Automatic station preset Programming stations

Automatic station preset Programming stations
A - Automatic station preset
This function seeks and stores up to 10 strong AM or FM stations in a separate memory. This function is especially
useful in areas where you are not familiar with the radio stations.
1. Press in the "AUTO" button for at least 2 seconds. A number of strong signal stations (max. 10) from the currently
selected waveband are now stored automatically in the memory. An "A" and "AUTO" is displayed. If there is no
station with sufficient signal strength "NO STATION" is displayed.
2. Turn "1-20/DISC" button if you wish to change to another of the auto-stored stations.
Another auto-stored station is selected with each turn.
Programming stations
1. Tune in the desired frequency.
2. Press the "1-20/DISC" button. Select a number by turning forwards or backwards. Press again to store the selected
frequency and station.
To choose a pre-set station, turn "1-20/DISC" button to the stored number. The currently selected station is displayed.
Radio Data System (RDS, also referred to as RBDS) -HU- 803 only
This feature, which may not work in your area, functions only with FM broadcasts. The HU-803 radio in your car is
equipped with an advanced system allowing information from broadcasters to be transmitted visually, as text, together
with the audio signal. This information is then decoded by the radio and made available for several new and unique
The RDS or Radio Data System operates in the FM band only, and the information transmitted is supplied
exclusively by participating broadcasters. Volvo has no control over the accuracy of the data or information. Please
refer to the following pages regarding specific descriptions and operation of these functions.
Coverage by local broadcasters may be limited at this time, but as the technology and benefits grow, you will find the
radio in your car is equipped to take advantage of this system.
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