Performance with a single touch

Performance with a single touch
Need stock and employees control?
Need fast check-out time and loyal customers?
Need a powerful POS without implementation headaches?
Your search is over!
Performance with a single touch
Whether you open a new store or upgrading an existing one, Sedona Retail is the best solution for you.
Who can use this software?
All type of stores:
Any size businesses:
 Supermarkets or shop & go shops
 Single store or large store chains
 Stores up to 20 cash registers (POS)
Food or non-food
Fast-foods, bars, bakeries
En-gross or En-detail
Consignment shops and others
Friendly for unskilled users. It saves precious time for your business by reducing
the time needed for front-office and back-office employees training.
Various type of fast support services: by phone, by internet and on-site. There is
always a professional team ready to take your request. Optional affordable
service contract for both big and small businesses.
You can sale using Sedona POS application, available for Android and iOS, as an
add-on, or switching from your traditional POS.
FREE APP to check reports with an Android or iOS device.
You get all primary accounting reports that you need and you can easily export
files to complementary software such as Saga or Navision.
Choose any of the 6 user friendly interfaces with intuitive graphics. Boost
operation speed by adding product logos from our pre-defined icons list.
Drastically reduce losses, serve more customers and increase customer loyalty.
Try it now FOR FREE!
Increase profitability by
optimizing stock quantity
and reduce inventory time.
1400 Lei, VAT included – ALL IN ONE OFFER, which includes:
 One Front-Office module for Windows or Sedona POS app for Android and iOS.
 Two Back-Office modules, connected locally or through the internet, so you can
manage your business from anywhere.
 All functionalities *: loyalty features, 6 front-office interfaces, connection to all
types of equipment (excluding inventory terminal) and all reports.
 Installation and training by internet and telephone
 Mobile App for reports available for iOS and Android devices.
 Customization of documents format and label formats. Free within 30 days.
Boost your business. Sales
interfaces are intuitive and
user friendly; easy-to-find
articles by various type of
searches criteria reduces
time per sale.
 Free remote support for 30 days from installation.
Some front-office functionalities are not available on Sedona POS App
Optional services and licenses:
On-site training and installation services for hardware and software,
anywhere in Romania and other territories. We recommend this option for stores
using multiple peripherals and computers but also for stores with a large number of
The package includes:
- Equipment delivery and installation in any city.
- Networking (some materials included).
- Installing drivers, operating systems and POS software.
- Basic configurations of the POS software (Business details, users, departments)
- Users training for equipment and programs; both cashiers and managers. Total
training time included is 4 hours, which can be divided in 2 days.
Expand your horizons.
Sedona Retail works the
same no matter the size of
your business. This gives
you control, scalability as
you grow, without further
500 Lei, VAT included – for Bucharest and Ilfov
700 Lei, VAT included – for nearby counties
900 Lei, VAT included – for other counties on Romanian territory
Additional license, Front-Office of Back-Office, installed on a PC connected
in the network or through the internet:
600 Lei, VAT included
Sedona Mobile Win license for inventory terminals:
500 Lei, VAT included
Licenses are Lifetime granted, without annual fees
Say “hello” to your client,
addressing his name. After
scanning client loyalty card,
the name is displayed during the sale.
How does it look like? As
you wish! You can choose
from six different frontoffice interfaces, all usable
with or without touchscreen monitor.
Installation and training in
all counties. Installation
and training can be made
remotely (by phone and
internet) if networking and
other physical products are
not required to be implemented.
6 different skins for Front-Office. Can be selected according to the business
profile or your preference.
Connecting a tablet positioned toward customer, with multiple features:
displays items purchased and prices; displays subtotal, advertisements regarding the products purchased; it can take client email and signature of the
Touch-screen monitor interfaces. The virtual keyboard eliminates the need
for a physical keyboard.
Customize the view type of articles in the front-office window.
Customize the article appearance mode in invoices and also the invoice format.
Increase loyalty and acquire new customers using Fidelity Cards and Gift
Receipt on hold. You can take the next customer order while placing the
current client on hold.
