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Fit for digital transformation with workload-optimized servers:
New digital technology is at the heart of business and society. But “Digital” is not a single technology, rather a set of
connected technologies such as cloud, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supporting
security. Ultimately, digital technology can radically transform how the world works. For instance, a manufacturer can
leverage a connected, digitalized production line to gain a real-time view of operations, and make changes more quickly,
transforming its efficiency. Other institutions such as universities might achieve their research goals faster and deeper than
ever thanks to high-performance calculations and improved instruction sets to further deliver insights which in turn will
help our society to better understand the world we live in.
■ Expandable PRIMERGY tower servers for remote and branch
offices, versatile rack-mount servers, compact and densityoptimized scale-out servers and blade systems
■ Proven quality with latest innovations to deliver more efficiency
and agility in IT operation, and less cost and complexity
■ More than 20 years’ experience for top-class performance
and highest quality compute devices
Business-Centric Computing
Fujitsu offers a fantastic blend of systems, solutions and expertise to
guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility, delivering
confidence and reliability. Additionally, our PRIMERGY portfolio
delivers workload-optimized x86 industry standard servers for any
workload and business demand.
Business and
Business continuity for permanent
data access and use cases such as
in-memory computing
Expandable tower servers for
branch offices and smaller sites
Versatile rack servers with leading
efficiency and performance
Core Business and
Data Demanding
High Performance
and Technical
Modular and densityoptimized servers
to scale efficiently
Operation and Management
Efficient operation and management of IT infrastructures and facility
equipment that runs in data centers and server rooms.
Which PRIMERGY Server to Choose?
One size certainly doesn’t fit all. FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY is the industry’s most complete x86-based portfolio, and the latest PRIMERGY
models expand choices even more. With versatile, rack-optimized servers that offer best-in-class performance and energy efficiency.
Robust tower systems that are quiet and easy to run – and most of which can even be rack-mounted with a conversion kit. Blade
systems for building a converged infrastructure with minimal time and effort – essentially a “data center in a box”. Or systems with
massive scale-out power that you can rely on for high performance computing, hosting and hyper-converged stacks.
Expandable tower servers
ideal for branch offices, remote
offices and small businesses
Versatile and scalable rackoptimized servers with leading
efficiency and performance
Platform for converged
infrastructures designed to
reduce IT costs, time and effort
Density optimized cloud
server infrastructures for HPC,
cloud and hyper-converged
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Tower Systems
Perfect for small and medium businesses, and for branch operations, FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX
tower systems are robust, cost-efficient and rock-solid reliable. They’re also super-simple to run, so you
won’t need a team of techies to keep your IT working the way it should. They’re also silent enough to
run in the office, even on your desk. Even the small servers give you powerful virtualization, just on
a more manageable scale. And should you change your setup later, it’s good to know that nearly all
PRIMERGY TX servers can also be rack-mounted.
An ideal first server for small
and medium-sized companies
Ultra-compact server with full
featured performance and
whisper-like operation
Best price/performance
for a dual-processor server
Dual-processor performance,
full redundancy, high availability
levels and ample internal storage
Expandable all-rounder that
delivers great performance
at an economic price
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Blade Systems
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX blade systems are the perfect platform to build a converged infrastructure
designed to reduce IT costs, time and effort. Featuring a modular architecture, PRIMERGY Blade Servers
contain the compute power, all the required infrastructure and network components, storage capacity
as well as management modules to help companies simplify their infrastructure, achieve significant
cost reductions and increase flexibility.
Server Blades:
Affordable blade technology
for medium-sized businesses
and branches
For data centers with
dynamic environments
Universal server blade that
delivers a balance of value
and performance
Feature-rich 2-socket server
blade designed for maximum
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Rack Systems
PRIMERGY RX rack systems are versatile rack-optimized servers providing best-in-class performance and
energy efficiency. You can rely on these servers as the backbone of your IT operation, and easily scale
them as you grow. Backed by more than 20 years of development and production at Fujitsu, these are
extremely robust servers that you can rely on to take your business to the next level. They’re a great
foundation for flexible IT infrastructure. Run PRIMERGY RX as a server cluster at your main office, for
instance, and connect to PRIMERGY TX systems in branch offices.
Dual-socket server with latest
high performance components
and DDR4 memory in a spacesaving 1U housing, making it
ideal for virtualization and cloud
Small, single-socket performance
with rich optional feature-set
The balanced server that serves
your services; optimized for xSP
and hosters
Scalable rack server for essential
business apps
Modularity within a 2U housing
for almost all applications and
business needs
Dual-socket server with 4U
offering maximum performance,
expandability and availability.
