iBATTERY Industrial Battery Monitoring System
smarter with every charge, with the automated
that sees what you can’t see.
Real-Time BATTERY Monitoring
for Real Savings.
With iBATTERY attached to every truck in your fleet, you’ll
never be stuck wondering if your batteries and lift trucks
are operating at peak efficiency. Because you’ll know that
they are. That’s because you’ll have access to information
as quickly as it becomes available, not when it’s too late.
iBATTERY module:
P rovides timely data about battery temperature, water
levels, charge intervals and state of charge
Alerts managers about low water, temperature condition,
weight and overcharges
K eeps track of proper maintenance to reduce downtime
needed for repairs
Collects information continuously and transfers it to the truck
without extra wires or connectors
Provides real-time data which is combined with other data
and forwarded through the iWAREHOUSE system
Prevents lift with undersized battery
Assures compliance with warranty requirements
Decreases cost of ownership
Optimizes efficiency
Increases productivity
facts and figures
Shows the state of health of batteries
across multiple locations. Indicates
number of batteries at each facility
along with number of alerts and poor
state of health ratings, directing you to
areas that need the most attention.
battery state of
health chart
Battery Cycles Detail chart
The scatter plot chart graphically
displays batteries that have a
poor state of health, and targets
those that need replacement.
Lists contributors to the battery state of health such
as over/under discharges, water levels and other
critical factors.
0 0 2020 4040 6060 80
80 100
100 120
information collected from each battery
includes the following:
»» Battery Specifications
»» Battery Ampere (in/out/regen)
»» Battery Capacity/Efficiency
»» Real-Time Battery
»» Battery Water Level
(okay or not okay)
»» Battery Weight
»» Battery State of Charge
»» Fault Codes
Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
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Quickly identify
areas of concern
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