Managing returned products. You can select only certain products on a receipt for the return, or whole bill.
Multiple payment methods so you’ll never miss a sale: phone payment,
card, meal vouchers (with ticket type selection), gift card, cash.
Connection to bank terminal for automatic transmission of the amount
(VeriFone terminals compatible).
Change to be paid displayed both on operator and customer display.
Depending on the total amount of paid cash, the software shows which bills
can be used for a quick rest.
Issue invoicing, both from front-office and back-office.
Sending the invoice or receipt via email to client.
AutoFill client data in the invoices.
Quick article search by: barcode, name, internal code, PLU code.
Check price and stock availability for a product.
Clothes management by size and color.
Non-fiscal receipts on fiscal printers.
Compatible with label scales and scales with weight transmission.
Displays fiscal printer status.
Re-printing last receipt with one button.
Displays subtotal and promotional information on customer display.
Advertising messages on receipt.
"HID mode" for USB barcode scanner to increases the sale speed.
Start today to bring efficiency into your business!
On-site Support Services.
Assistance via telephone
and internet is useful but is
not always sufficient. Our
technicians travel to every
corner of the country to find
business solutions and to
offer technical support
when need it.
Undecided customer? Or a
product label is missing?
You can put the current sale
on hold and serve the next
After-sales support? We
offer the most advantageous service contracts
with: on-site visit, up-dates,
online and telephone support, data back-up on Sedona servers.
Alerts for minimum and optimal stock.
All primary accounting reports: cash book, purchase and sales journals, document repository, document inventory, etc.
Board control with customizable graphic reports for a quick access of most
important info about your business
Complete package for management reports and customize new reports.
Displays multiple windows simultaneously.
Multiple management accounting with stocks transfer between accounts.
External invoices
Stock registration based on: invoice, European invoice, DVI, acquisition provident, notes.
Various ways for payments to suppliers: partial, full, payment for multiple
invoices, cash or bank.
Monetary preparation, both from front-office and back-office.
You can choose working with negative stock.
Product bundling – useful feature for promotions such as holiday baskets
Automatic data import and export to complementary software such as Saga
or Navision.
Quick inventory with portable terminal (you can rent or buy).
Print labels in multiple formats and sizes:
 Shelf labels – with label printer or office desktop printer;
 Product labels – with label printers;
Assign user rights.
Users can login with ID cards for enhanced security and for work time tracking.
Automatic backup on client server, or optional on Sedona’s cloud infrastructure.
Filling articles details into input documents using inline method, without
opening other windows.
The order of columns and their visibility is configurable in all documents (invoices, product catalogues, stocks, etc.).
All set-up configurations can be saved for easier deployment on another
Real-time communication of wireless mobile terminal with back-office software allows inventory to be made per department without closing the entire
Integration with online store.
Invoice format for Moldavian Republic.
Say GOOD BYE to complicated software
and expensive services!
Continuous Development.
We are committed to
continuous update and we
can customize the program
for further special needs.
How Retail Sedona helps
me sell more? Being a
powerful marketing tool:
bring new customers into
the store with gift cards,
loyalty cards to attract
advertisements on the
advertising on receipts.
Benefits of implementing a POS system with SEDONA:
Presentation and free consultancy on-site, anywhere in Romania.
Free testing up to 60 days of the full version, keeping all data after purchase.
Free graphic design for Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards.
Complete services: training, configuration, testing and after-sales support to
ensure that every implementation is successful.
Installation and assistance in all counties, including cash register registration
(fiscal approval process).
Easily adaptable to special requests.
Sedona Retail system can be implemented complementary with the existent
equipment, minimizing the investment.
Buy-back for some equipment.
We transform the implementation of a management system into a pleasant
experience by giving full advice and by saving you time with bureaucratic procedures.
Stop losses caused by lack or ineffective software!
Call NOW for a free presentation at your
location, ours or remotely: +4-021-3278727
To find out about SEDONA RETAIL users in your area, please contact us.
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