access control - Pro-Vision Distribution

access control - Pro-Vision Distribution
Keep an eye on access!
The SeeTec Access Control Interface allows the integration of access control solutions from multiple manufacturers into
SeeTec video management systems in a very flexible way and independent of SeeTec core software releases. Events from
access control can be linked to video data providing documentation and visualisation in real-time – saving time and making the daily business of security staff a lot easier!
The market offers a wide spectrum of different systems managing access to buildings, plants and rooms. To identify authorized persons reliably and to prevent manipulations, a variety of identification methods is applied – ranging from PINs
and passwords to access cards and scans of vein patterns or
irises. However, in some special cases access control alone
cannot guarantee that access is only granted to authorised
• A
n employee is forced by someone else to open a door
• A
valid access control code or card is used by someone else
than by the authorized cardholder.
• S omeone uses a door which is not properly locked to get
­unauthorized access.
In situations like these video technology is well-suited to verify events in real-time or to take a look at particular situations
The integration of access control solutions is based on an
extremely flexible system architecture implemented as a generic interface: the SeeTec Access Control Gateway. Plugins
acting like drivers manage the communication between
third party applications and the SeeTec Access Control Gateway and allow the access control solution to be hooked up to
SeeTec Cayuga easily.
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The creation and distribution of an interface plugin is not
bound to release cycles of the SeeTec core software. A detailed documentation of the interface also permits third parties (e.g. access control manufacturers or SeeTec partners) to
develop plugins by themselves, which are finally tested and
certified by SeeTec.
Feature Set
Initially the SeeTec Access Control Interface contains the ­following functionalities:
• R
eceiving information, events and status signals from
access control systems (depending on third party solution’s
feature set):
- D
oor is open/closed/ajar, door is forced open
- A
ccess granted, denied, access granted under duress
- P
hoto of user or card holder stored in the system
• Visualisation of events and status information in maps
and layout plans
• L aunch of alarm scenarios triggered by events from
access control
- For
instance start of alarm recording, display of live
image in combination with user’s photo
• A
rchive research
- S earch for particular event types from access control
- S earch for access bookings with a particular access card
or ID involved
• I ntegration of intercom units
SeeTec Server
SeeTec Access
Control Gateway
SeeTec Plugin
Access Control Vendor A
Access Control
Solution A
SeeTec Plugin
Access Control Vendor B
Access Control
Solution B
The SeeTec Cayuga Access Control Interface will be available
with SeeTec Cayuga R5 in December 2015. With the release a
documentation of the interface will be available, which enables third party companies to develop plugins by themselves.
The first plugin will be available for Paxton access control with
SeeTec Cayuga R5.
SeeTec AG In addition to developing new plugins for additional manufacturers SeeTec will be extending the interface’s feature set
and embedding new components.
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