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RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D6500
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RICOH Interactive
Whiteboard D6500
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The complete solution for interactive presentations
Developing and communicating concepts quickly and effectively is critical in commerce and education
today. In the modern office space, collaborative working is also essential, utilising new ways of working to
develop ideas easily. Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D6500 facilitates efficient training and collaborative
working, allowing you to develop content that will engage and enlighten user groups. And with a choice of
models with and without a controller, there is a solution to exactly meet your needs.
High resolution full HD 1080p LCD display incorporating LED backlight provides outstanding visual clarity
Ricoh controller allows remote information sharing for up to 20 D6500 devices and 20 PC or 10 tablet users
Intuitive operation with Ricoh controller provides simple management utilising friendly iconography
Easy interaction of displayed information using handwriting or electronic pen with Ricoh controller
Flexible Operating System options allows use of customisable interactive software and applications
Flexible choice of OS and software
Controller operation – the choice is
You can select the Ricoh D6500 configuration that
best meets your needs and budget. When
supplied without controller you can use your own
computer OS for your own applications, providing
an economical display solution. Alternatively you
can choose the Ricoh genuine OPS Controller
with Windows™ 8 OS. This allows you to utilise
Ricoh’s suite of interactive white board software
applications. Finally there is the Ricoh OS Free
Controller option which allows you to use the
D6500 with your own preferred Windows
Operating System. This means you can add your
own choice of software applications and configure
your own network and security settings.
By using the D6500 supplied with Ricoh genuine
OPS Controller you benefit from Ricoh’s
interactive white board applications giving you allin-one solution ready to use the moment you
switch it on. Display data from your PC, iPad,
tablet or smartphone to the whiteboard to start
interactive work on digital projections. If you
already have applications that you want to use
with the D6500, then the Ricoh OS Free Controller
allows you to utilise them, leveraging your
investment in software solutions. You can also set
up your own Windows network and security
settings, conforming to corporate protocols.
Interactive learning for junior and
secondary school students
Young minds learn best through interaction and discussion. The D6500 facilitates
this by making lessons and lectures lively and stimulating. It allows a whole host of
graphics, images, diagrams and videos not only to be displayed but annotated and
revised. Great ideas and useful lesson graphics don’t need to be lost when the
class ends because you can save and share information in PDF format.
Bring your own applications alive for students
Supplied without a controller, the D6500 gives you the flexibility of
using your own educational applications for sharing with students
and you can use the D6500 to display and even annotate program
graphics and diagrams. The D6500 also supports full 1080p high
definition screening of HD content from Blue-ray players and other
HD devices allowing you to screen high-resolution video content to
your class.
Make learning absorbing and entertaining
Lesson plans can now include interactive sessions so in an art
class you can engage students in a study of impressionist painting.
Workgroups can use the D6500 to discover the structure of stars in
science projects. History lessons can benefit from examination of
historical document facsimiles and you can annotate documents on
screen to emphasise key points in the text. Lesson work can be
saved for later sharing with students.
Spontaneous notes can be saved and shared
When you write on the D6500 screen, you can also use the OCR
function to convert hand written letters to text. OCR text is saved as
searchable content, useful for later review and revision of scribbled
notes. Because the flexible D6500 supports simultaneous drawing,
your students can give free rein to their imaginations. Depending
on the software you use, you can also move, edit and resize
graphics on screen.
Empowering your business with shared
knowledge and creativity
How can you harness and share all the valuable creativity in your workgroups? You
need a device that allows everyone to collaborate and cooperate in brainstorming
sessions. And you may need to get valuable input from colleagues in other
locations. The D6500 is the answer, providing an interactive platform where you can
all share and develop ideas. And when you’re done, you can save your work to
folder or to email for sharing and future reference.
Remote communication in real-time
You can share content with up to 20 D6500 units via an intranet
connection without separate server or software installations. Each
whiteboard offers interactive controls to participants in multiple
locations simultaneously. Up to an additional 20 computer or 10
tablet users can log-in to view the session via a web browser
facility. An app for iPad users to view and draw interactively on
iPad is also available*.
Secure business presentations
The D6500 allows secure sharing of confidential business projects
as remote participants use a PIN code to gain access. Once you
shut down the D6500 or it goes into auto-standby, all data is
automatically erased. For your complete peace of mind the D6500
is supplied with McAfee™ whitelist anti-virus software preinstalled,
protecting your confidential data.
Training and information sharing made simple
With the optional electronic pen you write, draw, edit, resize and
move information on diagrams, graphics and images. Graphs and
charts can be enriched with embedded shapes and drawings.
Useful ideas and suggestions from all participants can be added to
the presentation in real-time. And all additional information can be
saved including text, using the OCR function to save content as
searchable PDF files for future reference.
