Pax Norte®

Pax Norte®
Pax Norte®
Fully automatic bathroom fan.
Download the app for more
functions and settings
Default of continuous operation, or select profile through Pax app.
Pax Norte®
Innovation in
every detail.
Pax Norte is ready to work in silence.
It should be easy to fit a bathroom fan. And
with Pax Norte, it couldn’t be easier. Take it
out of the box, connect it and Norte is ready to
start work.
When Pax Norte is delivered, it is preset
to be an automatic bathroom fan. The fan’s
basic setting is for continuous operation at
low speed with moisture and light sensors
activated. This ensures constant healthy
air circulation and a better indoor climate
throughout the house.
Pax Norte is extremely quiet and, of
course, it’s approved for use in wet rooms.
The app allows you to select several
functions and make adjustments.
If you download Pax’s intelligent app, you
can unlock your Norte and have the opportunity to choose between 5 different preset
models or profiles depending on your need of
More adjustements and settings.
With the app you get a whole range of different functions such as a smart calendar function, which allows you to activate your Norte
according to which day it is. Or boost mode,
airing function, constant flow or the option to
simply use the fan as a heat distributor.
Innovation in every detail.
Pax Norte was developed and is manufactured in Sweden. As usual, we’ve taken an
uncompromising approach to materials,
the environment and quality. Norte is full
of state-of-the-art control technology and
its performance is more than 20% better
than previous models. Pax Norte also offers
minimum energy consumption and is very
easy to clean.
A fan with unexpected possibilities.
Pax Norte was developed for several markets
other than just the household market. The
integrated 12 volt input makes it possible
to use the fan in boats and motorhomes, for
example, without draining the batteries.
Pax Norte may be one of the most versatile
fans we have ever produced. And, as with all
Pax products, every single fan has undergone
stringent quality and safety tests. This is why
we provide a 5-year warranty on your Pax
What you get with a Pax Norte®:
1. Fully automatic bathroom fan, ready to use in its default
2. Choose between 5 preset
profiles and have the opportunity to do more settings and adjustments
via Pax app
3. Easy to install and use
4. Very quiet 17-20dB (A) 3m
5. Effective, 110 m3 / h free blowing
6. Energy-saving, maximum 4 W
7. Boost function
8. Separate 12 V input
9. Safe and secure.
Each fan is thoroughly tested.
10. Developed and manufactured
in Sweden
Unpack and
install, turn on,
ready to use!
The Pax app
offers even more
Requirements for app functions:
Apple devices with IOS 7 or devices with
Android OS 4.3 with support for Bluetooth 4.
5 preset profiles can be selected via
the app:
1. Norte Auto
(Continuous basic ventilation)
2. Norte humidity-controlled
(Can be combined with backdraft shutter)
3. Norte switch-operated,
with run-on time
(Can be combined with backdraft shutter)
4. Norte swithc-operated on/off
(Can be combined with backdraft shutter)
5. Norte heat distributor
Adjustments/settings via app:
Flow adjustments
Calendar function
Forced ventilation
Run-on time
Start delay
Luminous sensitivity
Moisture sensitivity
Pax Norte®
Fully automatic fan with the option of app controll.
Fully automatic. Three speed modes
and a boost mode:
– Low speed
(basic flow/basic ventilation).
– Medium speed
(run-on via light sensor).
Speed 1, 2, 3
– High speed
(activated via humidity sensor or
started manually via switch).
12 V input for
example boat
or caravan
– Boost mode, programmed or
activated via app
009-089407-A-20161019 © Copyright Pax AB.
We accept no liability for printing errors and reserve
the right to make changes to materials and designs.
– Backdraught shutter 8127-1
– Cover plate white 8143-6
For duct dimensions Ø140-160
Pax Norte®
Part number
All-pole cut-out
Capacity, free blowing [m3/h]
Capacity, free blowing [l/s]
Max. pressure [Pa]
Power consumption [W]
Sound pressure level [dB(A) 3 m], min. speed
Motor type, all mounted in ball bearings
IP code
110 m3/h
17-20 dB(A) 3 m
230V AC 50Hz / or 12V DC
Class II (does not require earth
S – Intertek
Ø100-140 mm
Qualified installation engineer
Other markings
Duct dimension
Temperature range
Electrical installation
Unit weight [kg]
års garanti
year warranty
Multi-pole switch: Integrated for
100-240 V AC wiring.
– Airing function, connectible
Insulation class
Installed with own separate duct
– with natural draught (ceiling).
– without natural draught
(external wall).
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