Birth Pool Set-up Instructions
Instructions for
Birth Pool in a Box
Thank you for purchasing Birth Pool in a Box!
We aim to make the use of water for labour and birth accessible for all
women. We hope you are able to enjoy the benefits as many women
have done with Birth Pool in a Box.
Preparation is a key success factor - take time to read these and avoid
Our birth pools are personal products - for use by one woman only - unless
they are marked as a Professional or Hospital Grade model. Do not accept a
Personal pool as a loan or hire pool, This is marked on the pool labels on the
bag and next to the top large white valve on the pool.
Store at above 5°C (41F) indoors
To help us improve our products or service, please send us feedback
through the internet at
Read and follow all instructions before opening the pool and setting up
Best wishes for your birth!
The Good Birth Company
Remove pool from all packaging and warm up to room temperature for 72
hours before unfolding and handling
Do a practice set-up of the pool at 37-38 weeks to familiarise yourself with
it and check it
Do not use the pool outdoors before using it for birth
Do not inflate the pool to a height of more than 28.5” (72cm) for all pools
except 09-R Regular with cupholder (09-R) not more than 30.5” (77cm)
Always ensure the pool and liner are at room temperature before unfolding,
inflating or folding. This takes 72 hours - see page 6 for details.
Do not use an industrial compressor to inflate the pool
Ensure all plugged-in portable mains electrical devices are not able to reach
the pool with water in it to avoid risk of accidental electric shock
Ensure this pool is placed on a surface strong enough to support its filled
weight including occupants and supporters (see page 8 for details)
Ensure the pool is placed on a flat surface free of sharp objects and prepare
the surface thoroughly before setting up and filling the pool
Do not fill the pool with water above 45°C
Inflatable products naturally lose a small amount of pressure over time - top
up before use and secure valves tightly
Inflatable products are affected by changes in temperature - if the pool
appears to have lost pressure overnight, top up with air, check all valves are
securely closed and check after 4 hours at constant temperature
Check any applicable local laws regarding child safety fencing if using pool
outside as a leisure pool
Do not allow children to handle or use the tap connectors or hosepipe.
Always consult a qualified midwife or doctor before using this pool for birth
Always supervise children playing in or near the pool
Table of Contents
Warnings & Important Information
12 Steps to Success with your Birth Pool in a Box
Things to Do Before Labour Begins
Setting up your Birth Pool in a Box
Filling Pool
Emptying the Pool
Cleaning and Packing Away
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Returns Information
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12 Steps to Success with your Birth Pool in a Box
These are distilled from our experience supporting thousands of home water births.
Get most or all of these sorted and you've given yourself the best chance possible.
Note: these assume that you have discussed using water for labour or birth with
your midwife and have decided to go ahead.
12 Steps to Success with your Birth Pool in a Box continued
Sweep or vacuum the floor before putting the pool down. If your floor is
stone or ceramic, cover it with a blanket first to reduce heat loss through
Involve your partner
Check the floor strength - your pool filled with water will
weigh up to 650kg
If not using pool on ground floor, ask a wood preservation company to
check the integrity of your home's floor boards and joists. They will usually
do a free quote for any work required. In the UK, they can be found in the
classification “Woodworm & Dry Rot Control” in Yellow Pages or on
Check tap connectors and hose
Start filling the pool early
If your labour is progressing fast, fill the pool at 37ºC. If it is early days but
you want to get started, fill half full at 40ºC and take stock before continuing. Do not get into a pool with water above 37ºC - you will be hot in labour
and overheating can be dangerous for your baby.
Review instructions
Check that you have a tap connector that fits a suitable tap in your home. If
not, either buy an alternative (eg. at B&Q) or try a different tap. Then check
that your hose will reach from tap to pool.
Reduce ventilation
When you start to fill the pool with water, close the windows and doors to
reduce ventilation. Once the room reaches equilibrium humidity, the rate of
heat loss will fall by half. Covering the pool before getting in also helps.
Takes 10 minutes. Do it at 36-38 weeks, then follow them!
Practice set up
Practice setting up the pool between 36 and 38 weeks. You can always sell
the pool on Ebay later if you don't use it. A full practice including filling with
water is even better and soaking in a pool can help with late pregnancy
back pains and SPD. Remember to use a new liner for birth.
