JE300 Juicer
JE300 Juice Exrtactor User Guide
Make sure the safety locks are correctly clamped down
before switching on. This is a safety feature. DO NOT attempt
to defeat the purpose of this feature by attempting to operate
the appliance when the safety locks are not securely in place,
After Using the Juicer:
$ Slide the On/Off switch to the OFF position
$ Switch off at the mains before unplugging the unit
Unplug the unit from the mains.
Disassemble the unit
Remove the pulp from the Pulp reservoir and residue
container and reserve for future use (see below).
Clean out any material from the grater with a plastic
spatula or brush.
Wash all the removable items b, c, d, e, f, j,
1@, in warm soapy water, (brush the grater and the pulp
reservoir free of all adhered material), rinse well and dry.
Wipe the outer surface of the motor unit with a damp cloth.
Pay special attention to the area around the grater. Never
use abrasive cleaners or scouring creams. Never immerse
the base unit or the cable in water.
After cleaning, wrap the cable carefully, re-assemble the
juicer fully and stow it out of direct sunlight and out of the
reach of children.
their stones removed before juicing.
Always cut fruit and vegetables into small pieces - they will
juice easier.
To avoid a large build up of pulp, peel citrus fruits before
juicing them.
The crisper the fruit or vegetable, the thinner the juice.
Very pulpy fruits such as melons produce thick juice, may
clog the grater, and are not suitable for use in this
When juicing vegetables, retain the pulp for use in stews,
soups etc.
Fruit pulp can be added to jams, chutneys, pies etc.
Always drink freshly prepared juice, to preserve the
Never expose juice to air for prolonged periods; bottle in
airtight jars and refrigerate, but do not store for more
than 24 hours.
Your appliance is covered by a warranty for 12 months from the
date of purchase. If a fault develops during this period, please
return the unit to your nearest Tesco store together with the
original receipt as proof of purchase. This warranty in no way
affects your consumer rights.
$ Always use really fresh fruit and vegetables.
$ Always wash and scrub fruits and vegetables thoroughly
before juicing.
$ Cherries, plums, apricots and similar fruits should have
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Delamare Road,
Cheshunt, Herts,
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Juice Extractor
User Guide
JE300 Juice Extractor User Guide
Please follow all the safety precautions listed below for safety
and to reduce the risk of injury or electrical shock.
$ Read all the instructions carefully before using your
blender and keep them for future reference.
$ Unplug the appliance from the mains supply when not in
use, when removing or attaching accessories, or before
cleaning any part of the appliance.
$ This appliance is for occasional household use only.
$ Do not use the juicer outdoors or in damp conditions.
$ Do not immerse the motor unit or the electrical cord or plug
in liquids.
$ Do not use near a source of heat or on an unstable surface.
$ Never let children operate this appliance. Close supervision
is necessary when this appliance is used near children.
$ Ensure that the power cord does not touch any hot surface
and that it does not overhang the edge of your work surface.
$ When unplugging the power cord, hold the plug top, not
the power cord.
$ Do not operate the juicer with a damaged cord or plug or
after the appliance or any attachment has been damaged.
Seek expert assistance.
$ Do not use attachments or accessories which are not
recommended by the manufacturer. They may cause
malfunction or injury.
$ Store the juicer away from direct sunlight and out of the
reach of children.
When operating your juicer:
Do not run the juice extractor continuously for longer than
4 minutes. Switch Off and let it rest for 2 minutes for the
motor to cool down before starting again
Make sure the safety locks are correctly clamped
down before switching on. The unit is designed to shut
off automatically if locks are not fastened securely in place.
Do not put fingers or other objects into juicer openings
while it is in operation. If food is lodged in the feeder tube,
use the pusher to gently push it down.
Do not overload the appliance or use excessive force to
press food through the feeding tube.
Do not leave the appliance unattended during operation.
There are no user serviceable parts in your juicer.
Unauthorised dismantling or servicing will void the
product warranty.
Do not use the appliance for any purpose not expressly
specified in this manual.
