The First Big Thing in Time Clocks

The First Big Thing in Time Clocks
The First Big Thing
in Time Clocks
So much power at such
an affordable price
makes the Citadel
Tablet Time Clock the
sharpest time clock on
the market.
• Large 7” capacitive touch screen radiantly displays
time and attendance data
• Fingerprint sensor captures every employee punch
securely in the cloud
• Choice of fingerprint, RFID card, or PIN punching
based on business needs
• Built-in camera can append photos to any punch and
take employee ID photos
• Choice of WiFi or LAN configuration to connect time
clock to cloud software
• Data flows instantly and seamlessly from time clock
to cloud for 24/7 access
• All time and attendance data captured in cloud for
lightning quick management
• Required cloud subscription includes unlimited
lifetime storage and software updates
The New Citadel Cloud Time
and Attendance System.
Sleek Time Clock.
Cool Cloud
Affordable Plans For Any Size Business
Monthly subscription fees are required to use the Citadel Cloud Time and Attendance system.
Citadel devices will not function without a subscription. No contract required.
Accounts with more than TWO clocks will be assessed an additional Clock Fee of $10 per month for each
clock over TWO in the account. Accounts requiring more than ONE administrator will be assessed an
additional Administrator Fee of $6 per month for each administrator over ONE in the account. Accounts
exporting data to any export file other than CSV format will be assessed an Export Fee of $5 per month.
Widmer Time Recorder Co., Inc.
27 Park Place, New York, NY 10007
228 Park Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
(800) 424-4459
(212) 227-0405 Fax (212) 227-0526
(201) 489-3810 Fax (201) 489-3478
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