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Handling “EnergySaver”® Pool Covers
1. Before unpacking cover(s), please note panel size and number written on the
packaging material that would suggest where to place the individual cover
relative to the size and configuration of the pool. Be careful not to cut covers
inside when attempting to open packages.
Important: Look for signs of FREIGHT DAMAGE.
If one is found, DO NOT OPEN the package, refuse delivery and call the freight
company for inspection. Signing for product without noting damages will result in
loss of right to file claim for compensation.
2. After discarding all packing materials, attach a tow-rope onto the center pull-point
of the leading edge of cover and place cover in the pool. Pool covers shipped from
the factory rolled lengthwise. By slowly pulling on the attached tow-rope from across
the pool and unrolling the cover at other end of the pool, two person can unfurl the
cover. Let the cover glide on the water surface. Note: if covers must be deployed
over existing lane lines, beware of broken/jagged lane lines that may cause heavy
abrasion and premature tear on the cover.
Important: pulling cover too fast will cause the leading edge to dive and hard to pull
and also create a DANGEROUS situation for personnel at other end.
3. Once cover is fully unrolled, grab the corner pull-point (note: corner pull-point is
the strongest) and properly position cover on the pool. Do not overlap covers.
Overlapped covers are susceptible to wind.
4. Make sure all “Warning” labels are clearly legible and visible from the deck and
around the perimeter of the pool.
Important: Call T-Star for missing or torn “Warning” labels.
For SAFETY, labels must be legible and securely attached to all covers at all times.
5. When retrieving covers off the pool for storage, please pull from one of the corner
pull-point and then move on toward the center of the cover and hook up the dowel to
the center tab on the reel. Avoid folding and creasing covers by connecting all
available dowels to the reel tabs.
6. Prevent abrasion by rolling cover(s) evenly onto the reel, avoiding ‘telescopic’
effect. Secure it by attaching cordage around the rolled-up covers.
7. Once all covers are safely stored on the reel, be sure to use a protective cover to
shield it from harmful Ultra Violet exposures. Note: our warranty requires the regular
use of protective materials for all covers stored on the reels.
8. Repeat process # 2, 3, and 4 when deploying covers onto the pool.
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