Before using this appliance ensure that the voltage of your
electricity supply is the same as that indicated on the rating plate
of the appliance. In the UK this is 230 - 240 volts.
The appliance cord is terminated with a UK approved mains
plug fitted with a 5A fuse. If the fuse needs to be replaced, an
ASTA or BSI approved BS1362 fuse rated at 5A must be used.
If you need to change the fuse in a non-rewireable plug, the fuse
cover must be fitted. If the fuse cover is lost or damaged the
appliance must not be used until a suitable cover is obtained and
fitted. It is important that the fuse cover fitted corresponds with
the colour marking on the base of the plug.
If you need to change the mains plug, remove the fuse and
dispose of the old plug safely immediately after cutting it from
the cord.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the
code: Blue: NEUTRAL Brown: LIVE
As these colours may not correspond to the coloured markings
identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire coloured BLUE must be
connected to the terminal marked
with the letter N or coloured BLUE
BS 1362
or BLACK. The wire coloured
BROWN must be connected to the BLUE
terminal marked with the letter L
or coloured BROWN or RED.
The terminal marked E or coloured GREEN or GREEN/YELLOW
must not be connected.
WARNING: If the mains power cord is damaged in any way it
must be replaced by a qualified technician
Capacity of bowl:
JE300 Juice Extractor
220-240 VAC 50Hz, 300W
Re-assembling the Juicer
Remove all packaging from the appliancel. Retain the
packaging. If you dispose of it please do so according to any
recycling regulations.
Identify the components of the juicer from the diagram. (The
Juice Cup is in the Residue Container). If items are missing or
damaged, contact your nearest Tesco store for assistance.
Read and retain the manual. If you pass the product on to a
third party, make sure to include this manual.
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Place the Residue container in position
Detach the Grater/Filter from the separator.
Push the separator into place, followed by the Grater/Filter
Set the Cover in place and fasten both locks down securely.
Put the Residue Container j under the Residue Spout h,
then set the Juice Cup 1@ under the Juice Spout g.
The appliance may now be plugged in and used.
b Pusher
c Feeder tube
d Protective cover
e Grater and filter unit
f Separating unit
g Juice spout
h Residue spout
i Motor unit
j Residue container
1) Safety lock (shown open)
1! On/Off switch
1@ Juice cup
Disassembling the Juicer
Class II construction double insulated. This product
must not be connected to earth.
Hold the protective cover d by the sides and remove it.
Detach the Pusher b from the top of the cover.
Hold the Separating Unit f by the sides and lift it off. This
will also remove the Grater/Filter unit e.
Lift out the Grater/Filter from the Separating Unit.
The Residue Container j can now be removed.
The Juice cup is freestanding and can removed or replaced
at any time.
If you are grinding nuts or ice cubes use smaller amounts.
Before first use we suggest you assemble and disassemble the
unit a few times to familiarise yourself with the appliance.
Unplug the unit. Slide the
On/Off switch to OFF.
Before using the juicer for the first time: Wash all the
removable items b, c, d, e, f, j, 1@, in warm soapy
water, rinse well and dry. Assemble the juicer as above but do
not replace the pusher.
Plug the appliance in and switch on at the mains
Slide the On/Off switch up to the ON position to start the
Cut fruits into small pieces so they can fit into the feeder
tube c.
Remove the seed or peel from fruits such as apples,
peaches, prunes, etc.
Switch on and feed the sliced fruits and vegetables into the
feeder tube and press down gently with the Pusher b.
Fruits can be fed in continually until the residue container
& pulp reservoirs are full.
Before emptying the pulp reservoir, or removing the juice
cup, switch off the appliance and wait till the juice flow
stops completely.
Fruits such as melons, papayas, and other soft pulpy tropical
fruits are not suitable for use with this extractor.
There is a safety lock on
each side of the unit. Lift
each lock slightly and
hinge outwards.
When feeding the juicer, use the Pusher as needed to clear the
feeder. Never use force an even pressure is all that is needed.
Avoid putting too much material into the feeder at any time.
Feed the material in steadily.
If the feeder or grater jams SWITCH OFF before clearing the jam.
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