Loud - Navigon

Loud - Navigon
What’s New?
NAVIGON for Android - Version 5.4.5
16th July 2015
Store content to SD-card
NAVIGON as an onboard navigation requires a higher data amount to be stored
locally on the device (maps, voices etc.). A new logic offers a storage selection at
initial installation of the application under the following combination of conditions :
The device runs Android 2.3.3 or higher, but not Android 4.x
A NAVIGON folder doesn’t already exist1
Both storages offer sufficient space to store the NAVIGON folder2
If one of the storages should not provide enough space the application will
automatically select the one with sufficient space for installation
5.x.x does not recognize existing application folders on microSD-card as it can only handle system managed folders. Hence, the NAVIGON folder must be
downloaded automatically after installation of the application.
Note : Android 5.x.x erases system managed folders automatically in case the related application is uninstalled or its data is deleted !
Note : To avoid double installation it is recommended to delete an already existing NAVIGON folder.
required space is calculated dynamically. It differs based on the application type and the individual extensions (i.e. additional maps, Panorama View 3D files).
Therefore it is not possible to give a general statement on the required storage space. However, it is recommended to have at least about 1.6GB free memory available.
Destination search via one-line-entry or speech input
This function allows to search for addresses or places either by voice or by text
string. It is composed of two online services : Google‘s speech recognition and
HERE’s online address and POI database. To make use of these services a data
connection is mandatory. When no data connection is available the microphone
button is greyed out and a note is shown in the text entry filed.
Note : Google’s speech recognition is optimized for the selected system language. Destination names in a language other than the system language may therefore be
Changes on Graphic User Interface and additional
Most of the application icons and buttons have been replaced for a more modern, flat
design in the style of the Android Material Design. This includes the availability of
Back, Return and Overflow soft-buttons. In general the application’s work flows have
almost not been touched.
Additionally 2 new main menu backgrounds - Light ivory and Earth & Sky – have
been added. They can be selected from Settings > Background
Safety cameras alarm sound selection
It is now possible to switch the alarm sound for safety camera warnings between Off,
Quiet and Loud. Whilst the default setting Quiet - optimized for Bluetooth audio plays a soft twin sound, Loud provides a progressive sound which can be recognized
easier when played through phone speaker and/or in a loud environment.
Bug Fix
Automatic reconnect to Garmin HUD when Bluetooth connection gets cut during an
active session (i.e. during fueling stop)
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