Inspect and test your light before every ride. Keep

Inspect and test your light before every ride. Keep
Plug the charger into the power supply and switch on, the
LED on the charger will show green. Open the storm cap,
insert the charger plug into the port. The LED on the charger
will show red when charging. When charging the function
button on the unit will flash green. The light will rapid charge
to 95% capacity, at this point the LED on the charger will turn
green, the light will then trickle charge to full capacity. (Full
charge approximately. 2hrs).
Function Button
Exposure Lights patented technology combats the loss in
efficiency of LED’s at elevated temperatures, maintaining
the optimum light output to battery power balance, essential
for portable lights. The light monitors the temperature and
adjusts the power to keep the LED at the optimum efficient
operating temperature. When ITM has become operational
the function button will flash in the colour that the Fuel Gauge
would display at that time.
The head band is simple to adjust to size using its Velcro
fastening. The absence of plastic buckles improves comfort.
The Verso clips into its bracket and can be rotated to an
angle that suits.
Inspect and test your light before every ride.
Keep your Exposure Light clean, and the lenses free of dirt.
The lenses are made of hi-tech resin but can be scratched.
Be careful when cleaning any mud or dirt from the lens.
Never use a high pressure spray or hose on your Exposure
Light. Do not use harsh abrasive or corrosive materials to
clean your Exposure Light.
Follow all charging instructions. If the unit is being stored
for long periods, please ensure the battery is periodically
charged fully. We suggest once every month. The same
applies to support cell batteries.
Support Cell
Exposure Lights are very powerful lighting systems. Always
take care when operating. Do not look directly into the
light. This may cause serious injury. Do not shine directly
at others.
Exposure Lights / Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd. accept
no liability for any injuries or other damages arising from the
use of their product in any circumstances.
We design them. We make them. We are here to help.
If you are experiencing any problems with your Exposure
Light or accessories please contact us directly at:
Service: +44 (0)1798 839300
Alternatively contact your Exposure Dealer/Distributor check
web for details
Head Band Mount
Located on the side of the Verso is the Function Button. This
operates the light and informs you of the mode and the battery
power status.
To turn on the light, double click the Function Button, the light
turns on in the lowest mode.
To switch between the constant settings, press the Function
Button once. When the setting is changed the colour of the
button for the first 3 seconds informs you which lighting mode
has been selected. Thereafter the colour of the button is your
fuel gauge indicating battery power remaining.
To activate the SOS flashing mode turn on the light, press and
hold the Function Button for 3 seconds until the front LED turns
on. To return to the low mode, press the Function Button once.
To turn off the light, press and hold the Function Button for one
second until the light goes out then release the Function Button.
When light is off press and hold the Function Button. After 3
seconds the Function Button and main light will begin to flash.
The number of flashes denotes the program selected. Release
button when required program is reached. i.e.
2 flashes selects program 2
The program selected will stay in use until the light is reprogrammed using the method above.
For more information please visit:
3 seconds after pressing the Function Button it becomes
the fuel gauge. The colour of the button now indicates the
approximate percentage of battery power left.
When the battery has only 5% charge remaining in whichever
mode, the light will automatically switch to the low/flash
setting and the function button will flash red.
100 - 50
50 - 25
25 - 5
If you have the Exposure Support Cell (EXPSC17), included
in the Verso Pack or the EXPSC31 plug it into the smart port
to extend burn times. The Support Cell should be mounted
in its bracket on the rear of the band. The Support Cell can
operate the unit without the primary battery being charged
and without the primary battery installed. The Support Cell
can be used to top up the primary battery, not to full capacity
as the battery charges will balance. When the Support Cell is
plugged into the Verso the Function Button will flash green.
The Support Cells EXPSC17 and EXPSC31 will increase the
burn times by 3 and 5 times respectively.
Support Cells cannot be recharged using USB and must
be recharged using a wall charger (charger supplied in the
Verso pack).
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