Tesco JKBS08 Kettle Iss0
Unpack your kettle and any accessories carefully. Retain the packaging
so that you can transport the appliance safely. If you dispose of it please
do so with regard to any recycling regulations in your area.
Before using your kettle:
Finger Pad
Lid Release Handle
Check that the voltage marked on the rating plate under the kettle or the
base matches your mains voltage.
Please read all the instructions in this User Guide with particular
reference to the safety notes.
Before first use or after storage:
Fill the kettle with fresh water, boil it and then pour away the boiled
water. Repeat this two or three times. The kettle is now ready for use.
ON/OFF Switch
Kettle Base Kettle Jug
*Inside Kettle Jug
Water Gauge
Separate the kettle from the base.
Ensure that the mains socket is switched off at the wall. Lead the power
cord out through the recess in the base. Place the kettle base on a stable
level surface and connect the power cord to the wall socket. Excess cord
may be safely stowed by feeding it carefully into the stowage
compartment in the base.
Press the lid release down to open the lid.
Pour away previously boiled water and use fresh water to fill the kettle.
Fill the kettle carefully. The water level must always cover the lowest
mark on the gauge. Do NOT fill the kettle above the MAX mark (1.7
litres) or boiling water may be ejected. If you cannot see the water level
through the scale, the level is incorrect.
Position the filled kettle correctly on the power base.
Switch on the power at the wall socket. Press the ON/OFF switch DOWN.
The interior will illuminate showing the kettle is operational.
When the water has boiled, the kettle will switch off automatically. You
can stop the boiling at any time by lifting the switch up.
To re-boil, depress the switch again. If the water is very hot, it may be
necessary to wait a few seconds before the switch can be reset.
Always ensure the lid is closed and never lift it while the kettle is boiling
or you run the risk of scalding. If the lid is left open while boiling, the
automatic cut-out will not operate and you may boil the kettle dry.
After boiling, switch off the appliance at the mains.
The kettle may now be safely removed from its base and the boiled water
poured out. Always take care to pour boiling water slowly and carefully
without tipping the kettle too quickly.
After use, replace the kettle on its base.
Boil Switch with Auto Cut-Out
When the switch is depressed, the switch illuminates to shows that the
kettle is operational. After boiling, the kettle is automatically switched
off and the illumination extinguished.
Auto Switch-Off.
Whenever you remove the kettle from the base the switch will return to
the OFF position.
Note: When boiling water, do NOT hold the switch up or steam will be
ejected from the lid and you may damage the automatic switch off
mechanism. Always ensure that the ON/OFF switch is clear of
obstructions, readily operable and is not prevented from switching off.
Boil Dry Protection
Your TESCO kettle is fitted with a safety device which switches it off if the
appliance is operated with insufficient water. If this occurs, the kettle
should be switched off at the mains and allowed to cool thoroughly
before refilling with cold water. The safety device will then reset.
Overheating Shut -Off
In the event of gross overheating, your TESCO kettle will automatically
shut down to prevent further damage. Should this occur, take it to a
qualified service person for examination and repair.
Removable Scale Filter
The mesh filter in the kettle spout
traps scale. If you fill the kettle via
the spout, the effectiveness of this
filter will be reduced.
To remove the filter, allow the kettle
to cool, open the lid, hold the filter
as shown and press it out.
Brush the filter in running water to
remove any adhered scale. To replace, align the filter in the slot in the
spout and press into place.
Do not touch the body of the kettle when it is hot. Always hold the
appliance by the handle when using it.
Always ensure the lid is closed when in use. Failure to close the lid will
prevent the thermostat from switching off and cause the kettle to boil dry.
Keep the appliance well away from hot surfaces, and objects that can be
damaged by heat.
Ensure there is adequate room to operate the kettle and that steam can
escape safely.
Avoid contact with the steam from the spout when the water is boiling or
just after it has switched off.
Be careful when opening the lid for re-filling when the kettle is hot.
Ensure that the kettle cannot fall into water.
Do not fill or pour water from the kettle while it is on the base.
Disconnect the kettle at the mains supply before filling or emptying the
jug, before cleaning any of its components, and when it is not in use.
Do not immerse the connecting cord in water or other liquids.
Do not allow liquids to come into contact with the terminal pins of the
kettle, its base or the connecting cord.
Do not let the connecting cord overhang the edge of the work surface or
allow it to touch hot surfaces or sources of heat or flame.
If any part of this appliance is damaged or malfunctions in any way, or
the connecting cord or mains plug is broken do not continue to use it.
Seek expert assistance.
Close supervision is necessary when an appliance is used by or near
children. Parents must warn children not to touch hot appliance parts.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
Do not place the power base unit on a metal tray or metal surface when
plugged into any power source.
This appliance is for indoor domestic use only. Do not use it outdoors.
This kettle jug and power base form an integral appliance. Do not use
other kettle jugs with this power base, or this kettle jug with other bases.
The switch on this appliance must be readily operable at all times.
Do not hinder its operation by incorrect placement or by placing obstacles
that may restrict its free movement.
Exterior and base; Switch off and unplug the kettle before cleaning.
Wipe the appliance can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
In hard water areas furring or lime deposits forming on the concealed
element may result in increased boiling time and affect the kettle
operation. If this deposit is not removed it can cause damage to the
kettle. The scale can be removed by using an appropriate descaler
available from Tesco and hardware stores or chemists. Follow the
instructions with the descaler. After descaling boil the kettle several
times with fresh water before use. Do not descale too often as this may
shorten the life of the element. Thoroughly clean the exterior of your
kettle to remove any traces of descaler; failure to do so may damage it.
Do not immerse any part of this appliance in water or other liquid when
cleaning the appliance and never use any abrasive cleaners or scourers.
Excess cord can be stowed by feeding the cord into the storage cavity in
the base of the unit. When not in use the kettle should be stored on its
base out of the reach of children and pets.
Your TESCO appliance is warranted for 12 months from the date of
purchase. If a fault develops during this period, please return the unit to
your nearest Tesco store together with the original receipt as proof of
purchase. This warranty in no way affects your consumer rights.
Voltage Rating:
220 - 240V AC, 50Hz
Power Consumption: 1850-2200W
Net Weight:
1.1 kg
Tesco Stores Ltd, Delamare Road,
Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL
Jug Kettle
User Guide
UK: Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household
waste. Separate disposal facilities exist, for your nearest facilities
see www.recycle-more.co.uk or in-store for details.
ROI: Produced after 13th August 2005. Waste electrical products should
not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities
exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
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