Simplified Voyage Data Recorder

Simplified Voyage Data Recorder
Simplified Voyage Data Recorder
New generation S-VDR with breakthrough SWAP technology
Danelec systems
Solid • Safe • Simple
Discover the Danelec difference...
IMO-compliant with S-VDR
standards – and beyond
About the Simplified VDR
Performance Standards
About the Simplified VDR Performance Standards
In December 2004 the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amended its original carriage
requirements for Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) to allow retrofitting a Simplified VDR (S-VDR) on existing cargo ships, due to
the difficulties in interfacing to existing analog sensors on older vessels. The requirements defined in MSC.163(78) state that for
S-VDRs installed on cargo vessels of 3,000 GT and above which were built before July 1, 2002:
• Data shall be recorded in removable memory of the S-VDR for a minimum of 12 hours
• Data shall be recorded in a fixed capsule or a float-free capsule for a minimum of 12 hours
Recording media
• Functionality of saving the recorded data following an incident shall be provided, which
can be initiated by the crew without any interruption to the recording process
User interface
• Data from the GPS, speed log, gyro compass, VHF and bridge audio shall be recorded
• Radar image and/or data from the AIS shall be recorded
• Data from other sensors shall be recorded, if output is available in IEC 61162 format
Recorded sensors
Is Your System IMO-Compliant?
All installed S-VDR systems must be compliant with the applicable S-VDR standards. Our newest generation DM100 S-VDR meets
all requirements and performance standards of MSC.163(78) and IEC 61996-2 Ed.2. Danelec S-VDR systems are designed to
record and store, in a secure and retrievable form, information concerning the ship’s position, movement, physical status and
command and control for the period leading up to and following an incident. Designed specifically for maritime application down
to the last component, Danelec S-VDRs offer high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution.
Remote Data/Video
Protective Fixed
Vessel Remote Server
Bridge Microphones
Bridge Alarm
Data Acquistion Unit
(instead of Fixed
Extended Data
VDR Explorer Playback Software
Danelec S-VDRs are supplied with the VDR Explorer playback software as standard. The software runs from any PC and can provide real-time
monitoring and replay recorded data.
The recorded data can be presented in a large
variety of both graphical and numerical ways,
and is extremely easy and user friendly to operate.
Windows based application for playback
Intuitive user interface
Customizable conning page
Extract data from the S-VDR through a web
browser via Web Extractor tool
Complies with MSC.214(81) requirements for
data download and playback software
DanelecConnect Remote Management Solution
DanelecConnect is a web-based remote management service available with the Danelec DM100 S-VDR. As a value-added interface, DanelecConnect allows selective transmission of data from the VDR via satellite to the home office without
being limited by satellite capacity onboard vessels. Remote management provides a wide range of benefits concerning
control, safety and optimization without the need of physical attendance to the vessel, such as:
• Enhanced safety
• Remote monitoring and service
• Ship’s performance optimization
Anemometer Radar
Gyro compass
Bridge audio
Main alarms
Watertight & fire doors
Echo sounder Speed log Thrusters
W: 495 mm
H: 250 mm
D: 242 mm
W: 11 kg
W: 360 mm
H: 195 mm
D: 208 mm
W: 8 kg
W: 236 mm
H: 553 mm
D: 214 mm
W: 4.8 kg
Data Acquisition Unit
Protective Fixed Capsule
Float-free Capsule
12 hours of recording capacity on removable USB disc • 10 inputs for bridge audio
and VHF • 12 inputs for serial data (IEC
61162-1, IEC 61162-2 and Modbus) • AC
power (110-230V, 50-60Hz) • Built-in UPS
with NiMh batteries
48 hours of recording capacity • 90 days
acoustic underwater beacon • Supplied with 50 meters cable • Ethernet
(100BASE-TX) interface • Powered from
Data Acquisition Unit (PoE)
Interface for Operational Performance
Test •Built-in graphical color TFT LCD display • Ethernet (100BASE-TX) interface •
Powered from Data Acquisition Unit (PoE)
Bridge Alarm Unit
Incident save functionality • Alpha numeric
LCD display • LED indicators • Serial
RS-422 interface • Powered from Data
Acquisition Unit
(Outdoor / Indoor)
W: 96 / 84 mm
H: 96 / 84 mm
D: 60 / 30 mm
W: 0.5 / 0.1 kg
W: 61 mm
H: 172 mm
D: 116 mm
W: 1.1 kg
Bridge Microphones
Extended Data Storage
Built-in buzzer for self-test • Built-in
amplifier and filters • IP66 water resistant (outdoor only) • Powered from Data
Acquisition Unit
Up to 6 months of recording time • Marine
approved (IEC 60945) • SSD and HDD
versions • Storage capacity: 256GB, 512GB
or 1TB • Ethernet (1000BASE-T) interface
• AC power (110-230V, 50-60Hz) through
AC adaptor
(Outdoor / Indoor)
W: 141 mm
H: 32 mm
D: 163 mm
W: 0.3 kg
W: 149 mm
H: 49 mm
D: 206 mm
W: 0.5 kg
W: 180 mm
H: 30 mm
D: 100 mm
W: 0.3 kg
Remote Data Interface
Remote Video Interface
(Analog: BNC / Digital: DVI-I)
8 inputs for serial data (IEC 61162-1, IEC
