Panopto Recording Instructions

Panopto Recording Instructions
Panopto Recording Instructions
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USFSM Panopto Recording Instructions
Once you have successfully installed the Panopto Recorder, you are ready to start recording, (for
assistance installing Panopto see the Panopto Install Instructions,
Basic Recording
1. Login to Canvas and go to the course where you want to create a recording.
2. Select Create, Record a New Session.
3. The Panopto Recorder will launch in a new window.
4. Next, set the folder you wish to create the new recording in. You can select your Canvas course
or Offline Recording for saving the recording on your computer to upload at a later time.
5. Give your recording a Title. Enter the Title name in the Record a new session called: text box.
6. Choosing the Primary – Select a video capture device such as a webcam and an audio device,
this could be the same device as your video webcam if it has a built in mic.
7. Next, select your Secondary Capture Source – you can choose to also capture what is displayed
on your screen and/or a PowerPoint presentation.
8. Recording – once you have the input sources set, you can begin recording. Click the Record icon
to start everything running. When your recording has started, the icon will change into Pause and
Pause button – will pause your recording. It will continue to record, but not show up in the final
version, unless you go into the editor and get the recorded time back. (For example, if you forgot
to un-pause and didn’t get the end of the recording, it will still be available.)
Stop button – will stop the recording and close it out. If you had picked a folder before you
started, it will then begin to upload the recording to the folder you had chosen.
9. Recording Status – once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording,
you will be taken to the Recording Status page which shows you a list of your recordings.
Offline Recordings are recordings on your computer.
Currently Uploading Recordings will show the video you just completed and its upload status.
Uploaded Recordings will show recordings that you have already recorded and uploaded to the
If you experience issues with Panopto Recording, contact E-Learning Services, 941-359-4217 or email
Timi Hager at
Panopto Support:
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