View Student`s Compass Scores Developmental Guidelines

View Student`s Compass Scores Developmental Guidelines
Developmental Guidelines
View Student’s Compass Scores
PeopleSoft Version 9
1. Sign In to PeopleSoft Version 9.
Remember to use CAPS when entering
your User ID.
2. Access the Test Results page:
Records and Enrollment -> Transfer Credit
Evaluation -> Academic Test Summary
3. Key the student’s University ID in to the ID
field and click the Search button.
If you do not know the student’s ID, you can
also search by his or her name and by
National ID.
4. Academic Test Summary Page will be
(A student required to enroll in developmental
Math or English courses must successfully complete
the required courses in the first two regular semesters
of enrollment to be eligible to continue.)
Conditions for a student to continue
without completing developmental
After the student’s second semester
Summer - Student may attend without
dean’s permission and may only take
developmental courses.
Fall/Spring - Student must get Dean’s
After the student’s third semester
Student will need to attend another
university or community college until
developmental requirement is
successfully completed.
If a student is also on suspension:
5. You will have to use the left or right arrows
at the top right to find the compass scores.
6. Passing scores:
Algebra must be 40 or higher
Writing must be 68 or higher.
7. A passing score for Algebra will make
student eligible for Math 155. A passing
score for Writing will make student eligible
for English 101.
Summer only - a student must go to
the Office of Records and Registration
to schedule the required developmental
class. This is the only course that the
student will be allowed to take. If
student is successful, at the end of
summer, student may appeal
The student may also attend another
university and take course equivalent.
Then student may appeal to return.
RGH DCRNM – Student has not completed
developmental requirement in 2 semesters.
RGH IEDEV - Student has not completed
developmental requirement in 3 semesters.
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