T50 Series
T50 Series
Working together.
The T50 Series began with you;
how you sit, move, work, adjust
and recline. The chair’s purpose is
your purpose. It moves naturally
with you, keeps you supported
in every position and keeps you
comfortable throughout the day.
Your body knows
what is right for
it, it just needs a
chance to prove it.
You shaped its design.
Individual day-long comfort.
Whatever your shape and size,
the T50 series will adjust for
the perfect fit, for exceptional
support, all day every day.
Leading experts in health and sports
science now confirm that the traditional ergonomic concept of a fixed ‘correct’ sitting
position is flawed and that our bodies and
minds work best when in motion. Movement
increases blood and oxygen flow, reducing
fatigue and musculoskeletal discomfort and
keeping your mind more focused.
High performance ergonomics
The T50’s elegant S-line back is designed
to replicate the natural curve of the human
spine. The structural tension of the mesh
back provides firm comfortable support
without pressure points. The optional adjustable lumbar pad provides extra support
if required.
The T51 takes ergonomics to yet another
level. This unique variable-geometry ergonomic lumbar support allows you to adjust
the backrest curvature, with the entire back
gently altering shape to conform to your
individual profile.
The advanced 3-pivot synchronous mechanism with its adjustable tensioning allows
you to move effortlessly while keeping a
healthy posture. The innovative tilt-limiter
provides dynamic support while allowing
free movement within a selected tilt range.
You can enjoy a fully customised fit. The
variable-length seat and multi-position armrests configure to suit any task. Complete
the picture with the optional headrest.
Intuitive controls are easily reached from the
sitting position and feature Braille markings.
Temperature regulation
The T50’s breathable mesh back allows air
to circulate, releasing excess body heat to
ensure comfortable sitting for extended
periods. The optional fabric jacket combines enhanced comfort with a lower level
of temperature regulation.
The T51’s stylish slimline back maintains the
traditional upholstered look and feel with a
ventilated lumbar section.
No compromise.
A high performance chair
befitting the status of a high
performing executive.
Featuring the same advanced ergonomics
found in the rest of the T50/T51 range, the
Premier series adds the comfort and style
afforded by fine, precision stitched Italian
leather upholstery.
Stylish and with elegant understatement,
the Premier series is the perfect choice for
executive and boardroom suites. Standard
features include a fully adjustable headrest
and polished alloy components for that
extra touch of class.
Don’t accept anything less.
your space.
Ergonomics and technology.
Style expressed in a slender profile
and a totally co-ordinated look.
From executive offices to general
office space, to meeting rooms
and boardrooms, T50 offers a
cohesive, coordinated look right
through your organisation, with
a variety of frame styles, finishes
and specifications to suit any
T50 White Series
T503 Meeting Swivel
T501 Meeting Cantilever
T51 Premier
meeting room style.
This is the place to
showcase your company,
where your valued clients
feel appreciated, where
the important deals are
made and the strategies
formulated. T50 meeting
chairs provide flair for an
upmarket ambience and
comfort for as long as
you need it.
T501 cantilever bases complement your
decor in powdercoat or polished chrome
T503 swivel models may be fitted with
castors or glides.
Glide bases feature an optional auto-re-
turn function. When the user leaves
the chair, it automatically returns to the
preset position and height, leaving the
boardroom neat and orderly each time,
ready for the next meeting.
Environmental responsibility.
T50 is manufactured with a
class leading 79% recycled
material content* and is 92%
Purchase Sidiz seating with peace of
mind, knowing that environmental
consideration has guided the design
process from its inception.
Designed and manufactured to have minimal impact on both the social and physical
environment, the T50 series embodies an
uncompromising approach to environmental integrity. The T50 series is designed for
extended lifecycle, with most components
easily replaced on-site with minimal tools.
At the end of their long life expectancy, we
will take the chairs back for refurbishment
or recycling.
A leader in eco-design, Sidiz has developed
finishing and upholstery methods which
eliminate the use of adhesives and tacks,
making refurbishment and recycling easier.
Where adhesives are required, non-toxic
water based products are used.
Further reduction of environmental impact
is achieved through initiatives such as
minimising the use of chromium plating,
reducing shipping volumes through space
efficient KD packaging and ensuring packaging materials are recyclable.
Virtually the entire chair is produced inhouse, with very few components freighted
in from other sources, further reducing
carbon footprint.
By using state-of-the-art robotic technology, Sidiz is at the forefront of manufacturing processes, with high efficiency production reducing the overall energy input. This
proprietary automation process produces
consistently perfect products, minimising
wastage and allowing seamless transition
from raw materials to the finished product.
T50 series chairs carry the Korea eco-label,
an internationally recognised certification
by KOECO, a member of the Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN).
Standards and Certifications
T50 series chairs are manufactured under
ISO 9001 quality assurance and ISO 14001
environmental certification and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the requirements
of the Office Chair Standards DIN EN 13353, ANSI-BIFMA x 5.1 and other international
office chair standards.
All structural elements are warranted to be
free of defects or faulty workmanship for
a period of 10 years. Standard fabrics are
warranted for 5 years.
International Design Awards
06’ France Observeur Design Award
07’ Good Design Award
07’ Australian Design Award
07’ Korea Industrial Design Award
08’ Ergonomic Design Award
08’ Japanese Good Design Award
08’ Pin Up Design Award
* Content by weight based on T50 task
chair fitted with aluminium base.
Models, functions
& materials.
Five star base/frame
T51 Standard
Black base and pivot arm
Polished aluminium base & pivot arm
50mm black urethane castors
60mm silver finish castors
60mm silver finish spoked castors
Cantilever frame – anthracite
Cantilever frame – chrome finish
Seat and back
Fabric seat
Leather seat
Upholstered fabric back
Upholstered leather back
Polyester mesh back
Fabric back topper
Adjustable headrest
Adjustable seat depth
Adjustable seat angle
Removable seat cover
Kinetic synchron tilt mechanism
3-D adjustable arms
No arms
High ‘S-Line’ backrest
Adjustable lumbar support
Mid height backrest
Gas lift swivel - non tilt
Gas lift swivel with auto return
Fixed height swivel
Fixed arms
Standard Feature 16
Optional Feature Unavailable
T51 Premier
T50 Standard
T50 Premier
T503 Chair
T501 Chair
Models, functions
& materials.
Adjustable Seat
Removable seat covers
Adjustable seat features seat depth adjustment and also
adjustable angle to allow forward seat tilt.
Facilitate cleaning, customisation of fabrics and
High performance three dimensional with height,
depth and pivot adjustability. With current international
research highlighting the role of correctly adjusted
arm-rests in greatly reducing stress and fatigue in the
shoulders and neck, the use of fully adjustable arms
is recommended, however, armless T50’s are available
through the customisation programme if required.
Please contact your dealer for details.
The optional headrest in synthetic or genuine leather
finish, is adjustable for height and angle, providing
neck support during extended periods of sitting.
Recommended for control room applications and
intensive tasking such as computer programming etc.
Lumbar Support
T50 standard back is black double raschel mesh.
Optional coloured mesh back.
To give additional support, the T50 offers the option of
lumbar support with 2-way adjustability of height and
Standard, engineered polymer plastic (colour
anthracite). Optional: polished aluminium.
Highlift and footring option available.
65mm black urethane castors as standard.
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