Camera Systems for the DOT, Government

Camera Systems for the DOT, Government
Camera Systems for the DOT, Government & Municipal Markets
100% Waterproof
Triple “O” Ring
Sealed Housing
Annodized Solid
Aluminum Housing
Auto Shading Lens
Stainless Steel
Hex Head
Automatic IR
Heavy Duty
Choice of 7” or 9” Monitor
Low Profile Adjustable
Camera Bracket
Featuring the new
The most comprehensive and versatile rear view and
monitoring system available.
Incredibly easy to install, there are no complicated installation instructions.
A single power input adaptor powers the entire system. Mount your cameras
and monitor, hook up your cables and power up. THAT’S IT! No permanent
installation is required, so moving the system takes no more than 5 minutes
in most applications.
Certified Power is a pioneer in snow
Standard kit with 7” or 9” monitor includes:
and ice removal. We definitely have
• Camera(s) w/magnetic
& hard mount
• 20’ & 60’ Cable
• Hardwire Pigtail
the experience to do the job. From the
operator to the fleet manager we understand what you need. That’s why the
• A/C Power Adaptor
• 12v Power Adaptor
• External A/V Adaptor
entire StormGuard product line, top to
bottom, is the best available when you
compare safety, reliability, durability, and
ease of maintenance. Our engineering
staff consistently proves that it is the
most innovative in the industry. This
makes us the best at bringing your ideas
to reality. We can help you design systems and controls that will do your job
right and do it well. We are here to serve
you and believe that our total commit-
Wireless Eye Dot kits available and includes:
Transmitter (standard or waterproof ),
Receiver (standard or Easy Switch),
A/C Power Adaptors, Mounting Brackets
w/screws, A/V Adaptors (RCA input) 2 pcs,
3dB Antennas - 2pcs, Hardwire Power Adaptor
ment to your success is the key to our
mutual success.
Multi-Camera Sytems - Quad Transmitter
The DM Quad enables
Eye Dot users to view up
to 4 cameras at the same
time. Rugged design,
coupled with quality
electronics, makes this
one of the best quad
processors available on
the market today.
• Individual Camera Kits
• Individual Monitors
• Additional Monitor Mounts
• Web Server
• Wireless Microphone
• Wireless Antennas,
5, 8 & 15db available
• Camera to TV adaptor
• Additional Cable Lengths
Additional Features:
TFT LCD Monitor:
• Remote control
• 9” monitors complete with built in digital TV tuner
• Functions include adjustable color, brightness, volume and contrast
• Selectable Audio Video inputs.
(All monitors feature two A/V inputs)
• Features TFT LCD technology; allowing for a larger
degree of view from a greater angle
• Our durable extension cables come in
20’ and 60’ standard lengths and
feature sturdy, watertight connectors
Starting A Revolution!
Distributed by:
• Fully compatible with
all Eye Dot components
• 1,2 or 3 sub windows in PIP mode
• All the windows can be frozen
at the same time or individually
Des Moines, IA (800) 333-7411
Minneapolis, MN (800) 888-7411
Mundelein, IL (888) 905-7411
• Built-in, high quality 1/3” CCD Camera
• Standard lens features 92 deg. field
of view. Optional lenses: 4.3mm,
6mm, 12mm & 16mm
• Built-in CDS light-source sensor can
automatically turn on/off built in IR by
detecting the light source of environment
• Waterproof, Shockproof. Suitable for
nearly any use
• Our exclusive Photochromic camera body lens
darkens in bright conditions and becomes
completely transparent under low light
NBC 1/10 1.5K SGL0112000501
Perrysburg, OH (800) 374-7411
St. Louis, MO (800) 999-7411
or call our corporate
headquarters for a
location near you
phone: 847-573-3818
fax: 847-573-3836
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