EPHD 04 – 4-channel HDcctv Real Time Digital Video Recorder

EPHD 04 – 4-channel HDcctv Real Time Digital Video Recorder
EPHD 04 – 4-channel HDcctv Real Time Digital Video Recorder, Full HD
Video over Coax
Delivery includes IR remote control and mouse!
Choice of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 HD CCTV camera support for superlative image clarity
H.264 compression format for efficient recording
HD real time recording and playback rate for all cameras (at 1080p)
HDMI 1080p main monitor output and independent VGA call monitor output
Simultaneous high resolution recording (1920 x 1080 / 1280 x 720) with reduced bandwidth
remote view streaming
MobileView support: check yoiur home or business on-the-go from your PDA or SmartPhone
Pentaplex operation – simultaneous live, recording, playback, archiving and remote viewing
Free EverFocus DDNS service: static IP address is not required for reliable remote access
User-friendly GUI with graphical icons and visual indicators
Support for 2 fixed internal HDD and eSATA external HDD
Multiple control inputs: mouse / front panel / IR remote controller / EKB 500 keyboard
Express setup: a unique menu option for quick & easy installation
Express archive: archive video instantly (to USB) while playing back
Express playback: simply point, click and drag the playback bar to view desired recordings
Express search: use the intuitive playback bar with simple drag operations
Smart search: quickly identify motion in areas of interest from recorded video
Remote configuration support from the built-in web interface
Gigabit Ethernet interface for remote network viewing and control
On-screen PTZ control via mouse or front panel
Per channel audio recording capabilities
Built-in DVD burner (optional)
2 USB 2.0 ports for video archive and mouse usage
Multi-language support
Technical data
HD-SDI camera video inputs
4 BNC connectors
Input signal
HD-SDI / HDcctv:
720p50, 720p60 // 1080i50, 1080i60 // 1080p25, 1080p30
SMPTE 292M / 296M
Recording & playback rate / resolution
100 IPS @ 1920 x 1080 – 25 IPS per channel
Compression format
Dual streaming
Mobile viewing on PDA / Smart Phone
Yes, various platforms and browsers supported
Pentaplex operation
Simultaneous live, recording, playback, archive and remote viewing
Video output
Main monitor 1080p60 (19-pin HDMI socket type A)
Call monitor VGA 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz (15-pin D-Sub socket) (live view: full screen, 4x screen, sequence)
Audio input / output (RCA)
4 inputs / 1 output
Recording mode
Manual, schedule and event
Playback search
Date / time search, event search, smart search
Alarm input
4 alarm inputs
Alarm output
2 alarm outputs N.O./N.C., max. 30 V DC, 1 A
Video pause
Video loss detection
Motion detection
Event log
Watchdog timer
Harddisk storage
Up to 2x internal 8,9 cm (3,5”) SATA harddisks
External harddisk
1 x eSATA
Built-in DVD burner
Slim type DVD burner (optional)
User interface
Graphical user interface (GUI) with easy mouse or front panel navigation
Operating system
Embedded Linux
Network / protocol
Gigabit Ethernet; TCP-IP / DHCP / PPPoE / DDNS / UDP / SMTP / SSL / RTP / RTSP / NTP
2x USB 2.0 port on front panel
Schedule setting
Supports express and advanced schedule setting
User access
3 levels of user access
9-pin D-Sub socket
1 x RS-485 screw terminal connector
Power source
12 V DC, 230 V AC via included power supply
Power consumption
60 W max (with 2x harddisks)
Ambient temperature
0°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD)
316 x 99 x 214 mm
2,5 kg (w/o HDD)
Remote control devices
EKB 500 – multi-function keyboard
Technical data
3D PTZ function control
DVR control
LCD 2 lines with 20 characters each
Baud rate
1.200 ~38.400
Serial interfaces
RS-232 (service) / 2 x RS-485
Pelco-P / Pelco-D / EverFocus / Samsung (El.) / EQ 2700 S / Panasonic
Control of speed dome, DVR and EQ 2700 motorzoom camera
Up to 8 keyboards addressable
Wiring box
Power source
12 V DC, via included power supply 230 V AC
Power consumption
10 W max.
Ambient temperature
0°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD)
360 x 110 x 200 mm
1,5 kg
Ordering information
4-channel HDcctv digital video recorder, full HD Video over Coax, w/o harddisk, 12 V DC (230 V AC power supply included)
Harddisk storage: optional up to 2x built-in 8,9 cm (3,5“) SATA HDD
4-channel HDcctv digital video recorder, full HD Video over Coax, w/o harddisk, with built-in DVD-RW drive, 12 V DC (230 V AC power
supply included), harddisk storage: optional up to 2x built-in 8,9 cm (3,5“) SATA HDD
Multi-function keyboard for speed dome and DVRs, with 3-axis joystick and jog/shuttle, 12 V DC (230 VAC power supply incl.)
EKB 500
Please order your EPHD DVR as follows:
DVR Series
/ No. of harddisks
Ordering code:
Size of harddisks
You’ll receive:
/ 1/
4-channel HDcctv digital video recorder with 1 built-in 500 GB harddisk
/ 2/
4-channel HDcctv digital video recorder with 2 built-in 1000 GB harddisks and built-in DVD-RW drive
If you prefer to receive the DVR and HDDs separately, please order the respective “NH” DVR model and separate harddisks in the requested size. If you prefer to
receive the DVR without any harddisks, we’ll provide you with a list of suitable harddisks which have been tested and approved for your EPHD DVR.
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