Get your partner involved! Have him review the instructions and technical
specification and take ownership of the set up, filling, temperature
management and emptying.
Warm up the pool
Make sure the pool and accessories are at room temperature before unfolding and handling. PVC is brittle below 10C (52F) and it takes 72 hours for
the innermost material to warm up when the pool is folded and out of its
Plan for Success
Assume that you will have your home water birth and plan accordingly.
To do otherwise undermines your chances of success. Labour is often
unpredictable but if events take a different course you can know that you
did everything you could to achieve the birth you wanted.
Prepare the floor
Mix the water
Mix up water before taking a temperature reading. This is especially true if
you are adding hot water at the bottom of the pool.
Check hot water capacity
If you don't have an on-demand boiler, test how long it takes to fill the bath
4 times (for Regular pool, 2.5 times for Mini). If it take more than 1.5 hours,
consider how to create hot water in other ways, eg kettle, urn, large pans
on stove. Be careful where you pour hot water!
Things to do before labour begins
Setting up your Birth Pool in a Box - 15 to 45 minutes continued
Check that the Tap Connectors you have will fit a set of taps in your home.
While we have provided options that will work with most taps in the Basic
and Standard Kits, we cannot guarantee that any supplied by us will fit your
taps. You can get alternatives at good hardware stores eg. B&Q.
Read the instructions - they have been created from many experiences with
the pool!
Estimate how long it will take to fill the pool with your hot water system: the
Regular Pool is approx 4 bathtubs full of water and Mini Pool 2.5-3 bathtubs.
Practice setting up the pool to familiarise yourself with it before labour begins.
Warm pool up to room temperature before unfolding.
Remove jewellery or other sharp items from your body and clothing.
Setting up your Birth Pool in a Box - 15 to 45 minutes
, DO
Screw round flange tightly into three large
white valves and ensure cap is removed
(see picture). Inflate 3 side chambers,
lowest first. Leave top chamber less than
fully inflated - sagging - to enable
Disposable Liner to be fitted.
Twist nozzle
as you insert.
Over-inflation is
a cause of failure.
Do not exceed
28.5” (72cm)
total height or
30.5” (77cm) if
09-R Regular pool
with cupholder.
Place Disposable Liner on pool with holes
fitting over handles and valve to secure liner.
Complete inflation of top chamber.
Liner can stretch.
Always use a new
Disposable Liner
for birth.
Discuss with your midwife whether the pool
height is appropriate. To reduce total height,
open valve on middle chamber for a few
seconds. Then add air to the top and bottom
chambers to increase firmness.
Middle chamber
must be at least
8” (20cm) to
retain stability.
Inflate centre of Fitted Heat Cover
(if applicable) until most of creases just
disappear and set aside. Top up the wall
chambers and put away Electric Inflate Deflate Pump and any other portable mains
electrical devices before filling pool with
Over-inflation is
a cause of Fitted
Heat Cover
failure. Some
heat covers do
not have an
inflatable centre.
Ensure Pool and Disposable Liner are both at
room temperature before unfolding and inflating.
Remove from all packaging and leave to stand
for 72 hours if they have been exposed to
temperature below 10°C (50°F). - the material
becomes brittle at low temperatures.
Prepare floor area:
• remove sharp objects • sweep/vacuum
• place Floor Cover on floor
The midwife
will want room
to assist from
at least 3 sides
of the pool. A
floor covering is
If your floor is concrete, stone or tile, place a
rug or blanket flat underneath to reduce heat
loss into floor.
The pool width increases when filled with water
- leave 4” (10cm) space to the nearest wall.
Lift floor valve 5cm above floor, place nozzle
in valve and Inflate floor until creases have
largely disappeared and you cannot feel the
floor when standing on it. Repeat with seat
(not on all models) - inflate and close valve
firmly. Twist nozzle in valve if pumping is
difficult - outlet may be blocked by material.
One side of base
of the valve can
be pushed open
by the nozzle. Try
different angles!
Insert until you
get a soft click.
Over-inflation is
a cause of floor
seam failure.
Fit Cover over top chamber of pool, with holes
placed over handles and large white air valve.
This is a snug fit.
Prepare other items you need., e.g. a clean
bowl/bucket to remove water if required
when topping up.
