TBR06C Relay Terminal Block

TBR06C Relay Terminal Block
TBR06C Relay Terminal Block
TBR06C Relay Terminal Block Module
The TBR06C Relay Terminal Block Module provides Velocio PLCs relay
contact connections for digital outputs. These relay contact outputs can
switch AC or DC power at up to 5 amps of current.
The TBR06C module contains 6 relays. It connects to a Velocio PLC digital
output port through a short cable (included with the module), and is
designed to operate under control of the PLC.
The relay contacts are rated at 5A @ up to 250VAC. The relays are divided
into two output groups. Relays 1, 2 and 3 each connect their respective
output terminals to the common connection on terminal pin 1 . Relays 4, 5
and 6 switch the common found on pin 8.
This module mounts to a 15mm DIN rail, or over two appropriately
spaced screws. The DIN rail mount of this module, along with other
terminal block modules, is illustrated on the right.
The TBR06C Relay module comes with a Terminal Cable. This cable
can be used to connect the Relay module to the PLC. The cable is 18
inches long. You can cut this to the length that you wish, for panel
neatness (remembering that you can cut again, but you can’t add back).
Once you have the required cable length, strip the cable covering back
approximately 1.25 inches to expose the eight wires in the cable (4 pairs). Untwist the
pairs, so you’ve got eight individual color coded wires.
Strip the insulation from each wire to expose about 1/8 inch length of 22 AWG solid
copper wire. Push the wires into a port connector, which comes with the PLC, in the
sequence shown on the right. Tug on each wire to confirm that it is pushed in and
If you make a mistake and put the wrong wire in a position, use a Velocio connector tool
(screwdriver) to extract the wire. Push the blade into the rectangular hole associated with
shown with
the wire position, with the wide orientation of the blade aligned with the wide length of
large, circular holes up
the hole. This will release the connector’s spring clamp. Gently pull the wire out and
then remove the blade.
The cable will connect the PLC output port, using
the connector that you have just wired. It will connect to the Relay module with the
connector pre-installed on the other end of the cable.
Power must be connected to the two position terminal block
labeled GND and +5V. Connect ground to the terminal closest to
the module corner and +5VDC to the other terminal, labeled +5V.
The ground must be connected to the PLC’s ground. When power
is properly connected and on, the LED indicator will light.
Specifications :
Voltage :
4.8 to 5.5VDC
current300mA maximum
Contact Rating :
AC Volts Maximum
DC Voltage Maximum
Current per common
Wire size
Mounting :
26 to 16 AWG
DIN rail option :
standard 15mm DIN rail (snap on)
Mounting screw option :
over two #6 screws, placed 1.5 inches apart
Velocio Networks, Inc.
March 2014
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