M357T V2 Operating Instructions

M357T V2 Operating Instructions
Engine immobilisation (passive arming)___________________________
-50s after the ignition is turned off, the immobiliser will become active.
-After the 50 second arming period, the system emit a short beep and a
short flash of the indicators to indicate that the immobiliser is active.
-The LED flashes slowly.
-If the system remains in this state for 10 days, it enters sleep mode.
To re-activate the system turn on the ignition and press the remote
within 5 seconds.
Note: When the system is armed as an immobiliser, the battery back up
is not active. The siren will not sound if the bikes battery is
disconnected. This can be useful when servicing the bike or replacing
the battery.
Fully arming the system (Alarm and Immobiliser)____________________
-With the ignition off, press the remote control. Do this within the first
50 seconds of turning the ignition off or the immobiliser will already be
-The direction indicators will flash twice.
-Two audible tones will be heard. If there is a fault with the system, a
different arming tone will be given (see Trigger Warning Section).
-The LED will flash at an increased rate for 26 seconds.
Alarm test____________________________________________________
-During this 26 second arming period, it is possible to test the alarm
trigger inputs without sounding the alarm. An audible beep will be heard
as each input is tested. After each test, the arming period resets to 26
seconds. To test the movement sensor during this period, the bike must
be completely still for 10 seconds after arming. If the bike is moved
within these 10 seconds, the movement sensor will not set and the
alarm will not react. Once set, the movement sensor will detect
movement and the alarm will beep to confirm detection after a standard
2 second delay. To retest the movement sensor, the bike must remain
completely still for a further 10 seconds in order for it to reset.
-At the end of the 26-second arming period, the LED will flash at a
reduced rate, the alarm will be fully armed and will sound when any
input is triggered.
Disarming with remote control___________________________________
-To disarm the system when immobilised, fully armed, or sounding,
press the remote control once.
-The direction indicators flash once.
-A single audible tone will be heard unless the system has sounded.
(see Trigger Warning Section)
-The immobiliser is now off.
-The LED will be off unless the system has sounded.
(see Trigger Warning Section).
-You now have 50 seconds to turn the ignition on and start the machine.
-If the ignition is not turned on within 50 seconds, the machine will re
Trigger warning:_______________________________________________
-If the alarm internal backup battery has a lower state of charge than
the bike battery, the system will emit 4 fast “bips” on arming.
-If the alarm has sounded in your absence, the system will emit an extra
warning beep when you disarm. The LED will also flash to signal the
alarm trigger (see LED Diagnostic Section).
-If the bike battery is in a low state of charge, when you disarm the
system will emit 4 fast “bips” and the machines indicators will not flash.
Arming the alarm without the movement sensor____________________
-The system has an internal movement sensor. You can override this
feature during transportation of the bike. When arming the system,
keep the remote pressed until an extra short beep and flash of the
indicators are observed. This will turn off the movement sensor for this
arming cycle only. The movement sensor will automatically re-instate
when the system is next armed normally.
Hazard warning lights__________________________________________
-To activate the hazard warning facility, disarm the system, turn on the
ignition and press the remote control twice within 3 seconds.
-You may now turn the ignition off and allow the immobiliser to arm or
press the remote to fully arm the system.
-To de-activate the hazard warning facility, disarm the system, turn on
the ignition and press the remote control once.
Operation of the alarm when fully armed (active phase)______________
-The LED flashes slowly, the engine immobilisation circuits are active.
-Activation of one of the protective switches (trigger circuits), ignition, or
the movement sensor (if set) generates a maximum of 10 alarm cycles
per arming period.
-If the protective switch or the ignition circuit is latched, 10 alarm cycles
of 26 seconds in duration are generated with a pause of 5 seconds
between each cycle.
-Disconnection of the bike battery generates 9 alarm cycles with 15second intervals.
Sleep mode__________________________________________________
-If the bike battery voltage is low, the alarm will enter sleep mode.
-If the system is not armed, disarmed, or triggered for 10 days, the
alarm also enters sleep mode.
-All alarm features are disabled except the immobiliser.
The current draw is now zero, (zero battery consumption).
Exiting sleep mode____________________________________________
-To exit sleep mode, turn the ignition on.
-Disarm using remote.
-If the alarm entered sleep mode from a fully armed state, it gives a 5
second pre-alarm beep signal to allow disarming before sounding.
-If, after the 5second period, the system is not disarmed with the
remote, the siren will sound.
Disarming with secure PIN number_______________________________
- All systems are supplied with a random 5-figure PIN number. This
number is printed on the orange remote control code card.
*KEEP PIN NUMBER SAFE* as it also required to code additional
remote controls (dealer function).
-Familiarise yourself with this procedure.
Turn the ignition on (the LED will be on)
Turn the ignition off within 10s (the LED will flash with an even
Turn the ignition on when the LED has flashed the number of
times corresponding to the first digit of the override code
Turn the ignition off within 10s (the LED starts a new flash
Turn the ignition on when the LED has flashed the number of
times corresponding to the second digit of the override code
Continue with this procedure until the entering of the fifth digit.
When the fifth digit has been entered (ignition on), if the code is
correct, the system disarms.
If the alarm is armed, the siren will be sounding during this procedure.
If an incorrect code is entered 3 times, the system will block all further
attempts for 30 minutes. Leave ignition off for this period then re-enter
correct code.
Remote controls_______________________________________________
-2 anti scan rolling code remote controls are supplied.
-An orange code card is issued with all systems when produced. This
card contains the remote control and override code numbers. These are
required to introduce new remotes and override the system. These
numbers cannot be re-issued. It is therefore of utmost importance that
this card is stored securely. Should you sell the machine, please pass
the code card to the new owner.
-It is possible to remove a lost or stolen remote control or add one or
more remote controls up to a maximum of 6. All extr a remote controls
must be pre coded to the number issued on the orange card issued with
the original alarm. Return to your dealer for this service.
-To enable you to determine how many remotes are programmed to your
system, when you turn off the ignition count the number of flashes on
the LED.
LED Diagnostics_______________________________________________
Alarm Diagnostic memories
Movement sensor
1 pulse on, 3 second pause
Negative input or loop circuit 2 pulses on, 3 second pause
Ignition sensing
3 pulses on, 3 second pause
Self powered (12volt supply 4 pulses on, 3 second pause
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