Gum Remover Operating Instructions March 2017 - Steam

Gum Remover Operating Instructions March 2017 - Steam
Gum Remover
Operating Instructions
March 2017
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Table of Contents
How to Use This Manual
Hazard Intensity Levels
Safety Labels
Important Safety Instructions
Technical Specifications
How the Machine Works
Lithium Ion Battery
Main Components
Step 1 – Pre-run set up
Step 2 – Assemble the heating assembly
Step 3 – Attach a brush to the nozzle
Step 4 – Add the Gum Removal Solution
Step 5 – Start the machine
Step 6 – Remove the gum
Step 7 – Agitate the gum with the brush
Step 8 – Turn off the machine
Warning Indicators
Terms Conditions and Warranty
Terms and Conditions
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How to Use This Manual:
This manual contains the following sections:
The SAFETY section contains important
information regarding hazardous or unsafe
practices of the machine. Levels of hazards
are identified that could result in product
damage, personal injury or severe injury
resulting in the death.
The OPERATIONS section is to familiarise the
operator with the operation and function of the
The MAINTENANCE section contains
preventative maintenance information to keep
the machine and its components in good
working condition. They are listed in this
general order:
Warning indicators
Hazard Intensity Level
There are three levels of hazard intensity identified by signal words – WARNING, CAUTION and FOR
SAFETY. The level of hazard intensity is determined by the following definitions:
WARNING – Hazards or unsafe practices which COULD result in severe personal injury or death.
CAUTION – Hazards or unsafe practice which could result in minor personal injury or product or
property damage.
FOR SAFETY: To identify actions which must be followed for safe operation of equipment.
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Safety Labels
Note: These drawings indicate the location of safety labels on the machine.
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Important Safety Instructions
When using this machine, basic precaution
must always be followed, including the following:
Do not allow children to operate this appliance or use as a toy.
Do not use for any purpose other than described in the user’s guide.
Use only manufacture’s recommended attachments.
Accessible parts and the steam may become very hot. Keep children and animals away.
Do not use this appliance if it is leaking, seals are worn, damaged or it does not appear to
be operating properly.
This appliance must only be serviced, maintained or fixed by authorised people.
Always keep the nozzle in a downward facing direction when operating to ensure no hot
liquid or steam can cause harm to the operator or bystanders.
Only Steam-e® approved gum removal solution and brushes can be used in this appliance.
Pay attention to any of the warning indicators
When transporting, moving or storing the appliance the battery must be disconnected and
removed from the machine and the reservoir must be emptied.
Although the machine is water resistant, make sure that it is kept dry at all times.
Do not touch the brush, nozzle or steam during the machine’s operation.
Only change brushes when the machine is off and cool enough to touch safely.
Always make sure that the machine is started in the ‘R’ or ‘Rinse’ position.
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Report all problems immediately
Report machine damage or faulty operation immediately. Do not use the machine if it is not in proper
operating condition. Follow important safety information that signals some potentially dangerous
conditions to the operator or the equipment. Read this information carefully. Know when conditions
can exist. Locate all safe devices on the machine. Please take the necessary steps to train the
machine operating personal.
Until these Operating Instructions have been read and understood.
In flammable or explosive areas.
In areas with possible falling objects
Avoid moving parts. Do not wear loose clothing; jackets, shirts or sleeves when working on the
machine. Only use manufacture approved replacement parts.
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Technical Specifications
Battery Type
Amp Hours
Run Time
Charge Time
Max Operating Temperature
Lithium Ion
18 Ah
3.5 Hours
5 Hours
212C (413.6F)
Hose Length
370mm (14.56 inches)
350mm (13.78 inches
435mm (17.13 inches)
1500mm (59 inches)
11 kg (24.25 lb)
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How this machine works:
Lithium Ion Battery:
This appliance works by vaporising an
environmentally friendly detergent, which is
based on sugar beet. The effect is that
chewing gum is broken down into a foam,
which can be swept away or washed away if
This machine is manufactured with 33V 18Ah
rechargeable lithium battery. The charging
voltage is 100 – 240V.
A 90ml (3oz) concentrated chemical is diluted
with clean water to make it 3 Litres (.79
gallons) of gum removal solution in the internal
reservoir of the appliance.