Filling Pool - 30 minutes to 2.5 hours
Filling time depends on your hot water system. A powerful
on-demand combi boiler will fill the pool in about 40 minutes.
Always use a Disposable Liner even for practice runs - it is a
back-up container for the water in case of an accident or problem.
The warranty is voided if you do not use a Disposable Liner each
time and a new Disposable Liner for the birth.
Step Actions
Filling Time
Filling time depends on your water supply and can range from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.
Should you need to speed up filling and are short of hot water, heat water on stove and add
this water to the pool, taking care that the woman is out of the pool and POUR THE HOT
WATER AWAY FROM THE SIDES OF THE POOL. Then agitate the water to diffuse the hot
water around the whole pool. The time to start filling the pool is in early labour. It's better
to be a little early than too late!
Maintaining the Temperature
Never re-use a hose
that has been used to
empty a pool after birth.
This can be the responsibility of the woman's partner. With the Fitted Heat Cover or
ClearFit Cover on, the water will only lose approximately 0.5°C per hour, depending on the
temperature, humidity and air flow where the pool is located. To adjust the temperature to
body temperature, simply remove some water with a clean bucket and add hot water either
through the hose or from a pan/kettle as required - WOMAN MUST GET OUT FIRST.
Push the open end of hose through a top handle and
lay on floor of pool. If your liner has a “Hose slot”, then
slide the hose into this to secure it while filling.
Too little hose inside
pool may result in water
Water Freshness
Begin filling pool with water at approx 37°C. The
water temperature will fall approx 2°C while filling
without a Cover and less than 1°C with one.
DO NOT BEGIN FILLING WITH ONLY HOT WATER this may damage the Filling Hose, Disposable Liner
and Pool.
Go 1-2°C higher if you
plan to enter the pool a
few hours later, or more
if you do not have a
Cover. Do not use water
above 45°C.
Once the water covers the floor of the pool, flatten
and smooth out folds and kinks in the Disposable Liner
around the floor and seat (if applicable), removing any
air pockets. Place Cover over pool, with holes fitting
over handles. Turn off the taps and remove the hose
to do this, and then push the hose through a top handle and through the hole in the Cover until the end of
the hose rests on floor of pool.
Do this before the
water is 2 inches deep
or the liner will be hard
to move.
Air is expelled
through holes around
top handles, or
Mix up water and monitor water temperature every 15
minutes and adjust as required.
Read thermometer
Fill with water to top of middle chamber - the level of
the MINIMUM water mark on the liner.
You can add more water
later if needed.
Remove any Heat Cover, Thermometers and Filling
Hose from pool before entering.
Attach tap-hose connector to tap and secure
hose onto connector.
Run warm water through hose into a sink or drain for
2 minutes. Then turn taps off.
Filling Pool continued
Secure MyAnchor (black strap - if applicable) to the
outer handles of the pool away from the top handles
and adjust strap length as required. An additional turn
back through the buckle prevents slipping.
The water remains “fresh” for approximately 24 hours. After that, we advise that you empty
the water and refill the pool. If your Submersible Water Pump has been used before, remove
the Disposable Liner and put a new one in place before re-filling the pool - trapped water in
the pump may have harmful bacteria inside.
Practice runs
You may wish to have a practice run, setting up and filling the pool. To do this, we strongly
recommend you to buy an extra Disposable Liner to ensure that the liner you use for the
birth is clean. Never fill the pool with water without a Disposable Liner.
Emptying the Pool
Method A - Using Electric Submersible Water Pump with the filling hose - 40-60 minutes
Step Actions
Remove any debris from the water with a
strainer and discard.
Debris may block the
Submersible Water Pump.
Attach the smallest adapter from box onto top of
Submersible Water Pump. Push one end of Filling
Hose onto adaptor nozzle.
It may be necessary to
soften the hose end with
warm water and/or use a
blunt knife to expand the
Lower pump to bottom of pool at one end of the pool,
with any suction cups facing down to the floor..
The suction cups will not
work on the liner.
Place other end of hose in a toilet or outside drain.
Plug in and switch on pump at socket.
Check Submersible Water
Pump instructions for
Emptying the Pool continued
Cleaning and Packing Away
Method A - Using Electric Submersible Water Pump with the filling hose - 40-60 minutes
Step Actions
When pump starts to suck air, remove liner from one
end and pull towards pump to increase water depth.