Power for the backend of
digitalization, scalable with
4-sockets for high security and
superior performance in SAP
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Scale-out Systems
The PRIMERGY CX scale-out systems are built for challenges such as high performance computing
and hyper-converged stacks. If you run a large data center, PRIMERGY CX provides you with
massive scale-out x86 server power while at the same time delivering best economics for server
density, energy consumption, heat optimization and lower overall operating costs.
2U enclosure for up to four halfwide dual-socket server nodes;
ideal for large scale-out solutions,
hosting and hyper-converged
Dual socket server node in a
highly condensed half-wide,
1U form factor ideal for
deployments in HPC and cloud
Extreme high density chassis with
up to eight PRIMERGY nodes in
a condensed 2U rack enclosure
for highly parallel computing in
research, product development or
business intelligence
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor with
up to 72 cores in this modular
server is ideal for workloads
benefitting from highest thread
parallelism, large vectors, and
additional memory bandwidth.
Dual socket general purpose
server node for highest density
and efficiency in various data
center environments
Dual socket server node for
performance and memory
hungry tasks such as VDI,
HPC, and deep learning
Traditional Values. Innovative Success.
Whatever the size of your business – large enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or
medium-sized company with limited space and budget – with the right choice of server,
your IT can become the business enabler you’ve always wanted it to be. PRIMERGY servers
and various operating systems will take your IT backend to the next generation, equipping
you for whatever challenge the future brings.
More agility in daily operations
Business-proven quality ensures
helps to turn IT faster into a
continuous operation with
business advantage
almost no unplanned downtimes
Highest efficiency cuts cost,
accelerates IT workloads to
shorten time-to-business results
Seamless integration in
heterogeneous environments
cut operational cost, complexity
and shortens time-to-operation
Quality to Drive your IT
You expect your servers to stay the course, with a quality that keeps them operating
reliably when they are running the applications that are crucial to your business.
It takes great quality to measure up to the rigorous standards of Fujitsu.
With innovations inspired by our customers and their applications, the
PRIMERGY servers deliver on this promise, offering ultra-low failure rates
that are among the best on the market.
Quality of Experience
Quality of Operation
Quality of Testing & Production
ecades of development & production
■ Global R&D with local responsibilities
delivers faster and more flexible response
■ Secure hardware: excellent availability even
for entry-level systems
■ Redundancy, hot-plug PSU, hot‑plug fans,
■ Rigorous testing in development and
■ Advanced, eco-friendly facilities with fair
working conditions
■ Unique in class through availability focus
Uncompromising Efficiency
Changing demands, dead-end systems, soaring energy bills (50% of energy costs in
data centers go on cooling), sluggish responses – without the right direction, your
IT can easily become a money pit. With the advanced technologies of PRIMERGY
servers, you can leverage the vital efficiency benefits to keep your costs down and
your time‑to‑production short.
Efficiency of Performance
Efficiency of Design
Efficiency of Concept
■ World-record PRIMERGY servers deliver
best-in-class results in a wide range of
industry benchmarks
■ Fewer systems needed for the same
■ Accelerated IT workloads and faster time
to results
■ Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design of
PRIMERGY permits operation in ambient
temperatures of up to 45°C/105°F*
■ Award-winning Cool-Central® Liquid
Cooling solution reduces cooling costs by
up to 50 percent.
■ Power supply units with up to 96% energy
efficiency help to shrink costs
■ System family based on a consistent design
■ Compatible components and functions
across all models
■ DynamicLoM offers greater flexibility and
scalability for future IO needs
* Restrictions apply
Make your Business Agile
With greater agility in your day-to-day operation, you can turn IT faster
into a business advantage. PRIMERGY servers, backed by support and
service from Fujitsu, keep your business responsive to whatever challenge
you have in mind.
Agility of Administration
Agility of Services
Agility of Tools
■ Reduce complexity, effort and cost in
maintenance, deployment and control with
server management tools free of charge
■ Benefit from comprehensive
management in PRIMERGY servers
covering the entire lifecycle
■ One-stop shopping for hardware
and software: get everything
you need from one source
■ Reduce costs, speed project times
and enhance the availability of
applications and services
■ Complete ecosystem of free-of-charge
tools to keep you agile in planning
and design, integration and rollout
■ Free of charge BIOS and driver
update provisioning to keep
system agile and secure
Integration made seamless
With the right integration, you can cut operational cost and complexity,
accelerate your time-to-operation and deliver of transformative change
to your IT. True integration also means having a fully unified approach to
security: a perfect match between hardware and software capabilities to
safeguard against potentially devastating cyber-attacks.
