instrenew® sharpening assistant
InstRenew® Sharpening Assistant
InstRenew is the only instrument sharpening device developed by instrument makers to make it EASY FOR ANYONE to sharpen ANY BRAND
and ANY PATTERN of Scalers and Curettes with professional results every time. The patented design makes it possible to achieve perfect
factory blade angles without the guesswork and frustration that are common with other sharpening methods. If you have been looking for a
cost effective, fast and easy way to improve your in-house sharpening program that will get everyone in your practice sharpening with the exact
same angle every time…then InstRenew is the answer! See a complete video demonstration at
InstRenew Sharpening Assistant comes complete
with everything you’ll need to begin sharpening with
professional results today. Includes:
Diamond Coated Sharpening Cone (installed)
Wrench with Diamond Smoother
Plastic Test Stick
110v US - Prong Power Cord
InstRenew Training DVD
InstRenew Sharpening Stone
Typical Scaler
Cross Section & Angle
Typical Curette
Cross Section & Angle
Blade Face
Lateral Surface
With InstRenew you focus on sharpening the blades
and forget about positioning the shanks. Every Brand
and Every Pattern of Scalers and Curettes have one
thing in common. The angle between the blade face
and the lateral surface, that creates the sharp edge, is
always the same.
Lateral Surface
3-Step Method
Position the Blade
The Blade Positioner automatically locks EVERY
instrument into the correct position for sharpening
by holding the blade face horizontal.
Grasp the Tip
The Tip Clamp allows you to easily grasp the
instrument on any straight portion of the shank and
maintain the correct position while you sharpen.
Sharpen the Blade
The Sharpening Cone is cut at the correct angle
for EVERY brand and EVERY pattern of scalers and
curettes. Simply trace each cutting edge over the
sharpening cone.
Go to for a demonstration and more information about the InstRenew Sharpening Assistant.
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