Insurance for Motorcycle Technical Officials
Insurance for Motorcycle Technical Officials
British Triathlon registered Motorcycle Officials can benefit from British Triathlon’s motor fleet comprehensive
insurance cover for the duration of their attendance at permitted events, and therefore avoid putting at risk their
own personal motorcycle insurance.
Eligibility of Cover for Motorcycle Technical Officials
In order for cover to be provided, the following criteria must be met by the Motorcycle Official:
Are over the age of 25
Have completed and achieved the qualification, or are registered and going through the qualification
process of, British Triathlon’s Motorcycle Official training
Correct information is held on file including motorcycle type, registration and personal details
The motorcycle being used is in a roadworthy condition and has current tax and MOT
Be a named and current normally insured driver of the vehicle
Attending a Home Nation-permitted event
Driving licence to be free of endorsements restricting the validity of the licence
It is important to note that Motorcycle Officials are covered for race duties only and should not under any
circumstances be used to carry passengers whilst fulfilling this role, with the exception of qualified Technical
Event Registration Form
The administrative process to put in place the insurance cover is straightforward and requires the Event Organiser
to submit the Event Registration Form to British Triathlon in advance of the event; ideally this should be done at
least two weeks in advance but no later than two working days before the day of the event. Motorcycle Officials
attending a permitted event should satisfy themselves that the Event Registration Form has been submitted.
This form, containing details of drivers and vehicle registration numbers should be emailed to
Upon submission of a completed Event Registration Form, the Event Organiser will receive confirmation of receipt
by return of email. This email should be retained by the Event Organiser should it be required in the event of an
accident and any subsequent claim.
Where vehicles or Motorcycle Officials need to be changed at short notice Event Organisers must communicate the
change(s) to British Triathlon by email at the earliest possible opportunity. Event Organisers and Motorcycle
Officials are reminded that retrospective registration will not qualify a vehicle for insurance cover, and there is no
flexibility on this point.
Last updated 23/08/2016
Exclusions and Limits of Cover
This insurance cover has been arranged to protect Event Organisers and Motorcycle Officials from claims against
their own personal motorcycle policies arising from road traffic accidents occurring during an event.
With respect to vehicle damage the insurance is in place to cover costs arising from road traffic accidents during
the carrying out of race duties; damage sustained to motorcycles as a result of driver negligence (for example
inability to keep the motorcycle upright) will require the Motorcycle Official to pay the excess.
For clarity, travel to and from the event is not covered by this policy, only use ‘at event’ is eligible for cover; this
includes both the race itself and any pre-race course races. Motoring offences resulting in fines or penalties remain
the sole liability of the driver.
Important Notes
It is important to be clear about where responsibilities lie and the attention of both Event Organisers and
Motorcycle Officials is drawn to the following points:
Notifying British Triathlon – the responsibility for registering all Motorcycle Officials requiring insurance
rests with the Event Organiser, however the Motorcycle Official is advised to proactively ensure this is in
place. If, in the event of a claim, a motorcycle attending a permitted event is found not to have been
registered with British Triathlon, insurance cover will not be valid.
Terms and conditions – Event Organisers must ensure that their event has received the appropriate Home
Nations permit; insurance cannot be provided for Motorcycle Officials attending events that have not
received the appropriate permit.
Responsibility for compliance – whilst Event Organisers are required to make appropriate checks, the
responsibility for compliance with the above eligibility criteria lies with the Motorcycle Official. If, in the
event of a claim, the Official is not found to be compliant with these conditions, insurance cover will not
be valid.
Claims – in the event of an incident that may give rise to a claim, Event Organisers and Motorcycle Officials
must contact the Events & Workforce Team at British Triathlon –
Last updated 23/08/2016
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