Smart Power 8kW Fully Enclosed Hydraulic

Smart Power 8kW Fully Enclosed Hydraulic
The apparatus shall be equipped with a 10,000 watt hydraulic generator, installed and tested in
compliance with NFPA 1901( current edition) Chapter 22 standards and requirements. A Smart
Power, model ER-10, 10,00 watt fully enclosed hydraulic generator shall be provided and installed.
The generator shall be capable of being mounted on top of the vehicle OR in a body compartment as
per customer or apparatus manufacturer requirements. The generator ‘s hydraulic motor, generator,
fan (side venting), cooler, reservoir and all other necessary hydraulic and electric components shall be
housed in a severe duty solid stainless steel housing case.
The installation of the generator shall be designed for continuous operation without overheating and
undue stress on components. The generator tray assembly shall be delivered with the cooler/fan
assembly mounted such that hot air is exhausted side-ways.
The generator system shall consist of the following components:
Generator tray assembly which includes the generator, hydraulic motor, cooler, fan, Electronic
Control Unit, 10 micron spin-on fluid filter and integral reservoir. The generator mounting
base shall be constructed of solid 304 brushed stainless steel base plate.
Axial piston hydraulic pump with pressure compensated control;
Command and Control Center (CCC) display with all required wiring harnesses.
Generator System Dimensions, Weight, and Cooling Design:
The body of the generator tray assembly (including reservoir) shall be 30.25'' long x 15.75'' wide x
13.75'' high.
Weight: 233 pounds.
The generator tray assembly shall be delivered with the cooler/fan assembly mounted such that the
hot air is exhausted side-ways.
Instrumentation and Controls
The generator system shall be provided with a digital meter display in compliance with NFPA 1901
Chapter 22.4.6. The Command and Control Center (CCC) shall be an interactive operator control
center, equipped with smart touch solid state buttons, with super bright red LERD displays for voltage,
frequency, dual amperage displays , hour meter, service reminders, operator warnings, system faults
and diagnostics. The electronics package shall include smart start engagement to reduce mechanical
stress, precise voltage and frequency control, cold start system, automatic load and temperature
compensation, integrated diagnostics system, and other automated control features to protect
system, vehicle and operator.
The CCC shall be permanently mounted at an operator’s panel , shall be located in a plane facing the
operator, and shall be constructed in weatherproof integral enclosure/bezel.
The CCC shall be manufactured and warranted by the generator manufacturer.
The generator system shall be equipped with diagnostic capabilities which are monitored by the
operator through the Command and Control Center digital display meter panel. Diagnostics shall
include overheat protection, system service reminders, low fluid indication, no PTO engagement
indication, over-voltage, unbalanced loads, low 12volt voltage, and graduated high temperature
Chassis Transmission Drive:
The hydraulic pump shall be driven by the chassis transmission mounted power take off (PTO).
Generator Operation:
The output of the generator shall be controlled by an integral, patented, solid state Electronic Control
Unit. The ECU shall be connected directly to the NFPA 1901 required digital instrumentation display.
The generator shall be operable in the stationary mode OR when driving, utilizing the standard soft
start system for engagement at any speed.
The generator shall be engaged by a lighted control in the cab.
Ratings and Capacity Per NFPA 1901
12,000 watts peak
10,000 watts continuous
120/240 volts
Single, 4 wire
60 Hz
84 amps @ 120 volts or 42 amps @ 240 volts
Engine speed at engagement:
Standard soft start feature allows for any speed
Generator Speed:
3600 RPM
The generator shall be tested in accordance with all current N.F.P.A. 1901 standards.
*All ratings and capacities shall be derived utilizing current NFPA 1901 test parameters.
The entire generator system, including the Command and Control Center digital meter display, shall be
covered by a standard 6 year/1,000 hour fully transferable warranty from the generator
manufacturer. The warranty shall commence the date the product is shipped.
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