LT-Z90 PDF • 1.61MB

LT-Z90 PDF • 1.61MB
Fun Redefined
Suzuki redefines fun with the all-new QuadSport Z90.
This youth-sized four-stroke machine is the perfect compliment to your adult-sized four-stroke machine.
Value, aggressive styling, ease of use, reliability, these are the traits of the QuadSport Z90.
Engine Type
4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled
Engine Displacement
90 cm3 (5.5 cu. in)
Bore x Stroke
45.5 mm x 55.2 mm
Compression Ratio
9.5 : 1
Overall Length
1505 mm (59.3 in)
Overall Width
875 mm (34.4 in)
Overall Height
915 mm (36.0 in)
Electric starter switch
1005 mm (39.6 in)
Ground Clearance
150 mm ( 5.9 in)
Seat Height
650 mm (25.6 in)
Curb Mass
127 kg
(280 lbs)
Independent, swing axle,
coil spring, oil damped
T-shaped seat
Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
AT19x7-8 , tubeless
AT19x7-8 , tubeless
Ignition Type
Electronic ignition (CDI)
Fuel Tank Capacity
6.0 L (1.6 US gal)
Solid Special White No.2 (30H)
Full floorboards
90cm3, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine tuned to produce
a broad powerband and smooth power delivery. It is also
easy to use and easy to maintain.
Sturdy front shock absorbers are built for smooth ride,
and a strong steel swingarm provides a balanced ride on
various types of terrain.
Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM)
cylinder, derived from the Suzuki’s high-performance,
high-mileage GSX-R sportbikes, for durability, weight
reduction and superior heat transfer.
Low 650mm (25.6 in) seat height comfortable for smaller
19x7-8 front and rear tires make for a smoother ride and
help keep the machine going nicely down the trail.
A silent cam chain for comfort ride. An easy-to-access
oil filter and oil strainer cap take time off the maintenance
A throttle limiter screw can adjust the power output of
the engine to suit the rider’s ability.
An electric starter (can only start when the parking brake
is applied) with a recoil backup starter.
The engine meets the strict California Air Resources Board
(CARB) emission regulations.
Child-size control levers allow the rider to control with
The drive shift has double oil seals for long-life
Vacuum-operated fuel valve automatically turns
the fuel flow on and off for convenience.
An aggressive styling cues taken from race-winning
sport ATV.
Suzuki’s trademark T-shaped seat allows easy body
positioning especially for corners.
An easy-to-operate Continuously Variable Transmission
(CVT) helps the rider to concentrate on riding and having fun
rather than shifting gears.
Specifications, appearance, colors (including body color), equipment, materials and other aspects of the “SUZUKI” products
shown in this catalogue are subject to change by Suzuki at any time without notice, and they may vary depending on
local conditions or requirements. Some models are not available in some regions. Each model may be discontinued
without notice. Please inquire at your local dealer for details of any such changes.
Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing.
Enjoy riding safely.
Read your Owner's Manual carefully.
Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
PRINTED IN JAPAN QuadSport Z90 (LT-Z90) L5 Leaflet 99999-A3307-151 MAY'14
300 Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, JAPAN 432-8611
Large full floorboards are increasing youth rider
confidence while out on the trail.
w w w. g l o b a l s u z u k i . c o m
The Suzuki QuadSport Z90 may be used by those aged 12 and older. Adults must always
supervise riders under the age of 16. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety,
always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always avoid paved surfaces.
Never ride on public roads. Never carry passengers or engage in stunt riding. Never exceed
the vehicle load capacity of 90kg (198lbs). Riding and alcohol or other drugs don't mix. Avoid
excessive speeds. Be extra careful on difficult terrain. Read your Owner's Manual carefully.
Solid Special White No.2 (30H)
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