The gum removal solution as supplied by
Steam E Limited is the only approved
chemical to be used with the Steam-e
appliance. Using any other chemical, not
approved by Steam E Limited will invalidate
the warranty and will likely cause damage to
the internal components of this appliance.
The battery should be sufficiently charged
before each use. The machine is supplied with
a mains charger that has an LED charging
indicator light. When the battery is charging
the light on the charger will be solid red. When
the battery is fully charged the light on the
charger will turn solid green.
Note: When the machine is being charged the
battery LED on the top of the machine will be
solid red.
The battery can be charged either by:
Connecting the battery directly to the
Connecting the charger to the charging
port while the battery is installed in the
The battery will take five hours to fully charge,
however the battery will reach 80% charge
within three hours.
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Main Components
1. Extension Pole
2. Charging port
3. Machine Power Switch (1 of 2)
4. Flow Dial
5. Fluid Reservoir
6. Brush
7. Handle Plug
8. Warning Indicator LED’s
9. Battery Compartment
10. Heater Hosing
11. Handle Power Switch (2 of 2)
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their
safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
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STEP 1: Pre-run set up
Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
Connect the handle plug to the socket on the main unit
STEP 2: Assemble the heating assembly
Assemble the Heating Assembly based on the
gum cleaning needed
For a short hand-held wand, attach the heating
assembly directly to the handle.
For a longer wand, attach extension pole(s)
onto the handle and then attach the heating
assembly onto the extension pole(s).
FOR SAFETY: A maximum of two extension poles can
be used.
Make sure that the internal connectors are aligned before
fastening the screw collars. These can only be inserted
correctly one way.
Note: Do not overtighten the connection collars on each
of the extension poles.
Place the support handle based on the operator’s comfort.
Place the wand onto the holster on top of the machine.
STEP 3: Attach a brush to the nozzle
A brass brush should be used for cleaning hard or urban
surfaces. Brass brushes can be used on concrete, asphalt
(tarmac), stone, block paving, sports surfaces, marble and
other hard surfaces.
Note: If you are not certain if a brass brush may scratch
the surface being cleaned, we recommend using a nylon
brush instead.
A nylon brush should be used for cleaning carpets, mats,
upholstery and surfaces, which could be scratched by
using a brass brush.
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STEP 4: Add the Gum Removal Solution
Empty the concentrated gum removal solution into the fluid
Fill the remainder of the fluid reservoir with clean cold
To maintain the correct ratio of water to solution, do not
refill the fluid reservoir or add solution until the Fluid LED
indicates that the fluid reservoir is less than 10% full.
STEP 5: Start the machine
Turn the dial on the top of the machine to ‘R’ (rinse).
Turn on the power switches:
on the machine
on the lance / wand
Wait for liquid to be seen flowing from the nozzle for at least
10 seconds.
Turn the flow dial to • and wait until steam is seen emitting
from the nozzle.
Note: If all three LED’s flash at this stage highlighting an
error, turn off both power switches and repeat Step 5.
STEP 6: Remove the gum
Select the correct flow dial setting:
• For normal fluid level in the steam (eg hard surfaces)
•• For increased fluid in the steam (eg carpet and
Note: If you are cleaning a carpet or other material surface,
we recommend testing a small area before using this
solution to ensure you are satisfied with the result.
Place the brush on the piece of flattened gum and wait for
5 – 10 seconds.
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STEP 7: Agitate the gum with the brush
Agitate the flattened gum with the brush lightly, with a ‘back
and forward’ motion.
Note: Do not scrub or apply heavy pressure. The
combination of steam, the agitation and chemical combine
to destroy gum.
When the gum appears to be a foam you may choose to
sweep a broom across the area to see if further cleaning is
All gum deposits vary in size and consistency, so each one
will take varying times to destroy.
STEP 8: Turn off the machine
Turn the dial to the ‘R’ (rinse) position until liquid is flowing
from the nozzle and let this flow for at least 10 seconds.
Turn off the switches on both the lance / wand and the
Disconnect the battery by removing the connector from the
internal socket.
Place the wand onto the holster on the top of the machine.
Leave any remaining fluid in the reservoir for next use.
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Warning Indicators
There are three LED lights on the top of the machine: for battery, fluid levels and rinse setting:
During normal use and when the battery is being charged the battery LED will be a
solid red. When there is 10% or less charge left in the battery the LED will flash
continually, indicting a charge is required.