Flexible operation
With instant switch on the D6500 Whiteboard is ready to work. Admin settings for
the D6500 can be controlled remotely and the system is protected by McAfee
whitelist anti-virus software. Optional wireless connectivity removes the need for
LAN cable connection. Remote access is PIN code protected so that only
authorised users have administrative privileges. As correspondence with LDAP is
supported the workload of registering e-mail addresses is reduced.
Outstanding visual clarity
Simple intuitive and instant operation
Central to the success of the D6500 is its advanced
65" full HD 1080p LCD display incorporating an
LED backlight and reflection prevention. The
screen provides an infra-red, multi-touch interface
so that several users can draw and write on the
screen simultaneously. A maximum 10 point touch
is allowed on the display with the number of touch
points and simultaneous drawings dependent on
the OS and software used.
You don’t want to spend valuable time setting up
and configuring an interactive whiteboard. That is
why the D6500 is ready to work with you the
moment you switch it on, without the need to
calibrate settings or configure software. Operation
is intuitive using the remote control. Once your
session is over you can save your work as
searchable PDF text that you can search using
convenient keywords and share via email at any
Electronic pen allows precision notes
Using the optional interactive electronic pen allows
annotations on screen to be more exact and
precise as it can be used in any one of four line
thicknesses and includes an eraser. This makes it
very easy and natural to write with. The electronic
pen also draws or writes in one of 20 colours, for
visual impact on remarks and notes. The electronic
pen, and its signal receive sensor connect with the
OPS controller by USB cable.
Flexible display and audio options
The D6500 fits easily onto an optional stand
allowing the D6500 to be wheeled easily between
locations where needed. If required the D6500 can
be wall mounted using an industry standard 400 x
400mm VESA kit. Dual integral 12W speakers
means no external sound system is needed when
using input source media with audio content. Audio
output ports are also provided should connection to
an amplified external sound system be required.
The interactive presentation solution for
business and education
1 Exceptional visual clarity thanks to advanced
65” full HD 1080p LCD display incorporating an
LED backlight and reflection prevention.
5 Easy integration into existing corporate IT
infrastructure with support for remote operation
including on-off input selection.
2 Switch on and ready to use without any need to
calibrate display or configure software, saving
time and improving presentation experience.
6 Wireless network option allows operation
without the need for LAN cable connection.
3 Touch-screen allows you to write, draw, edit,
erase, move, resize and save work. Highlight
areas, flip through pages and zoom in and out.
4 Simple user interface makes it easy to share,
edit and save collaborative work with
colleagues and students.
7 Network access is secured by authorised PIN
code. Auto-erase of content follows shut down
or auto-standby.
8 Link up to 20 D6500 whiteboards and configure
settings centrally. Allow up to 20 more remote
users to view presentations.
RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D6500
Remote License, Stand, Pen sensor kit including digital pen, Ricoh IWB
controller type 1, Ricoh IWB OS-free controller type 1
Panel size:
Diagonal: 65" wide (1,651 mm)
Display type:
Liquid crystal display
Remote networking including the iPad app requires a license.
LED system
For availability of models, options and software, please consult your
local Ricoh supplier.
Effective display area (W x H):
1,428.5 x 803.5 mm
Maximum: 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD)
Maximum: Over 1,060,000,000 colours
Maximum: 360 cd/m²
Aspect ratio:
16 : 9
Contrast ratio:
4,000 : 1
Pixel pitch:
0.744 x 0.744 mm
Response speed:
8 ms (Grey to Grey, Ave.)
Viewing angle (H/V):
178°/178° (Contrast ratio >= 12)
Touch technology:
Infrared touch
Touch point:
10 point (display only)
2 point (with Ricoh controller option)
Touch resolution:
32,767 x 32,767
+/- 10 mm in touchable area
Touch output:
USB 2.0 (type B)
Detection system electronic pen: Light interception method (optional pen
sensor kit and controller required)
Protection Glass Thickness:
Approx. 4 mm (including AR coating)
Interface (input):
Video (VGA, HDMI x2, DVI-D, Display
port, Composite, Component, S-video),
Audio (L/R RCA, Line 3.5 mm)
Interface (output):
Video (VGA, DVI, Composite), Audio
(L/R RCA, Speaker-out)
Interface (others):
RJ45 (Wired LAN)
USB2.0 (type B) x1
Dimensions (W x D x H):
1,531 x 126 x 885 mm
74 kg
Power source:
100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Sound power level (full system):
40 dB
Power consumption:
Maximum: 300 W
Stand-by mode: 0.5 W
Recovery time from stand-by
Operating temperature:
5 sec.
0°C - 32°C
Operating humidity:
10% - 80%
ISO9001 certified, ISO14001
certified, ISO27001 certified
All brand and/or product
names are trademarks of their
respective owners.
Specifications and external
appearance are subject to
change without notice. The
colour of the actual product
may vary from the colour
shown in the brochure. The
images in this brochure are
not real photographs and
slight differences in detail
might appear.
Set-up guide & safety instructions
RGB cable
Power cable
Remote control with batteries
USB cable
Felt-tipped pen
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