fields. Check the box next to
“Time Clock User” if this
employee is required to punch
into the time clock.
Passwords are optional, but encouraged. A
fingerprint reader may be used instead of a
password. This makes the log-on process fast
and secure. See TechNote titled Fingerprint
Reader for more information on setup.
PostalMate security does not need to be enabled to use passwords with Time Clock log-ons.
Some “Users” may not be required to punch into the Time Clock (such as a store owner). For these types of
situations, uncheck “Time Clock User” in the Edit User screen.
Supported fingerprint reader: Digital Persona 4500.
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Time Clock
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Security Settings (PM Utilities)
Security does not need to be enabled to use the Time Clock. However some basic security settings are used. Use
these settings to give specific employees “administrator” access. This allows you to give specific users access to
add or edit punches and reporting capabilities.
In PM Utilities, choose Security Settings.
Select a “User” from the drop down list that you wish to give administrator access for the Time Clock.
Scroll down and place a checkmark next to Time Clock Management and Reports. Click OK to save.
Make sure Reports and
Time Clock
Management are
checked for those users
that have administrator
access to the time clock.
System security does
NOT need to be checked
in order to give users
access rights to the time
clock. **
**See TechNote titled Security Settings for detailed information regarding setting up PostalMate Security.
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Time Clock
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Time Clock Settings (PM Utilities)
Close the Security Settings screen and select Tools > Time Clock Settings.
This setting is available on all stations in a PostalMate network.
Time Clock enabled on this station: This setting enables the Time Clock on this station. If you are
network user, you would need to access this screen to either enable or disable the Time Clock on
each station, based on your needs.
Log-on: Choose the log-on method for this station.
Auto clock-out: Enter the number of hours you wish to auto clock-out users. This is useful in the
event of a missed punch out—the user will be clocked out automatically and you will only need to
adjust the time on the punch.
Log-on options:
Fingerprint reader: this is a secure
method of clocking in. Fingerprint
readers can be set up on one or all
stations in a network. Make sure to
check “Password required” with the
fingerprint reader option to enforce
passwords when a fingerprint reader is
not present.
Name: If a fingerprint reader is not
selected, “Name” will be defaulted.
Choose “Password required” to help
secure log-ons. (Each Time Clock user
must be set up with a password.)
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Time Clock
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Using the Time Clock
You can access the time clock from any of the following locations:
Shortcut: You can create a shortcut on your desktop. Choose Start > All Programs > PostalMate. Right-click
on Time Clock and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).
PostalMate: Choose Everyday Tools > Time Clock.
PostalMate or POS: Choose Tools > Time Clock.
Launching Time Clock will require a user log-on. Depending on your settings, you can log-on with a name, a name
and mandatory password, or a fingerprint.
Clock in or Clock out here.
Choose Log off to log the
user off and log in as a
different user.
View Entries
All users can view their own
entries. Only users set up with
access to Time clock will have the
ability to Edit, Add, Void or print
a Time Clock report for all users.
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Time Clock
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Attendance Reports
Attendance reports are available to print in the Time Clock. You can print a report for individual users or all users
by date range. Only users set up with “Report” access will be able to view/ print Attendance reports. (See page 2).
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