The fluid LED will illuminate solid red when the fluid reservoir is empty. The power
will automatically be cut when the fluid reservoir is empty.
The rinse LED will illuminate solid red when the machine is operated in the ‘R’
setting. The rinse LED will flash continually after 50 days of no activity or 100 hours
of use to indicate that a descale is required.
All three lights will flash together of the heating cartridge reaches more than 160 C (320 F) or if
the heating unit is not correctly attached.
To Reset this error code, first:
Turn off both power switches
Set the flow switch to ‘R’.
Turn both power switches on
After seeing fluid run for at least 10 seconds turn the flow
dial to either • or ••
If the three lights are still flashing:
1. Turn off both power switches
2. Disconnect all extension poles from the machine,
including the heater unit.
3. Re-attach each extension pole and the heater unit
making sure that each connector is aligned correctly.
4. Set the flow switch to ‘R’.
5. Turn both power switches on
6. After seeing fluid run for at least 10 seconds turn the flow
dial to either • or ••
The internal heating element can have a build-up of lime-scale due to the operating temperature and
a variety in water hardness. The rinse LED will flash continually after 50 days of no activity or 100
hours of use to indicate that a descale is required.
Only use the Steam-e® descale solution to prevent damage to the Gum Remover.
Never use setting • or •• when running descale solution as this can cause serious harm if inhaled.
Only use setting ‘R’ when running descale solution and be certain to follow the instructions on the
descale solution and make sure you have read and fully understand the Material Data Safety Sheet
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There is no power
No fluid is coming from the
The battery is not charged
The battery is not connected
The switches are turned off
Charge the battery
Connect the battery
Turn both switches on
There is no power
The switches are turned off
The fluid reservoir is empty
Charge the battery
Turn both switches on
Fill the fluid reservoir with
clean cold water
Re-attach the heater and all
There is a loose connection in
the pole
Fluid is seen but there is no
The Flow Switch is set to ‘R’
There is a loose connection in
the pole
Turn to either • or ••
Re-attach heater and all poles
NOTE: If the problem persists, contact the distributor you purchased the machine from or email quoting your serial number and nature of the problem.
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Gum Removal Solution
Available from all approved Steam-e® distributors or directly from Steam E Limited, a case of gum
removal solution is supplied in 20 x 90ml (3oz) in concentrate form.
Each 90ml (3oz) bottle is diluted in the machines internal 3L (.79 Gallon) fluid reservoir and will last
for 6 hours on flow setting • and 4.5 hours on flow setting ••
Brass brushes
Available from all approved Steam-e® distributors or directly from Steam E Limited, brass brushes are
supplied in bags of 20. A brass brush will typically last for around 2 hours of continual use.
Nylon brushes
Available from all approved Steam-e® distributors or directly from Steam E Limited, nylon brushes are
supplied in bags of 20. A nylon brush will typically last for around 2 hours of continual use.
Re-ordering consumables
To re-order any consumable items email: or contact your distributor.
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By placing an order with Steam E Limited you agree to accept our terms and conditions, which are as
Retention of Title:
All products supplied by Steam E Limited continue to be owned by them until they are paid for in full. When the
items have been paid for the ownership (Title) of those goods passes to the buyer.
Order Processing:
Steam E Limited enters into a contract with the ordering customer only. Such a contract will be deemed to have
been concluded in the United Kingdom and will be subject to the interpretation and enforcement of UK law under
the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
Orders outside the UK:
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law shall govern any claim relating to the use of this site, the materials contained herein and any purchases
Delivery of goods will be by next working day dispatch to the UK and within 3 – 5 business days for European
countries where possible. Certain items may have to be specially ordered into stock. When this is the case,
delivery may take longer and we will contact you to inform you of the estimated delivery date.
Delivery Charges and Handling:
Steam E Limited does not charge for deliveries over £150 in the UK. Individual charges for orders under £150 will
depend on the quantity and weight of the order the UK.
Items that require delivery outside of the UK will be subject to additional shipment charges. The amount will
depend on the product purchased and location of delivery. Each individual order is calculated upon receipt of the
order due to differing locations and weights to provide the best value delivery to each customer. Customers
outside the UK are responsible for paying any applicable import tax unique to their location. Customers are
entitled to arrange their own collections.
Out of Stock Items:
If for some reason your product selection is currently out of stock, we will contact you either via email or call you
by phone to notify you and to give you the opportunity to cancel your order or to continue with your purchase.
