Self levelling camera Mount - Delta

Self levelling camera Mount - Delta
Self Levelling Camera Mount type SLM1
The self levelling mount (SLM) is intended for use with either a tripod or a monopod.
The SLM is designed for use with the Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens.
If desired, but with the loss of bubble level, LED image markers and compass, the
mount can be used with the Nikon 8mm lens.
For ease of use, the mount is equipped with the following features:•
Bubble level with levelling sliding weights
Compass for North/South alignment
LED image markers used to align Hemiphots
Lens/inner gimbals cover
SLM with Lens/inner gimbals cover
LED Markers
Bubble Level
Assembly Instructions
1. Fix the SLM1, preferably to a tripod for stability, using the ¼" UNC threaded hole
in the base of the outer support
2. Remove the rubber “friction” band from the Sigma lens, unless it has been
supplied as part of a system, in which case it will have been already removed.
3. Insert the lens into the aluminium collar. Secure in place with the socket cap
screw using the 4mm hex driver supplied (Fig. 3). Unless the lens has been
supplied as part of a system when it will have been already fitted to the collar.
4. Affix the sigma lens and collar to the camera body
5. Release the pressure on the inner gimbals support screws (Fig. 1). Do not
unscrew the inner gimbal supports completely
6. Tip the inner carriage slightly (Fig 2) and slacken both socket cap screws of the
inner gimbal plate
7. Tip the camera and collar assembly slightly and insert the assembly into the inner
gimbals, align the assembly as shown below
8. Secure the assembly by tipping the inner gimbals and tightening the exposed
socket caps (Fig 2)
9. Tighten the inner gimbal support screws until the assembly swings freely but
damps quickly. Do not overtighten the gimbal support screws
10.Slide the LED power supply unit (PSU) onto the camera body and connect the
LED’s to the PSU using the connector provided (Fig. 4)
11.Level the mount by sliding the levelling weights to the appropriate position (the
levelling may need frequent adjustments as the film winds from one side of the
camera to the other)
Inner Gimbal
Fig. 1
Fig. 3
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Instructions for Use
The design of SLM is suitable for above or below the understory, and can be used
fixed to a tripod or monopod. The use of suitable climbing equipment can elevate the
mount above high (>3m ) understories (Fig. 5).
Fig. 5
To operate:1. Remove the lens cover
2. Carefully level the mount using the balance weights and
bubble level
3. Align the mount for North/South orientation using the built in
compass or a more accurate hand held compass
4. Select an appropriate aperture setting
5. Set the camera self timer, press the shutter release and put
the mount at the required height.
6. Check that mount is still levelled (after some film has been
transferred from one side of the camera to the other) before
repeating the process.
7. Replace lens cover to prevent dirt or damage to the lens.
Monopod and
climbing equipment
Appropriate conditions and settings for acquiring hemiphots are described in the
manual that accompanies Hemiview software. If Hemiview software was not
purchased with this SLM, copies of Hemiview software manual can be purchased by
contacting Delta-T Devices Ltd at the address found on this manual.
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