Integration of security
Integration of management
Integration of workloads
■ TPM 2.0 support in PRIMERGY servers
■ Free updates for BIOS/firmware
■ Physical intrusion control in PRIMERGY
TX servers; physical extensions also
available for rack and scale-out servers
■ Customer shopping baskets and
service contracts can be kept for an
extended period – making it easy
for you to buy when you need
■ With Fujitsu optimization services, you can
increase your power efficiency, lowering
the cost of operation and management
■ Prefailure analysis for early
detection of potential problems
■ PRIMERGY is the cornerstone for
Fujitsu’s pre-defined, pre-integrated
and pre-tested PRIMEFLEX portfolio
■ Cut operational cost and complexity
by eliminating the need for
customers to manage their own
system integration projects
All of Fujitsu on your side
If your IT is to support your business effectively, it needs to be backed by great support
of its own. This is where Fujitsu can really help. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are part of an
entire ecosystem of services, advice, and support from Fujitsu that empower your IT to
support your profitability.
Fujitsu customizes PRIMERGY servers just the way you need:
Hardware Services
Individual configurations to adapt
to specific IT environments, e.g.
qualification of customer specific
Software Services
Individual customer software load (from
master hard disk drive, DVD or flash module)
to personalized configurations (individual
BIOS and RAID settings ex factory)
Add-on Services
Labels with customer (bar) codes
or customer specific information,
customized packaging as well as
individual laser marking
Extended Component Lifetime
Component freeze during product
lifecycle and after general availability,
BIOS freeze
Fujitsu offers a great range of Product Support services to keep your servers running
smoothly throughout their lifecycle:
Different Service Levels
e.g. Onsite service
with defined onsite
response time (4
hours, next business
Onsite service with
defined recovery
time (4 hours, next
business day)
Different Service Offerings
Combination of
HW/SW Support with
Technical Solution
Has to be
purchased within
90 days of the
product purchase
Can be purchased at
any time during the
product lifecycle
Has to be acquired
within 90 days of
purchasing the
Can be acquired
at any time during
the lifecycle of the
What our customers say:
Record-breaking quality and efficiency
“As for Fujitsu, issues such as environmental friendliness and sustainability are a key factor for
us. Our PRIMERGY servers are fully redundant, equipped and characterized by their stability and
reliability in daily operation. Nevertheless, if a defect occurs, the servers feature a customer selfservice module and permanent status monitoring enabling high serviceability that saves our time.
In addition, maintenance contracts and availability of spares until long after the expiry of warranty
guarantee a long lifecycle.”
Joachim Klein
Chief Executive Director, I-Business Klein GmbH
10 compelling reasons to invest in
1. Industry’s most complete portfolio
6. Reliable system design – even for non-RAS featured servers
Fujitsu offers the most complete portfolio of industry-standard x86 servers, ranging
from Tower (TX), Rack (RX) and Blade (BX) servers to Scaleout systems (CX).
Even entry-level PRIMERGY servers attain availability of 99.997%, with
redundancy, hot-plug PSU and storage drives ensuring maximum uptime.
2. Business-proven quality
7. Cost-saving, easy administration
Rigorous testing is hardwired into our development process and engineering cycles
in order to ensure outstanding quality and minimum downtime.
PRIMERGY servers come with ServerView Suite, a tool to reduce complexity,
effort and cost in managing, integrating, deploying and monitoring
infrastructure and resources.
3. Highly efficient system design
8. Unmatched portfolio for solutions and service
With features such as Extended Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design (enabling servers to
run in higher ambient temperatures), and screw-less removal of components for better
serviceability, PRIMERGY servers are designed to cut operational cost and complexity.
PRIMERGY servers are designed to integrate perfectly with FUJITSU Storage
and Switches. You can obtain everything you need from one source,
benefitting from perfect synchronization across the portfolio.
4. Uncompromising performance
9. Future-ready design already today
PRIMERGY servers set world and best-in-class records across all form factors and platforms
for system performance; with Intel® Xeon® E3 to Intel® Xeon® E7 processors, they deliver
unprecedented computing performance for every need.
With their advanced technology, PRIMERGY servers empower you to deploy
your IT as a competitive advantage, making you ready for digital business
challenges such as Big Data, IoT, and Industry 4.0.
5. Fair conditions for the whole value chain
10. Faster time to operation
PRIMERGY servers are researched, designed, manufactured and tested in Germany.
With a firm commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, we deliver all our
products at fair conditions for all stakeholders.
Our processes are time-efficient, with optimized production to enable orderto-delivery times of only eight days. Reference architectures make your life
easy, providing pre-configured models that fit to your needs.
Power your business.
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