Accordion Wall Light

Accordion Wall Light
Accordion Wall Light
Important Safety Instructions:
For safety purposes, this lamp is equipped with a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). If
the plug does not fit securely into the outlet, do not force it - contact a professional electrician. Use the
plug with an extension cord only if it can be fully inserted into the cord's socket. Never alter the plug in
any way. This instruction is provided for your safety. It is important that they are read carefully and
completely before Assembling the fixture.
This fixture has been rated for use with (1) 60-watt TYPE A standard bulb (not included) or (1)
13-watt compact fluorescent bulb (included in box for lamps sold to California customers). To avoid
the risk of fire, do not use bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage.
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or personal injury, always turn off and unplug
lamp and allow it to cool prior to replacing light bulb.
Do not touch bulb when fixture is turned on. Do not look directly at lit bulb.
Keep flammable materials away from lit bulb.
THIS ITEM MUST BE SECURED TO A WALL STUD SURFACE! This item will likely separate from
the wall if installed to drywall. Make sure that it is secured to wood studs.
Tools Need:
Pencil, Level, Screwdriver, Stud-Finder
Hardware included: (2) Screws,
Parts Included:
(2) Nuts (K),
(1) Mounting Plate (L)
Mounting Instructions:
Referring to the below figure, this lamp includes a Shade (E), (which will get hot during use) that is
connected to an Arm (G). Use Arm (G) to adjust the lamp.
The lamp also includes a Wall Plate (C) that has two holes. A Mounting Plate (L) is used to secure the
lamp to the wall (stud mount only). The Mounting Plate includes two projecting Studs (M) and two
Threaded Nuts (K) that are used to secure Wall Plate (C) to Mounting Plate (L), as explained below.
Steps to Mount:
1) Find a desired mounting location (keeping in mind that this item must be secured to wood studs).
2) Use a stud finder and a pencil to locate and mark the wall studs in the immediate area.
3) Detach Mounting Plate (L) from Wall Plate (C) (it may be attached in the package), and hold it the
Mounting Plate vertically against a wall at a desired mounting location so that the two projecting
threaded Studs (M) on Mounting Plate (L) face away from the wall and so that the two holes located
in the Mounting Plate align with a wall stud. Use a level to make sure that the Mounting Plate is
being held level and then use a pencil to mark the wall through the two holes of the Mounting Plate.
4) Use a screwdriver and the provided screws to firmly secure the Mounting Plate to the stud.
5) Position the sconce so that the two holes located on the Wall Plate align with and receive the two
projecting threaded Studs (M) the Mounting Plate.
6) Use the provided Threaded Nuts (K) to engage the threaded Studs (M) so that the sconce becomes
secured to the Mounting Plate. Rotate the Nuts clockwise until tight.
7) Insert either (1) 60-watt TYPE A standard bulb or (1) 13-watt compact fluorescent bulb into the lamp
socket, plug in the power cord into an appropriate outlet and then activate the cord-switch to test the
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