Water Valve Return Spring

Water Valve Return Spring
Part No. 19832
RV Toilet Service Parts for Aria CLASSIC
Tools Needed
7/16” box wrench
Adjustable wrench
Flat-blade screwdriver
Fig. A
Water Valve
Return Spring
Read all instructions before beginning work.
Remove Toilet
1. Turn off RV water supply per RV Owner’s Manual.
2. Pry off Bolt Caps with flat-blade screwdriver. Use wrench to
remove 7/16 -inch Lag Screws.
3. Disconnect Water Supply Line with adjustable wrench.
4. Place an old towel or soft cloth on work surface. Remove
Toilet from floor and place upright, with back facing you, on
work surface.
5. Remove old Closet Flange Seal (may be found on Toilet or
in floor at Closet Flange). Discard.
6. Cover Holding Tank opening to contain odor.
To Remove Old Return Spring
1. With 7/16” box wrench, unscrew hex nut from Water Valve
stem and remove Water Valve Actuator (Fig. A).
2. Remove old Spring. Discard.
To Install New Return Spring
1. Attach new Spring to spring catch on Mechanism Plate and
Water Valve Actuator.
2. Reattach Water Valve Actuator to Valve stem and secure
with hex nut. Do not rotate Valve Stem prior to attaching
Water Valve Actuator.
To Reinstall Toilet To Floor
1. Install new Closet Flange Seal to Toilet Mounting Flange,
lip side outward. Friction holds it in place.
2. Keeping Mechanism Blade open to assure holes line up,
position Toilet over Closet Flange.
3. Reconnect Water Supply Line.
4. Bolt Toilet to floor with Lag Screws. Tighten.
5. Turn on RV’s water supply. Flush test.
6. Install Bolt Caps.
Form No. 19841 Rev. 8/4/04
Water Valve
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