342131116 Philips Wall light

342131116 Philips Wall light
Philips InStyle
Wall light
Decorate your home with light
modern lamp for bathroom lighting
A tribute to modern angular design. This stunning chrome wall light provides warm white
light, which is ideal for your daily bathroom routines. You can dim the light and create the
perfect ambience to take a bath at the end of the day.
Well-being in your bathroom with high-quality light
• Seeing well is essential in the bathroom
• A range of several applications
• High Power LED
• Adjustable light intensity with dimmer switch
Decorate your bathroom with safe lighting
• Decorate your bathroom with light
• IP44, perfectly suited for your bathroom
Sustainable light solutions
• Extremely long operating life
• Energy saving
Wall light
Vanitas chrome, LED
Seeing well is essential
Being able to see well is essential for good
results at the mirror, which is why each lamp
features a high-quality light source for
confident grooming. The bathroom lighting
range uses the latest energy-saving technology
for good quality light that provides plenty of
illumination without being harsh.
Many applications
There's a wide choice of wall and ceiling lights.
The collection offers large ceiling lights that
light your whole bathroom in a comfortable
and pleasant way. In addition, there are wall
lights that provide clear, bright light without
shadow for precision tasks at the mirror, such
as shaving, applying make-up and putting in
contact lenses.
High Power LED
figures: the first one refers to the protection
level against dust, the second against water.
This bathroom light is designed with IP44: it is
protected against splashing water. This
product is most commonly used and ideal for
the bathroom.
Extremely long operating life
Adjust the light intensity with a dimmer switch
(not included).This makes it easy to adjust the
bathroom lighting to suit your requirements
and create the atmosphere you need in your
Fill your bathroom with light
InStyle bathroom lamps enhance any bathroom
decor with their stylish and solid construction.
Hard-wearing premium materials like brushed
steel, aluminium and glass are complemented
by careful attention to the smallest details,
such as smooth, rounded edges and machined
surfaces with no protruding parts. There's a
range of contemporary designs and elegant
decorative touches with a clean and simple
IP44 - bathroom-safe
A light source you can trust. Philips LED lights
offer an extremely long life of at least 20.000
hours (which equals 20 years on basis of an
average use of 3 hours a day with an amount of
at least of 13.000 on/off switching cycles). With
the Philips LED lights you won't have to worry
about maintenance or lamp replacement while
having the perfect light ambience in your home.
Energy saving
The LED module of this lamp is a uniquely
developed solution by Philips, combining 3
LEDs in a synthetic and aluminium housing.
This technique enables an optimal light output
and a 100% uniform light colour.
This Philips bathroom light is especially
designed for humid environments. It was
tested rigorously to ensure its water
resistance. The IP level is described by two
This Philips light conserves energy compared
to traditional light sources, helping you to save
money on your electricity bills and do your bit
for the environment.
Wall light
Vanitas chrome, LED
Design and finishing
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Product dimensions and weight
• Material: aluminium, synthetics
• Colour: chrome
• Dimmable
• LED integrated
• Waterproof
Height: 10.9 cm
Length: 22.4 cm
Width: 11.4 cm
Net weight: 1.390 kg
• Warranty: 2 year(s)
Packaging dimensions and weight
Technical specifications
Total lumen output fixture: 580 lm
Fixture dimmable
Built-in LED
IP code: IP44, protection against objects bigger
than 1 mm, protection from splashed water
• Class of protection: I - earthed
• Light source equivalent to traditional bulb of: 56 W
Mains power: Range 220 V–240 V, 50-60 Hz
Bulb technology: LED, Safety Extra Low Voltage
Number of bulbs: 2
Wattage bulb included: 6 W
Light colour: warm white
Lamp lifetime up to: 20,000 hrs
Beam angle: 35°
Height: 23.8 cm
Length: 15.5 cm
Width: 8.5 cm
Weight: 1.470 kg
• Especially designed for: Bathroom
• Style: Modern
• Type: Wall light
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