Items needed for navigation software update: Obtaining

Items needed for navigation software update: Obtaining
 Items needed for navigation software update:
(1) Navigation Update Instructions.
(2) Spare microSD card (> 1GB) with full-size
(3) Windows-based PC (Windows XP, Vista,
7, or 8).
Obtaining Firmware Update
Step 1
Step 2
From your computer, visit the Support section of to
obtain the 0513 Firmware for your particular navigation unit.
Select the appropriate part number and tell your browser where
you would like to save the firmware files.
Step 3
Step 4
Locate the downloaded firmware .zip file on your PC.
Double-click the .zip file to open it.
Step 5
Copy the NWD_A5 folder and version file to your spare SD card. Once the transfer is complete, eject the SD card from your PC.
Updating Navigation Firmware
Step 6
Step 7
With your vehicle’s ignition in the OFF position, remove the
navigation system’s SD card from the side of its control module
and place it in a safe location.
Replace the default SD card with the SD card containing the
downloaded 0513 Firmware Update. Once inserted into the
control module, power on the vehicle.
Step 8
Step 9
Once the vehicle’s ignition is powered on, switch from the
factory touch screen interface to the navigation system interface
by pressing either the system’s membrane switch, or using the
phone call disconnect button on the vehicle’s steering wheel (if
equipped). The update will begin automatically.
The firmware update is a four-step process in which changes to
the navigation unit’s operating system are written to the
navigation control module and then verified post-installation.
Once the software verification is complete, the update will
conclude and the navigation system will return to its default
Step 10
Step 11
After the software update concludes, the system will request that
you calibrate the touch screen by touching five on-screen touch
points and then selecting “OK”. After the calibration concludes,
the system will attempt to load the navigation software from the
currently installed SD card.
After calibration, the installer is advised to power off the
vehicle’s ignition and remove the miscroSD card containing the
update software. Locate the default SD card that was removed
during Step 6 of this instruction. Re-insert it into the navigation
control module and then power on the vehicle.
Post-Update Troubleshooting8
Once the default SD card has been re-inserted into the
navigation module, the system may need to be directed to the
default location of the maps in order to function correctly. If so,
the above error message will be displayed.
To locate the default map files, you must first enter the menu
that allows you to make changes to the system’s primary feature
set. Choose the Setup icon pictured above from the main
navigation menu.
From the Setup menu, choose the Navigate setup option.
Choose the green folder icon to select a path to the software.
Choose StorageCard to access the SD card.
Choose WP_NAVI to access the main navigation directory.
Choose NAVI to access the application directory.
Choose WP_NAVI.EXE to select the navigation launch
executable file and then choose OK.
The correct location of the navigation software will now be
loaded and you can press the “Home” icon at the top left-hand
corner to return to the main navigation console screen.
Once you have returned to the main console screen, selecting
“Navigation” will load the iGo Primo software.
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