Intercom Client for Windows

Intercom Client for Windows
Security and Communication
Intercom Client for Windows
The all-new virtual IP Intercom Station
+ Functionality
Individual, flexible, future-proof
Functions and Highlights
Not every Intercom station has to be hardware-based. Often a software solution will do just as well, or even better – at call centres, in embedded solutions
or small-sized businesses, for example. The Intercom Client for Windows allows you to turn any regular PC, terminal or industrial PC into a professional
Intercom. The intuitive user interface is optimised for ergonomic interaction
and requires almost no user training.
–– Basic module, video module and direct dialling buttons conform to the hardware design of Commend’s range of classic desktop stations. Instant control
of Intercom functionality the way you’re used to!
What is more, the Intercom Client is fully customisable to meet individual
requirements. Designing your personal Intercom Client for Windows layout
is a breeze. And there’s more: The powerful programming interface lets you
integrate almost any Intercom function into your user interface layout. From
building management and door controls to the display of service information, all functions are right at your fingertips. You can even integrate a direct
link to the ComWIN Web Client. Supporting individual preference like that is
essential. After all, the Intercom Client is designed to fit into a wide range of
different application scenarios.
–– The Intercom Client integrates smoothly into existing infrastructures of
Commend software components and devices.
–– Individually customisable user interface layout: use the Client with its ergonomically designed default layout or build your own custom solutions to suit
your individual needs.
–– Full integration of almost any Intercom function and use of external data links
on a common, uniform platform.
–– Numerous possible applications, from enabling on-demand dial-up links via
your notebook to implementing extensions for Control Desks.
–– Extended video module for basic surveillance tasks.
–– Optional use of the ComWIN Web Client as user interface.
Need easy Intercom video access while on the go? Maybe an instant implementation of a desktop master station with intuitive control? Or how about
easy instant extension of an existing desktop station? With the Intercom Client
for Windows you’ve always got the right tool for the job. Now and in the future.
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
The new Intercom Client for WindowsYour new customisable IP Intercom station
The new user interface
The new, intuitive operating concept
Based on the concepts of the Windows Presentation Foundation, the Intercom Client blends in smoothly with the look and feel of the Intercom Clients
on other platforms such as Android and iOS. The new one-window layout
presents all modules in a clear overview for quick, targeted control.
Handling of the Client has been optimised for intuitive and effective control.
For example, the call list now offers a history with an option for direct selection. Another new feature is the ability to control the Client exclusively via the
keyboard – even when another application has the focus. Also, there is full
support of touch screen operation, and much more. In short: What you get is
full Intercom support for quick, error-free action.
A new level of flexibility, thanks to user interface
customisation with WebView:
The new powerful video module:
HTML and CSS support offers an easy, hassle-free way of designing your
individual user interfaces. With the supplied programming interface (Software
Developer Kit, SDK) you have instant direct access to virtually all Intercom
objects. This way you can use direct dialling buttons for frequently used functions, for example. Or you can open doors or control heating and lighting
equipment. You can even integrate the display of weather details or maintenance notifications with the same perfect ease. Providing full access to the
ComWIN Webclient (has to be licensed separately) over your custom user
interface is no problem either. In designing your custom user interface layout,
you can make use of a fully-featured, scripting capable web browser – debugging support and password protection included.
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
Six configurable camera connections are provided via direct dialling buttons
for use in video conferences. They are call-activated and also support basic
video surveillance solutions. All this comes with full support of a wide range
of video management systems.
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
Connect, power up, communicate!
Intercom power by Commend.
Commend Quality
Intercom Client for Windows is easy to configure in accordance with your
project requirements, and it integrates seamlessly into existing systems.
The support of proven Intercom 2.0 functionalities (echo cancelling,
OpenDuplex etc.) is standard, as is the excellent speech quality at up to
7 kHz bandwidth on your Windows PC. Using the Client to control external
Commend Audio hardware enables crystal clear 16 kHz speech quality.
The following examples illustrate just a few of the configuration options of the
Intercom Client for Windows:
–– Adjustable size and position to match various sizes of Android devices
–– WebView – individually customisable interface
Intercom Client for Windows
- Audio licence
- Video licence
Intercom Client for Windows
- Audio licence
- Direct dialling button licence for Web view
Intercom Servers
GE800, GE300, IS300, VirtuoSIS
Intercom Stations and
Intercom Modules
Gaze with
built-in Intercom
Intercom Client for Windows with
Commend Audio Hardware
- Non-Audio licence
- Direct dialling button licence
- Video licence
Intercom Client for Windows
- Audio licence
- Direct dialling button licence
Intercom solutions by Commend
Your Windows device now turns into a fully functional Intercom terminal for
when you are on the go – conveniently with e.g. modern touch screen and
webcam support.