Should you wish to continue with your purchase we will endeavour to obtain your item for you as quickly as
Tax Charges:
All products are subject to the addition of VAT at a rate of 20% for products sold in the UK.
For orders into EU countries, reverse VAT charges are applicable. Customers in EU countries are required to
provide their own VAT / Tax number so this can be recorded on their invoice.
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Privacy Policy:
Steam E Limited will not disclose buyer’s information to third parties. See our privacy policy.
Returns Policy:
If for any reason there is a problem with your purchased item, please contact Steam E Limited immediately:
Carriage charges are non-refundable. When returning your item please choose a suitably packed, insured and
traceable carriage method. We do not compensate for items being returned that are damaged or lost due to
incorrect packaging or handling by the dispatcher or carrier. Goods must be returned within 7 days of
It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for postage and packing when returning an item unless we delivered the
item to you in error, or if the item was damaged or defective when you received it. Proof of postage is required. It
is extremely important that you quote your order number and machine serial number to ensure a prompt
response from us regarding any refund for or replacement of a returned item. If Steam E Limited offer a collection
service, the collection is only insured to the sum of £100. If an item collected by Steam E Limited is damaged due
to incorrect packaging, fluid being left in the machine or damage by the courier, Steam E Limited reserve the right
to pass the costs for repair to the customer.
NOTE: A returns form must be completed before sending any products back to Steam E Limited.
If an item is damaged upon arrival with the customer who placed the order, we will arrange collection and a
subsequent replacement will be provided. Faulty items still under warranty will in most cases be collected,
repaired and returned. If the item is uneconomic to repair a replacement will be issued.
Refund Policy:
Steam E Limited does not issue refunds for items purchased in error. If we should elect to provide you with a
refund, we expect the item to be returned at the customer’s expense. The product must be unused and complete
with all original packaging. It must also be in a condition suitable for re-sale. For items purchased in error we will
charge a restocking fee of 20% of the original cost of the item(s). This covers any expenses that have been
Distance selling regulations stipulate that you are entitled to a 7-day cooling off period for returning items. Once
the item is used, you will be deemed to have accepted the item sent to you and therefore it will not be returnable.
Business-to-Business transactions do not apply.
Suitability of Goods:
It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct items and model are ordered for your purpose.
Online Images of Products:
Some product images that feature on the website may vary slightly from that of the actual product
delivered, due to the need for designers and developers of products to consistently strive to improve and update
the products.
Help and Questions:
If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Contact details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ section
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Steam-e® Machines 12 months Warranty and Guarantee:
The Steam-e® machine carries 12-month parts only manufacturer’s warranty.
The manufacturer’s warranty excludes the consumable items associated with the Steam-e Gum
Remover (these items include nozzle brushes and chemical).
The warranty period commences from the date the goods are shipped from Steam E Limited
Any warranty claim must be processed and managed by the seller of the Steam-e machine if the
machine was not sold directly to the end user by Steam E Limited. The seller must cooperate with
Steam E Limited in arranging any repairs, including using only genuine Steam-e® parts. Only approved
Steam E Limited trained operatives can carry out repairs and complete warranty related works on
Steam-e® machinery. Any person, business or organization that attempts to repair, service or interfere
with the internal workings of a Steam-e® machine(s) immediately invalidates the manufactures
In the event that the seller of the Steam-e® machinery is no longer able to fulfil their obligations, contact
Steam E Limited, with the full details of the issue / claim, proof of purchase and your full contact and
business details.
A warranty claim will be processed only in relation to the part which is found to be faulty and not to the
complete machine unless it has been affected by that part(s) failure.
Steam E Limited will supply the seller the part(s) to complete a warranty repair after the machinery or
part has been returned to the manufacturer for a complete inspection and manufacturers report, if
Steam E Limited deem this to be appropriate or a requirement.
Warranty claims and subsequent issues / damages cannot be accepted if they are found to be the result
of fair wear and tear, misuse, abuse or an unauthorized interference / attempted repair by an untrained /
unauthorized person, business or organization.
Steam E Limited reserve the right to charge for unnecessary work carried out by them because of an
invalid claim.
No variation of the warranty can be made or implied by Steam E Limited or any of its re-sellers /
distributers unless explicitly authorized by the Managing Director of Steam E Limited.
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