2 Breaker Maintenance Bypass

2 Breaker Maintenance Bypass
3 Breaker Maintenance Bypass Operation
Procedures for G8000
Begin this procedure only with the system in the normal
operating mode (UPS On-Line)
1. Depress the “Bypass Button” for 1 sec (this will transfer the UPS to static
2. Close CB2 (Maintenance Bypass Breaker)
3. Open CB3 (UPS Output Isolation Breaker)
4. Turn off all DC breakers.
5. Press “Stop” for 1 sec.
6. Turn off the control power switch (8A). The UPS should now be powered
down completely.
7. At this time, CB1 may now be opened. Any input isolation breakers to the
rectifier input of the UPS must now be opened to isolate the UPS completely.
8. End of Procedure.
System is now on External Maintenance Bypass
This procedure is for the system in the maintenance bypass-operating mode
(System is on External Maintenance Bypass)
1. Close CB1, and close input isolation breakers to the UPS.
2. Turn on the Control Power switch (8A).
3. Depress the “Run” for 1 sec. Display will read “WAIT FOR A WHILE”. Wait
until the message changes to “MOVE 72B INTO „ON‟ POSITION”.
4. Turn on all DC breakers.
5. Verify that the Bypass and Inverter LED‟s are on.
6. Close CB3 (UPS Output Isolation Breaker)
7. Open CB2 (Maintenance Bypass Breaker)
8. Depress “UPS” for 1 sec UPS will transfer load to the Inverter (UPS is now
7. End of Procedure.
System is now being supported by the UPS.
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