Unplug pump once water stops flowing.
Re-using the pump &
If you plan to use pump again do the following:
• Empty a bucket of fresh water using pump and hose. hose after a practice run
• Refill bucket and add Milton sterilising fluid or tablets. or relaxation soak is not
a problem if you follow
• Place open end of hose in bucket and plug pump in
these instructions.
to cycle fluid around. Leave to stand for 30 minutes.
Re-using them after birth
• Drain pump and hose and stand/hang to dry.
is not recommended and
voids the warranty.
Dispose of items disposable and not required again:
e.g Disposable Liner, Cover (if colourless), MyAnchor,
Strainer, Thermometer, Filling Hose, Submersible
Water Pump, Tap Connector.
The Disposable Liner can
be used as a bag for all
these items.
Wipe pool and Fitted Heat Cover (if blue) with a cloth
soaked in detergent. Soak a cloth in Milton sterilising
solution and wipe again. Stand to dry.
Deflate pool by opening all valves to deflate position.
Floor and seat will need to be actively deflated using
a pump.
Move pipe or nozzle
on pump to the deflate
position marked on pump.
Fold pool to fit into nylon bag. Air will be expelled
through large valves as you fold.
The bag is generouslysized.
Troubleshooting Birth Pool in a Box
For a complete FAQ on Birth Pool in a Box, please visit and look
under the menu item CUSTOMER SUPPORT
Pool sides not
firm enough
Add air to pool with pump. Do not use Electric Inflate-Deflate
Pump if pool has water in it. Stop when total height is 28-28.5”
(71-72cm) - pool should then be firm enough to sit on side
walls for women less than 15 stone (95kg). For a Regular pool
with cupholder (09-R) stop at 30-30.5” (76-77cm)
Pool appears to
deflate rapidly
Re-inflate and check all valves are secured.
If re-occurs, re-inflate and listen for any air leak and patch over
leak with repair kit, or use Duck/Gaffer tape. If this doesn't solve
problem, contact The Good Birth Company.
Side walls too high
to get out safely
Sit on sides and swing legs over. Alternatively, open top or
middle chamber valves to release air, reducing height. Opening
the top valve also reduces width as woman exits.
Pool loses
heat faster
than expected
Close windows and doors. Turn on heating in room. Place Fitted
Heat Cover on when woman is not in pool. Close forced-air vents
in the room if applicable. If floor is stone or tile, empty pool and
place blankets under pool.
differ with different
Check that pool water is mixed, reading is taken from same
place and thermometer instructions are followed.
Submersible Water
Pump not working
Check electricity supply. Then check manufacturer's instructions
- pump may be blocked by debris. Strain water and unblock
pump then try again.
Method B - Siphon using Filling Hose
Step Actions
Remove any debris from the water with a strainer
and discard.
Start a siphon:
• Place entire Filling Hose in water and ensure it is
filled with water.
• Leave one end under the water, place thumb over
other end and take to a drain lower than pool floor.
• Release thumb.
Emptying time depends
on length of hose, hose
end's vertical height
below pool and number
of siphons: you can cut
hose and set up second
Remove Disposable Liner from one end and pull
towards hose end to make water deeper.
Water will stop flowing
once hose end comes out
of water.
Dispose of all items disposable and not required again:
Disposable Liner, Strainer, MyAnchor, Thermometer,
Filling Hose, Tap Connector, Cover (if colourless).
The liner can be used as
a bag for all these items.
The colourless Fitted
Heat Cover is disposable.
Do not leave pump
Step Actions
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.
We will replace any Personal or disposable product with a
manufacturing defect reported and returned within 60 days of shipment.
You must do a practice set-up of the pool in time to return the item for
inspection and receive the replacement before your birth. We inspect the
returned items and contact you to arrange either a replacement or to refund you
within 5 working days of receipt. You must contact us before sending any products
using the form at
The warranty period for Professional or Hospital Grade products is one year or
20 uses, whichever is earlier.
This warranty does not cover punctures, cuts or abrasions caused by careless
handling or improper storage in contravention of the instructions.
Returns Information
See separate documentation provided by the retailer you purchased from.
If you purchased directly from The Good Birth Company, please
visit and
contact us before returning. Check that your name
and order reference are on the pool box and inside
before returning.
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