61162-2 and Modbus) (in serial version) • 8
inputs for analog data (in analog version)
• 24 inputs for digital data (in digital
version) • Powered from Data Acquisition
Unit or locally • Can be daisy chained •
Can operate as standalone equipment •
Support for SWAP technology™
2 inputs for video recording • RGBHV
(in analog version) or DVI-D / DVI-A (in
digital version) • Ethernet (100BASE-TX)
interface • Powered from Data Acquisition
Unit (PoE)
S-VDR Conversion Kit
Reduces installation time by facilitating
replacement of existing equipment regardless make or model • Pre-drilled universal
adaptor plates and mounting brackets
• Serial, digital and analog interfaces •
Existing cabling can typically be reused •
Software tool for conversion of old configuration files
Vessel Remote Server
DIN rail mountable or standalone • 1 x Ethernet (1000BASE-T) port for the VDR • 4 x
Ethernet (100BASE-TX) ports for the ship`s
LAN networks • 12-24V DC power input
• AC power (110-230V, 50-60Hz) through
AC adaptor • Normal or Extended Access
operating modes • Support for SWAP
Optional equipment
W: 144 mm
H: 144 mm
D: 64 mm
W: 1.5 kg
Standard equipment
A Revolution in Shipboard Service
Servicing and repairing shipboard electronics can be time consuming and expensive. There are the complicated logistics of
scheduling a service call and finding a properly trained technician – sometimes from a remote port. Then there is the question of whether the technicians have the correct spare parts on hand and can complete the repairs in time to meet the ship’s
sailing schedule.
Now there is a way to save time and money, while eliminating in-port delays, thanks to the new SoftWare Advanced Protection
(SWAP) solution from Danelec. With SWAP technologyTM, all system software and configuration, as well as programming data, is
automatically saved on a hot-swappable memory card that can easily be removed from the old unit and inserted into the new
one. Relocating the repair from ship to shore saves hours of time in re-installing software and re-programming the unit.
The Traditional Way
The Danelec Way
In a typical service scenario, the technicians board the ship,
troubleshoot the problem and determine what spares are
needed to make the repair. If the parts are not available
locally, they must be ordered. Depending on the system, port
state control authorities may prevent the ship’s departure
until the repairs are made, resulting in expensive demurrage and port costs.
If the ship is allowed to sail, the spares must be delivered
to its next port, requiring another expensive service call to
complete the repairs.
The SWAP solution is quick and easy:
• When a Danelec-trained technician reports to the ship
for a service call, he arrives with a replacement unit in
• The technician removes the memory card from the old
• He switches out the old unit with thereplacement unit
• Inserts the memory card into the new unit
• Then he takes the old unit to shore for repair
The Benefits are Invaluable
SWAP technologyTM
• Saves time by enabling onboard repairs to be accomplished in a matter of hours, not days
• Saves money by reducing man hours for service calls
• Protects valuable shipboard data on a hot-swappable
memory card
• Keeps ships on schedule, eliminating in-port delays for
Danelec systems
Solid • Safe • Simple
Safety at sea is priority #1
Enhance fleet operational efficiency
• Dependable operation | Equipment that is built to be at sea
Danelec products are based on an application-specific design to ensure
extreme reliability. Fewer components mean fewer points of failure, resulting in
the highest MTBF in the industry.
• Future proof | Never obsolete, always supported
We guarantee serviceability of our products during their lifetime for a minimum
of 10 years. Since our products are developed in-house, we have full control
over all components.
Maximize return on investment
High quality Danish design
10+ years service guarantee
• Immediate support anywhere | There is always a service tech near your ship
Our extensive global network of service centers carry spare parts and provide
service repairs 24/7 with 500+ factory-certified techs in 50+ countries.
• World class service | Consistent, efficient and transparent
Danelec eService platform™ automates and streamlines traditional manual
processes, bringing unprecedented levels of consistency and efficiency to
24/7 worldwide service & parts
Danelec eService platform™
shipboard service.
• Information at your fingertips | Capture shipboard data and put it to use
Our range of remote management solutions enable instant and cost-optimized
access from shore to ship, so that you can harness the power of big data for
informed decisions and more efficient asset management.
• Maximize uptime | Rest assured your ship sails on schedule
Our exclusive SWAP technology™ enables fast and easy replacement of equipment
in case of failure, without reinstalling software and reconfiguring the system.
Remote management solutions
SWAP technology™
Danelec systems
Solid • Safe • Simple
Danelec Marine A/S • Blokken 44 • 3460 Birkeroed Denmark • T: +45 4594 4300 •
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