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Micron is a world class manufacturer of electronic security products. Using
leading edge product design and manufacturing technologies, micron alarm
products have consistently set the benchmark for their reliability, ease of
installation and ease of use.
quality and reliability
Manufactured in our New Zealand factory using high speed, fully automated
SMT production lines, our products have a superior build quality, a rich set of
installer and end user features and offer exceptional customer value.
product excellence
With ease of installation for installers and ease of use for end users, including
more than thirty powerful, yet simple keypad commands, these new alarm
controls from micron provide excellent end user function and control.
Micron exports to more than 30 countries worldwide and has established a
reputation as a New Zealand company that designs and manufactures state
of the art security technologies.
Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for over 30 years.
Scorpion Z16040C
Product Features
The Scorpion Z16040C is a fully featured sixteen zone communicator alarm panel that can be partitioned to operate as four
independent alarm systems with common zones. The alarm has 48 user codes assignable to each partition, each with up to twelve
command options for alarm control and management.
Scorpion Z16040C, Z8040C and Z5120C
- Z16040C, 16 zones, 4 partitions
- Z8040C, 8 zones, 4 partitions
- Z5120C, 5 zones, 2 partitions
- Single or double eol resistors
- Zone disabling, no eol resistor
- Closed loop and keyswitch zones
- Delayed or instant night arm zones
- Reset factory defaults command
- Up to 4 lcd or led keypads
- Keypad communications tracker
- Fire, medical, panic keypad keys
- 48 user codes
- Temporary user codes
- Quick arm commands by area
- One key ‘arm all disarmed’ areas
- Disarm under ‘duress’ command
- Manual zone bypass
- ‘Cross zone’ activation function
- Swinger shut down zones
- Line fault monitoring
- Alternate, sequential, common
entry zones
- 6 central station phone numbers
- 2 user monitored phone numbers
- Call mobile phones and pagers
- User ‘follow me’ phone numbers
- Arm/disarm from touch tone phone
- Turn on/off output 4 from phone
- Alarm and tamper history recall
- Keypad control of garage doors
- 128 full history event memory
with recall
- 5 programmable outputs
- High power siren output
- Transmits all formats and contact id
- Non alarm reports to secondary number
- 4 customer account numbers
- 1 ‘non alarms’ report account number
- Remote wireless alarm control
- Auto arming by area with pre-alert
- Auto arming by area when no activity
- Auto disarm time by area
- Chime mode
- Clone alarm socket
- Smoke detector reset command
- System ‘walk test’ mode
- Microcom iii program software
Alarm communications can be programmed to call up to six telephone numbers and report to a central monitoring station in all
formats, including Contact ID.
The Z16040C control offers two user programmable home dial telephone numbers for end user
management of alarm monitoring. When programmed for home dial, the alarm can call home phones,
pagers or mobile phones, alerting the user to an alarm condition and reporting the zones that have
been activated.
Remote touch tone phone control of arming and disarming and the control of lighting or heating, all
with programmable user code integrity, offer the end user complete control of alarm function.
User programmable automatic arming and disarming times, auto arming when there is no activity and two
user selectable night arming options, deliver a feature rich, flexible, user friendly alarm controller for both installers and end users.
The two user selectable night arming options enable either perimeter arming with a programmed entry and exit delay or perimeter
instant arming with instant alarm.
Authorised users can add and delete user codes, as well as assign a temporary user code for trades
people or a cleaner. Temporary user codes automatically expire at midnight on the same day.
The addition of a rolling code receiver module to a micron alarm control provides full wireless control
of your security system enabling ultra secure wireless arming and disarming and a panic function
from a two or four button transmitter. The four button transmitter may also be programmed to
open garage doors or turn on security lighting.
For the installer, the sixteen zone inputs can scan zones only, with single end of line resistors, or both zone and tamper detection
with double end of line resistors. The zones may be programmed to function in sixteen different ways.
The alarm panel has a 1.5A siren output, four auxiliary outputs which can activate any of thirty eight different conditions, Contact
ID reporting, 128 time and date stamped events as well as remote alarm programming and diagnostics using micron’s Microcom III
upload download software.
Swinger shutdown, intruder tracking, line fault monitoring and other anti false alarming features using ‘multi knock’ and
‘multi zone’ activation, provide for a state of the art alarm panel.
To avoid unnecessary false alarming, a dedicated fire zone resets smoke detectors on their first activation, waits 20 seconds then
re-checks before alarming. Fire activation reporting to a central station only occurs when the system is armed.
In ‘walk test’ mode the siren chirps to report that each zone is operating correctly, enabling both the installer and end user to test
alarm detection integrity.
Scorpion Z8040C and Z5120C
These two alarm controls offer an identical software implementation to the Scorpion Z16040C.
The Scorpion Z8040C is an eight zone communicator alarm panel with four partitions.
The Scorpion Z5120C is a five zone communicator alarm panel plus one dedicated 24 hour zone with two partitions.
LED and LCD Keypads
Micron keypads combine a refined modern design with the latest developments in SMT production
techniques. For ease of use, micron LED keypads are backlit and provide tactile feedback for a
positive touch response. They also feature audible feedback that confirms a correct entry or warn
of an incorrect one. Red and yellow LED’s indicate the status of the security system.
The LCD keypad features a custom icon LCD display and is a very cost effective keypad option.
The display simplifies keypad communication with the end user, using large universal easy to
understand LCD graphics.
Up to four keypads and Nitewatch stations can be configured to these control panels. All keypads have three custom keys that can
be programmed with up to eight commands for single action, fast user response to conditions such as fire, medical emergency
and panic.
Reporting of zone and tamper alarm history and other miscellaneous system conditions is available
via a number of end user actioned commands from the alarm’s keypad.
Nitewatch night arming station
Nitewatch features selectable night zone arming, with instant or delay mode, one key arming and
disarming and a panic function that may be activated at any time by pressing both ends of the
‘Emergency’ key simultaneously. The brightness of Nitewatch’s backlit silicone keys is adjustable and
LED indicators auto dim after use.
Microcom III software
Micron’s MicroCom III software, for uploading and downloading micron’s range of control communicators, is available to
authorised micron distributors and installers. Microcom III software is an invaluable aid to your installer, who can cost effectively
update, manage and diagnose your alarm system remotely from a desktop computer.
LED Keypads
- LED’s for alarm status monitoring
- Audible and tactile feedback
- Backlit keypads
- Three dedicated programmable keys
LCD Keypad
- Large, easy to read graphics
- Hi luminosity backlit lcd
- Three dedicated programmable keys
- Instant or delayed arm and disarm
- Adjustable back light illumination
- One key arming and disarming
- One key panic function
- Backlit silicone keys
Microcom III
- On line programming & diagnostics
- Very fast upload and download
- Windows based software
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