gas fryer - ABM Food Equipment

gas fryer - ABM Food Equipment
QUEST MV40 super speed fryers have Instant Response fast production with no waiting... you get peak quality too, as
maintained temperature minimizes fat absorption. All these
important features, plus stainless steel kettle, fast acting ball
type drain valve, range matching front, deep cool zone and
selective heat control... all standard features at the least cost
from Quest. Range matching profile for that eye appealing
sanitary cooking bank when combined with other Quest
quality equipment.
Just set your electrically controlled thermostat - (so sensitive
that a 1° temperature drop will immediately activate it) and
put fry baskets into fat... simplicity with results. The instant
response from this thermostat actually increases production
dramatically! And with faster cooking you benefit with better
quality and tastier results. For your safety and convenience a
Hi Limit Thermostat is standard.
No external electrical services required... the fryer generates
its own electric power. You gain the sensitivity of the electric
thermostat without costly external electrical service.
Twin baskets are normally supplied but single baskets are
also available.
Options available include mobility on casters, filter systems
and drain shelves - all at minimal extra cost.
The MV40 features S.S. radiants and rugged powerful but
quieter burners. The all welded stainless steel tank has 40
lb. (18 kg) fat capacity and is the "easiest to clean" tank
made. The deep cool zone with crumb catcher keeps burned
particles away from cooking heat to prolong fat life. The
stainless steel fryer front and unique open base combine to
make drainage simple and permit thorough, easy cleaning.
A stainless steel vent flue deflector is supplied to deflect hot
gases to the throat of the ventilator or canopy and to avoid
discoloration of ventilator and back wall paneling.
(mobile and c/w drain shelves)
Fast and reliable gas burners for plenty of heat and sensitive thermostat provides
temperature accuracy and instant response.
"The Qiiest for the Best Ends at Quest"
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