ATV Thumb Warmer Installation
ATV Thumb Warmer Installation
Instructions for ATV Models 210008RR
Application: Honda, Polaris (’99 and older), Kawasaki, and Yamaha
Do not cut or needlessly flex the warmer
Please read all instructions before beginning installation
Throttle Preparation/Warmer Attachment
Clean the throttle of any dirt, grease or oil. Do not
cut away the existing rubber covering. Peel the
release paper from warmer and press on throttle
front (where thumb rests) (Figure 1).
Slide shrink tubing over the end of throttle and
position such that it will cover warmer (Figure 1).
The shrink tubing has a 3 to 1 shrink ratio in
diameter and up to 15% longitudinally. Use a heat
gun, lighter or match to heat the shrink tubing. If
you use a lighter or match, remove the throttle to
allow rotation for more even heating. Be careful not
to overheat in one area as this can split or burn the
shrink tubing. Reinstall throttle if necessary.
Hi/Low Switch Installation
Choose a location for the switch that is convenient
and has sufficient rear clearance for the electrical
connections and is within 18" of a voltagecontrolled wire (a wire in the lighting circuit). Drill
a 13/16" hole and install the switch in the front by
snapping it into place.
Wire Routing and Connections
Slide the supplied black tubing over the lead wires
until it reaches warmer. Route wires/tubing along
the handlebar to switch area and a Ground and
secure with supplied tie wraps, electrical tape, or
both. Cut and strip wire to proper length.
WARNING: Lead wire slack in the area of the
throttle must be neither excessive nor tight. Ensure
no binding occurs when the throttle is open fully.
Soldering connections is the most durable method,
but the following will provide years of service.
Attach a ¼" female slip-on connector and #10 ring
terminal to warmer leads as shown in Figure 2. (A
crimping tool works best, but a Vise Grips or pliers
will work).
Connect the resistor assembly to a regulated
(lighting) circuit using Option A (ATV has a switch
in a lighting circuit with a ¼" tab) or Option B:
Figure 1. Throttle View
Shrink tubing before
Thumb Warmer
Option A) Unplug the existing power wire from
the constant power side of the existing switch, slip
on the piggyback connector, and reinstall the slipon connector on the male terminal of the piggyback
Option B) Locate a power wire (usually yellow)
leading to a headlight, taillight, or dash light (Figure
2). Clip the piggyback connector off the resister
wire. Using the red tap connector, place this power
wire into the continuous channel and insert the
yellow wire (do not strip insulation) completely to
stop. Make the connection by squeezing (w/pliers)
the metal contact flush with the top of the
connector. Close the hinged cover until latched.
Complete connections to switch and ground circuit.
Figure 3. Power from Existing Switch
(Option A)
Figure 2. Switch Connections
(Option B)
If the warmer does not get hot, check electrical connections.
Heater resistance should be 35 ± 4Ω. The resistor is a 12-Ω/5 watt. For
added security, a 2-amp fuse (not supplied) could be inserted between the tap connector
and the resistor assembly.
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