Operation Instructions for the RCS

Operation Instructions for the RCS
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Ocean Technology Systems
Operation Instructions for the
RCS-13 Smart Battery Charger
The RCS-13 smart charger is a universal-input, lead-acid
battery charger for rapid charging of the RB-6V batteries
used in various Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) communications products, such as the Aquacom® MK2-DCI
surface intercom, the Aquacom® STX series of surface transceivers, and the Magnacom® MAG-1001S surface transceiver. By following the simple instructions provided here,
you should experience long-term, trouble-free use of your
RCS-13 charger.
The RCS-13 charger consists of the charging module and
Figure 1. Charging unit and power input cord
power output cord as one unit (Fig. 1). The power output
connectors are mini banana connectors. A power input cord
is provided with your choice of plugs depending on the region of the world where the charger will be used.
1. Connect the power output connectors (mini banana plugs) (Fig. 1) to the communications unit as described in the
user’s manual of your communications unit.
2. Connect the power input connector to the charging module and the power input plug to the AC source.
Table 1. Charging status as indicated by LED
No battery connected
Fast charge cycle
Top-off charge cycle, constant voltage
Standby/ready (charge cycle complete)
3. Once the connections are made, the charger will determine
the battery condition before starting to charge the battery.
The LED on the charging module indicates the charging status (Table 1).
If the battery does not hold a charge after repeated charging
attempts, the battery may need replacement. (Replacement
RB-6V batteries are available from OTS or your local dealer.)
4. When the LED indicates “standby/ready” status (Table 1),
charging is complete. Unplug the charger from the AC power
source and the battery or communications unit.
1. Do not attempt to charge alkaline or other non-rechargeable batteries. Doing so may damage the batteries and the
2. Keep the charger away from water and dust.
3. The charger should remain uncovered and properly ventilated while in use.
4. Use the charger only with the batteries for which it was intended. If you have any questions about the batteries with
which the RCS-13 should be used, contact us.
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All users must fully understand the contents of these instructions before use of the product.
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