Integration via WLAN or WWAN enables Intercom communication without
the need for a fixed connection.
Use the Voice, Video and Control functions wherever, whenever and however you want – all in Commend’s usual high quality.
Data networks enable the transmission of all kinds of data. To enable Intercom
transmissions, Commend has developed a specific technology: IoIP, short for
Intercom over IP. A logical further development of Voice over IP technology,
IoIP provides better speech quality and higher data security and serves as
the Commend standard for the professional integration of Intercom stations,
control and display functions, networking of Intercom Servers, and especially
for security and communication solutions.
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
Your Intercom Client for many purposes
Where and how can the new Intercom Client help to make your work easier, faster, more efficient and even more excellent for you? Dedicated Commend audio
hardware ensures superior speech quality and fail-safe connectivity, with the software extension modules providing additional flexibility and ultimate convenience
– all that in a small space and at low overall cost. The ideal solution for extending existing Control Desks, upgrading small-sized control points or adding desktop
video support. Here are four practical examples:
PC Workstations
At call centres, agents use the Intercom Client for Windows with attached
headset for handling customer calls. They typically run other system controlling applications, such as parking management software etc., in parallel with
the Intercom Client software.
Lack of physical space is a frequent concern at Control Desks. There is also
the need to integrate external systems and to operate several systems via
the same keyboard. This is where the Intercom Client for Windows comes
in. Unlike simple software-based SIP/VoIP clients, it provides a fully featured
Intercom station with all the functions that Commend Intercom technology
has to offer. For example, using the same keyboard on several systems is no
problem, thanks to the ability to allocate the keys on the numeric pad of the
Windows-based terminals
Reaching beyond the limits of the PC, the Windows operating system has
been conquering new device types and form factors. The growing popularity
of touch interaction opens a variety of additional application options for the
Intercom client. It can be used as an integrated industrial terminal for gate
posts or vending machines, for example. Or it can run on a tablet PC to extend
a stationary Control Desk with a mobile option. Fitted with a wall-mounting
frame or desktop support, your mobile device turns into an indoor Intercom
station for communication in buildings.
Whatever the application, the Intercom Client makes full use of the versatility
of the latest devices, whether with mouse or touch interaction, in mobile or
stationary arrangements, combined with special Commend audio hardware
or as a stand-alone software solution, in the default Commend layout or with
a custom tailored user interface. The Commend Intercom Client for Windows
ensures that Microsoft-based infrastructures can be integrated easily and effectively.
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
Your Intercom Client for many purposes
Desktop device as flexibly extensible base station
Building a professional Control Desk doesn’t necessarily require expensive,
space consuming Control Desk hardware. The Commend desktop base station for workplace PCs offers a cost-efficient yet powerful alternative that can
easily be extended with software modules.
Here are three examples for useful extensions via software modules:
–– Bi-directional video:
A webcam and large-sized monitor let you turn the audio-only device
into a modern video conferencing system. Comprehensive video integration also supports basic video/CCTV surveillance.
–– Direct dialling buttons:
Frequently required call destinations can be selected at a simple click of
the mouse, without the need for additional desktop space.
–– Intuitive user guidance:
Instead of allocating frequently used functions to numeric keys on the
desktop terminal, you can make them conveniently accessible by way of
an intuitively usable graphic interface (e. g., door openers, building technology, etc.). Another option is providing weather data or implementing
a shared information pool for multiple call centre operators.
On-demand dial-up interface
Not every Intercom terminal will be used around the clock. Thanks to its integrative capabilities, the Intercom Client for Windows is also a flexibly, costefficient client for managing Intercom on demand.
Whether at the home office or in the coffee shop, at a customer visit or in a
hotel room – the Intercom Client provides on-demand communication with
the same ease and convenience as the dedicated connection at the office.
Perfect speech quality, Intercom Pro features, and full support of plug-in headsets and webcams make for the perfect Intercom user experience anywhere,
any time.
Comprehensive video integration also makes the Intercom Client ideal for
checking the CCTV images of remote facilities to decide whether it is necessary to deploy staff to the site.
Commend Intercom Client for Windows – the trusted communication companion for every business notebook.
