NVR User Manual

NVR User Manual
NVR fast user manual
1.1 The professional NVR panel(photos for reference only)
Chapter 2
Basic operation
2.1 Login
When the device boots up, the user must login and the system provides the corresponding functions with the
user purview
There are two user settings, admin and guest , they have no password.Admin is the super user
purview,guest’s permissions are preview and video playback.
Pic 2.1.2 professional NVR login interface
Channel name and status display,click
“channel” can pack up,and right click
Screen switch
the channel can configurate it.
on the next page turning,when
choosing a non maximum number
Full screen display
of channels,the operation can be
carried our.
Password protection: If the password is continuous wrong three times, the alarm will start. If the password is
continuous wrong five times, the account will be locked. (Through reboot or after half an hour, the account will be
unlocked automatically).
For your system security, please modify your password after first login.
2.2 Network setup
To set the IP,the path is [Main menu]>[System]>[Network]
[IP Address]:default;
[Subnet Mask]: default;
Pic 2.2.1 Network configuration
Setting the device IP and the router’s in the same network segment.for example,the router’s IP address is,subnet mask is,so the default setting is ok.Generally the default gateway is the same as
router’s IP address.Input the IP( IE,you can login the device in the lan.
2.3 channel manage
Through[Main Menu]>[System]>[Digital]
Channel manage including digital channels, channel status, and channel type(Note: Encoder only have channel
type option ):
Pic 2.3.1 The channel manage interface of decoder and professional NVR
Pic 2.3.3 single link page and multi-link page of digital channel
【Channel】select channel title
【Enable】Open digital channel, tick enable, then can do related settings
【Time Synchronization】 Tick it means the time of this channel and device is the same.
【Connection Mode】 can be singe connect or multi-ink, multi-link modes can connect to several devices, device
will be tour displayed one by one, tour interval can be set, no less then 10s;
【Delete】 If the user want to change device, select the existing device, click delete will be ok.
【Add】 click add will come out below page to add new device
Pic 2.3.4 Remote channel configuration interface
【Configure Name】device is with default configure title, user can revise it if necessary;
【Device Type】3 types: IPC、DVR、HVR,user can choose as what you like, default is IPC;
【Protocol】Default is TCP
【Remote channel】User can input remote channel title from the device that you want to connect remotely
【Device address】IP address of device.
【Port】Default is 34567
【User name】Default is admin
Remark: click 【search】will show all the devices that searched out, user can choose any of the device that
you like.
Channel Status:
channel status is to show the status of all the digital channel When there is what existing, status including Max
Resolution, This Resolution, Connection Status.
Channel status:
Pic 2.3.5 channel status
Channel type:
Pic 2.3.6 channel type
Different professional NVR model can support different type.
2.4 Preview
You can right click mouse to choose the switch between the windows.
The system date, time and channel name are shown in each viewing window. The surveillance video and the
alarm status are shown in each window.
Video loss
Motion detect
Camera lock
Video bind
Table 2.4 Preview icon
2.5 Video Playback
There are two methods for you to play the video files in the hard disk
1.in the desktop shortcut menu
2.Main Menu>Record>playback
Note: The hard disk that saves the video files must be set as read-write or read-only state.
Pic 2.5.1 playback interface
Playback control
Video mode
Time progress bar
Time interval choosing
File searching
Channel choosing
Date choosing
File information
Listed files
Time searching
Switch by time,file
【Listed files】Look up the listed files that accord with the searching criteria.
【File information】Look up the found file information.
【Playback control】See detail in below chart
Backward play
Slow forward
Fast forward
Previous frame
Next frame
Previous file
Next file
Round play
Full screen
Table 2.5 Playback control key
Note: play under frame by frame, the playback status should be paused firstly.
【Operation tips】show function of the key that cursor placed.
Special function:
Accurate playback:Input time (h/m/s) in the time column and then click play
button. The system can operate
accurate playback according to the searching time.
Local zoom:When the system is in single-window full-screen playback mode, you can drag your mouse in the
screen to select a section and then left click mouse to realize local zoom. You can right click mouse to exit.
Note: When current resolution of the channel is over Max resolution, to playback this channel, will show a
Red “X”.
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