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
Technical data / System requirements
System Requirements - Intercom
–– Intercom Server
GE 800 min. PRO 800 3.1, G8-IP
GE 300 min. PRO 800 3.1, G3-IP
IS 300 min. PRO 800 3.1
VirtuoSIS min. PRO 800 3.1
Recommended Microphone Types
–– MIC480AJ
–– MIC-Q400AJ
Conversation Modes
The following conversation modes are supported:
–– Simplex
–– Configuration Software:
min. CCT 800 3.1
–– Duplex
–– OpenDuplex
System Requirements - Hardware
–– Processor:
Minimum (without video): Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz or equivalent*
Optimal (with video): Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
–– Memory:
Windows 7 / 8: 2GB RAM
In order to achieve the optimum functionality of the echo canceller in OpenDuplex operation, the microphone and loudspeaker levels in Windows must
be adapted to the circumstances. An exact recommendation can not be given
because the large amount of available sound chips and microphone/loudspeaker characteristics are to diverse.
General recommendation:
In order to reach the highest possible quality at OpenDuplex conversations,
position the microphone and loudspeaker as far from each other as possible.
–– Video:
Video card support for DirectX9.0c
–– Audio:
DirectX 7+ compatible sound card
–– Tested with the following sound cards:
Soundmax, Realtek und Intel High definition Soundchips
Creative Soundblaster Live!
USB: Terratec Aureon Dual, Terratec Aureon 5.1 MK2,
M-Audio Fast-Track Pro
Firewire: M-Audio ProjektMix IO
The video screen supported the following video functions:
–– Automatic video display to preview monitors at call request or door call
–– Observation monitors
–– Manual connection of cameras
–– Operating system:
Windows 7
Windows 8
–– Scanning with programmable times
–– Black picture camera
–– .Net Version:
min. Version 4.5.1
Note: The required bandwidth depends on the number of IP video sources
and their configuration. Therefore the network requirement must be determined for each project separately.
Requirements to the network
IP-Addresses and Ports
• For the Intercom Client the DHCP functionality is available. If DHCP is not used, the Intercom Client must have a fixed IP-address.
• In case of a changing public IP-address, dynamic registration of an Intercom Client is possible.
• Communication from the program IPStationConfig is done via Port 16399 (can not be configured).
• Communication from the Intercom Client to the Intercom Server (UDP protocol) is done via port 16400 (configurable).
QoS Requirements
• Maximum One-Way-Delay 100 ms
• Delay-Jitter not above 50 ms
• 0% packet loss for perfect audio quality
• The required bandwidth depends on the desired number of speech links:
• Bandwidth incl. protocol overhead per IP-Intercom terminal, for upload and download:
Bandwidth (speech and data):
Speech is compressed to:
3.5 kHz
7 kHz
16 kHz
96 kBit/s
96 kBit/s
143 kBit/s
G.711 standard
G.722 standard
G.722 standard
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
Security and Communication
Tailor-made for your budget:
A perfect interface for every application.
Following licences are available and legal for all Commend Intercom Clients.
ICCAA Audio Licence
ICCDDA Direct Dialling Button Licence
This enables the default Intercom Client functions, including Audio functionality at up to 7 kHz, depending on the audio hardware used.
Each licence activates one Direct Dialling module with 12 direct dialling
The Intercom Client for Windows supports the use of up to 36 direct dialling
Licence for 1 Client
Licence for 4 Clients
Licence for 8 Clients
ICCNA Non-Audio Licence
This enables the default Intercom Client functions without on-board Audio
support. Excellent audio quality can be achieved via control of external Commend Audio hardware (e.g., ET 908A, EE 811A, EE900A, etc.).
Licence for 1 Client
Licence for 4 Clients
Licence for 8 Clients
Licence for 1 Direct Dialling Module (12 buttons)
Licence for 4 Direct Dialling Modules (4 x 12
Licence for 8 Direct Dialling Modules (8 x 12
ICCVA Video Licence
This licence unlocks the full range of functions provided by the Commend
Video feature. Bi-directional Video and surveillance support with video connections from and to Commend components and 3rd-party equipment.
Licence for 1 Client
Licence for 4 Clients
Licence for 8 Clients
Quality tested. Reliable. Smart.
A strong worldwide network
COMMEND products are developed and manufactured by Commend
International in Salzburg, Austria.
COMMEND is represented the world over by local Commend Partners and
helps to improve security and communication with tailored Intercom solutions.
The development and manufacturing processes are certified in accordance
with EN ISO 9001:2008.
The technical data contained herein has been provided solely for informational
purposes and is not legally binding. Subject to change, technical or otherwise.
IoIP®, OpenDuplex® und Commend® are trademarks registered by Commend
Holding GmbH. All other brands or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owner and have not been specifically
Intercom Client for Windows V1.0-0714
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The design and/or specifications of products may be subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Errors excepted.
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